Our retreat in Carmel on 11.11.11 was so significant that it has taken awhile to absorb and report on the activities of light that we participated in with Maureen Moss of World Puja, and two gifted teachers Jacqueline Joy and Mary Valez. Moreover, it has been thrilling to hear from other visionary leaders what their experiences were and the similarities are astounding. So I will chronicle them a bit for you in the hope of communicating a fraction of the enormity of the blessings that have been occurring, albeit it in slightly varying descriptions.

Bliss Beach, Carmel, CA: Portal of Perfected Light anchored

I was guided to share two brand new initiations I have been given to help anchor in the new light energies. The first was a Gift from a group of enlightened Earthkeepers who refer to themselves as “The One” who manage the Elemental Kingdom at the Portal at the center of the earth and are now helping us integrate the solar light energies and the Shift of the Ages with more ease. I taught everyone how to access this radiant rock, which represents the Light at the Center of the Earth. I shared this initiation globally on World Puja Network also as I was instructed that it was needed worldwide. If you missed it, you can listen to the archives on www.worldpuja.org) as it will really help soften some of the harshness of the new energies in the physical body.

The second initiation was the golden Key to the Portal of Perfected Light—given to me at 3am this past summer. It felt monumental to receive such a gift, yet I felt I knew very little about what I was receiving or perhaps more importantly, what I was to do with it. At one point I did get a glimpse that I had once taught this in an ancient Temple and this was the first of three keys that initiates had to embody. I was instructed that it represented the awakening of the ability to access more fully the Divine Light of the Creator which had been greatly diminished through humanity’s misuse of free will and egoic pursuits.

I had never taught this Key attunement before. It was not even clear if I would be able to at this gathering as my guidance was “wait and see” if things were aligned and everyone was ready to receive it.

But I finally got the green light to attune everyone on Bliss Beach and so many shared their unique experiences it was enormously validating. Then at the end I noticed a column of pinkish light had opened on the beach, and it was clear to me that it was a portal…what was unique was there was a ring of light kind of like a halo at the top and at the bottom. The geometry of the circle maintained the structure and integrity of the Portal ensuring that it would remain open.

We came to Bliss Beach because of the very sacred feeling there and a portal had been lovingly tended for years by Jacqueline Joy, a Carmel resident. So now the portal felt like it had been permanently anchored and was unshakable. I was aware that this was just one activity among many around the globe, yet I felt that what our group accomplished was incredibly significant and allowed other groups to accomplish their mission, and vice versa.

I also noticed that the crystal grid around the earth no longer felt as far away, and it was not porous and web-like anymore but visibly more a blanket of light surrounding the Earth, hugging the Planet. Today I saw that it was joined by many Beings of light –they were en masse and very close. Like the Company of Heaven has been properly invited and is now your neighbor making a house call.

Arizona: The Christed Light Has Returned

I was still digesting the enormity of the events, and not really certain how to describe what had occurred. Then I was on a call for a Mastering Alchemy course with Jim Self, and he was filling us in on his understanding of the events of 11.11.11, as he led a group of 300 people in Arizona. He reported that Archangel Metatron confirmed that the Christed Light has returned to the planet after being absent for millions of years!

I was so excited to hear this and wished that I could speak to Jim about it in person to compare notes as some of the languaging was a bit different, but I felt we were describing the same monumental event. I hadn’t spoken to him personally in over two years, as he no longer works individually. Yet a miracle happened the very next day—Jim called me!

Excitedly I shared our experiences in Carmel with the Key to the Portal of Perfected Light, and how THRILLING to know that we are experiencing the same miraculous events in slightly different words. “Yes, he agreed, it is thrilling!”

Jim went on to describe that about 6 weeks prior to 11.11.11 there was a new possibility of accomplishing something that had not been available till now. “When our planet fell from grace, fell into density and the The Elohim, Lords of Light, and Archangels saw this happen, they petitioned the Creator and created a template and placed all the Christed Light (a consciousness, not a man) in this sealed template, called the Earth Star that sits below your feet. On 11.11.11 the Earth Star came back into the Earth itself.

Not only the template was held, but we drew that Light into the heart, right down thru the Earth Star into the core of the Earth! The 11.11 pattern of Light is extraordinary— calm, peaceful, gracious, ease and presence. It heralds a time where “the lion lays down with the lamb.” We are entering another realm. “

New Zealand: 1st Portal of Solar Light Opens on Earth

Patricia Cota-Robles, a visionary leader, who led a group to New Zealand wrote: “It is difficult to express in words the enormity of what occurred on 11:11:11, and the eleven days preceding and following that powerful day, but the Company of Heaven said that Lightworkers around the world succeeded in accomplishing our mission in ways that were beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven.

Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. The most vital activity of Light involved another quantum shift that was destined to take place within Earth’s Crystal Grid System…

Pulsating within the Etheric Realms above New Zealand is a complex of Temples that serve as the Elemental Training Center for all of the Elemental Beings serving the Earth. These are the Beings who co-create and sustain the physical substance that comprises the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Mother Earth and Humanity. The 5th-Dimensional Elementals will assist in co-creating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Our Father-Mother God sounded a Cosmic Tone, and the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns breathed a shaft of Light from the Core of Creation into the Heart of Mother Earth. This opened the very first Portal of Solar Light on Earth. Once the Portal of Solar Light was opened to full breadth, the Mighty Elohim directed the 5th-Dimensional Directors of the Elements to place within Earth’s Crystal Grid System NEW Solar Record Keeper Crystals. These Solar Crystals have been encoded with the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan that will result in the Transfiguration of not only Mother Earth, but also Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this blessed planet into our 5th-Dimensional Solar Reality of God’s Infinite Perfection.” (For a great historical perspective read Patricai Cota-Robles full article dated 12/12/12 at http://eraofpeace.org)

We are entering another realm

Jim Self once gave this example of how the higher dimensions will be: “You will be able to put out your finger, ask a dragonfly to alight, and have a conversation.”

Our animal communication retreat at Panther Ridge was the beginning of December, a few weeks after 11.11.11. In the final moments, we were awed by a master teacher in cougar clothing named CJ, who when I first met him he was very intimidating and untouchable. Now, he was rubbing up against the fencing, kissing my hand, getting butt rubs and loving on everyone.

CJ answered personal and planetary questions from the entire group, including his specific Purpose and 2012. CJ replied that he was “here now to bring in the new consciousness and anchor everyone more fully in their heart.” Several students commented after that exquisite and life-altering conversation with a mountain lion, that “we had entered another dimension, another realm.” I couldn’t agree more.

Indeed, the lion lays down with the lamb!

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