“Expect Healing.” This phrase has been coming to me since teaching Reiki I last weekend, similar to the well-known phrase “Expect Miracles”.

When students just learn Reiki and already have experiences like: “My head feels lighter, my hand isn’t trembling now, my arm pain is relieved, I slept soundly for the first time in years,” etc. after just a few minutes of Reiki, I am once again delighted, yet not at all surprised.

I realized this fundamental shift has taken place where I am 100% expecting healing to happen, while simultaneously 100% unattached to any specific results. It is an important distinction and an elevated consciousness of holding the both/and awareness versus the either/or of duality.

It’s like a deep knowing of what is possible, yet without any strings to my ego need to want to “fix or heal” someone, or to know what is their highest good, or even to “be the healer.” It stems from over three decades of not only witnessing but participating in the flow of universal life force through me first, then through another, and being a conduit for this exquisite exchange changes one’s possibility paradigm on a fundamental level.

Healing Happens. It is just so. And it happens in every playshop, course and teaching session as this transmission of higher vibration energetics have become Embodied within me, as natural an inflow and outflow as breathing.

I even experienced deep healing from the windy gusts and torrential rains of our unexpected November hurricane, like Mother Nature was breathing new life force into our world and I felt tremendous clarity and hope once again, for the first time in years.  At once I am both deeply humbled and excitedly expectant, as I can’t wait to see how healing will unfold in all of our lives.

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