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Divine Human Course – Level 1 (May 2016)

May 30, 2016 @ 10:00 am - August 17, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

| $397

If you could 10x your spiritual power and divine gifts — 

how would YOUR life… your HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS change?

Divine Human Course

Claim Your Soul Power, Ignite your Creative Passion, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose

12-week Courses to Redesign Your Physicality to House More of Your Divinity 

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Becoming the Divine Human

In this webinar I share my own evolutionary journey to reclaim my Divine Human aspects, and the culmination of experiencing my own personal version of anchoring of the Christ-Consciousness in the extremely tangible full-body merging with Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus). I describe how He bestowed the authority to offer “The Full Anointing” in which many hundreds of people are having similar exquisite experiences of Higher Love and Holy Union with their Beloved, no matter the denomination, and how this path of the Divine Human is the bridge.


 “We are being called to Co-Create a New Earth, where harmony and peace once again prevail, a New Reality where our Divinity fully inhabits our humanity.”

— Kumari & The Council

In the tradition of the ancient Mystery Schools, I am offering for the first time an expanded version of this catalytic course to propel you into your spiritual mastery and to claim your divine birthright and inheritance.

It is designed for pioneering spirits, men and women who are crossing the threshold to discover their own Full Potential and their illuminated, christed Self.

You are invited to an unprecedented opportunity to enter a life-expanding process to help bring forth the evolving Divine Human within you… and birth into the world.

This is far more than a personal empowerment, energy healing or guided meditation program.

This is about CLAIMING your Divinity and TRUE NATURE as a multi-dimensional spiritual being with unlimited power and potential, and then applying that awareness to assist the planet and all her inhabitants to evolve… no small task.

But I will guide you — as I was guided — to discover these aspects of your evolving Self.

You’ll learn energy alchemy skills to clear the old patterns and misperceptions, ancient wisdom teachings and cutting-edge initiations that will serve you in every aspect of your life — for the rest of your life.

This EXPERIENTIAL 3-Part Course is a Deep-Dive Designed to… 

  • Dollarphotoclub_21719789Unveil the brilliant impulse of creativity within you
  • Birth your multidimensional being through exploring your true energetic essence in relationship to the natural world, animal and plant kingdoms and beyond
  • Activate your Full Potential Self and divine gifts with the direct assistance and channelings of the Ascended Masters , Archangelic Realms and Beings of Light
  • Unhook your own inner critics, depressions, loneliness, confusion and money blocks
  • Release the illusion of separation which is the cornerstone obstacle to joy and freedom, Self-Realization and Enlightenment
  • Heal and even regenerate your body through learning “Unplugging from Aging”
  • Awaken your “Original Blueprint of the Soul” for more energy, awareness and healing power
  • Merge more fully with the highest aspects of Divine LOVE and Christic LIGHT that is possible now
  • Accomplish aspects of your Soul Purpose as a Light-Weaver and Planet-Shifter to assist in the evolutionary divine plan of humanity and Mother Earth

The Path of the Divine Human… 

Dollarphotoclub_21769677Is an exploration of how more of your divinity can express through your humanity, through your uniqueness as an integral part of the whole.

It is about coming home to Oneness through exploring aspects of Self in Sacred Relationship

  • To Mother Earth and all her inhabitants
  • To each other and other Light-workers around the globe
  • To sacred sites and energy portals
  • To ancient wisdom teachings and temples that are newly accessible in present time
  • To anchor in the higher dimensional realms so that the human, animal, elemental and mineral kingdoms so they can live in harmony
  • To assist in the co-creation of the New Earth, and
  • To unpack your gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, energy healing, spiritual journeying, interspecies (animal) communication and connection with the elemental and mineral kingdoms

Granted, this is NOT for everyone. You will be catapulted into claiming aspects of your UNLIMITED SELF that is life-altering, even mind-blowing. If that intrigues you, then this cutting-edge course could be perfect for you IF…

Your life purpose is pressing you forward to be more, love more, express more of your unique genius and life’s true calling…

You are on the threshold of a breakthrough, or even a breakout from your past, and need a loving hand to hold as you step into your full potential Self…

Dollarphotoclub_71520393The impulse of Evolution, the creative force that motivates you toward more conscious connection, more harmony and balance, more accomplishment and freedom

You long to feel newer and LIGHTER whatever age you are…

You are seeking expanded vocations, new skills and techniques for greater happiness and fulfillment

You long to join your energy, your heart, your brilliance with other evolving humans on the growing edge of change…

You feel called to a SPECIAL PURPOSE to serve humanity and the planet but are not sure how to accomplish this…

Then you are HOME.

So, WHO is this DIVINE HUMAN? 

Dollarphotoclub_78480048The Divine Human is YOU, unmasked by fear and doubt. A fully conscious awakened soul effortlessly operating through the world of form, in great gratitude and enormous enJOYment.

You delight at the seeming magic that unfolds all around as you embrace your power to create… throughmastering your vibration… the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and energetic consciousness.

The Divine Human is YOU… once you remove the veil of illusion of separation that tells you that you are small and insignificant, unworthy and powerless.

The Divine Human knows what its’ like to play in the Garden of Eden… because she planted it!

The Divine Human is able to fully experience the love that we are, as fully embodied, emotionally engaged human beings who are aware of our spiritual connection with the entirety of creation.

What You Receive 

Experience the profound transformation that happens with you personally and in your world when you dissolve inner obstacles and align with the full power of your Soul.


Each of the three Divine Human levels is a 12-week program, with a new audio or video module presented each week in a private virtual classroom.

PLUS, you’ll get Live Integration calls with Kumari and Weekly Distant Healing for your whole family, pets too!

Audio or Video Presentation

Each week, you’ll receive a downloadable audio or video presentation

Downloadable Divine Human Workbook

You’ll also receive a downloadable Divine Human workbook with contemplation exercises — to help apply each new experience and deepen your understanding

LIVE 90-minute Integration Calls with Kumari

Each month, we’ll meet on the phone together so you can explore the inner realms and energetic alignments that are revealed in present time, with time for Q&A, personal applications and Divine wisdom channeling to deepen and accelerate your journey.

Weekly Distant Healing for Your Whole Family, Pets Included!

Each week of the 12-week course you also receive distant energy healing from a Master Healer for you and your entire household. These healing sessions will address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances, and even situational upsets as they arise. Just like having “Healing Insurance”!

If your inner co-creator is already whispering, “Yes!” then come join us now for the Divine Human Course*

(NOTE: Level I is the Launchpad pre-requisite for the next level.)

 Register for Divine Human Level I Now

Total Value Course plus Bonuses: $1,134

Program Begins May 30, 2016

Option #1 – Full Payment for Level I

$397 one payment

  • Be instantly registered when you invest in full NOW for a single, one-time payment of $397 (Best Deal!)

Option #2 – 4 Payments for Level I

$111 four payments

  • Invest only $111 now and then spread the rest of your investment out over 3 equal payments of $111 charged monthly.

Still WONDERING if This Program is for YOU? 

Are you worrying you are not ready for such a huge leap in Consciousness, or that this feels too good to be true and these amazing transformations won’t happen for you?

Some participants felt the same way, and nearly didn’t register thinking that they were “too new” or inexperienced. Check out what happened in the very first session!

“As you know I wasn’t sure I was ‘advanced’ enough for this course. But in my very first Divine Human experience…as you were talking about “the One” walking around the earth, I felt a Presence come into the room. The next morning I revisited the Initiation and the One guided me to bring in Source light energy through my crown chakra and into the crystalline energy of the earth in my hands. I had several moments of an overwhelming centered peacefulness and I knew I had arrived. Thank you again” ~ Leslie Fleckenstein

What Others are Saying…

Kumari is a powerful, advanced teacher and Soul communicator. Each are of the highest integrity and for the love for all of humanity and all sentient beings. It has been my honor to work with Kumari for the past two years, in many capacities, and I would highly recommend her work to all. ~ Maureen Moss, Author & Co-Founder of The World Puja Network

Kumari’s purpose is to teach the teachers MASTERY. ~ Jim Self, Spiritual Teacher, Author & Founder of Mastering Alchemy

This Divine Human work feels like the most important I have ever done; like THIS IS WHY I WAS BORN! It makes me so happy and feels like I am coming Home. I was so inspired I started writing poetry immediately upon coming out of that exquisite portal connection meditation. I am creating new songs too!One morning, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed, but I had a full day of clients booked that I couldn’t afford to cancel. I applied the 1st Key as instructed and within minutes every ache and pain vanished! ~ Sarah Primus, Co-Owner of Synergy Institute

About Your Guide, Kumari 

kumariKumari is a spiritual evolutionary and catalyst for cosmic adventurers to awaken and reclaim your soul power and sacred connectedness, and feel whole and safe thriving in alignment with your divine purpose.



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Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution. An internationally recognized spiritual visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari empowers healers, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, and
animal and health care professionals to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.

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May 30, 2016 @ 10:00 am
August 17, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
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