It happened again this weekend. Right after we connected to Universal Life Force, or Reiki through the founder’s Gassho meditation. We placed our hands in prayer position, focus on the middle finger to keep our mind still, and consciously call in Reiki to flow into our bodies, then filling up our energy field, and ultimately filling the room with this powerful healing essence. You can always sense the immediate shift into a lighter, happier, flowing vibe.

I asked my students to speak without losing their internal alignment with this healing force that was now strongly flowing in everyone.

As my awesome Reiki Master candidate began to describe her experience, she moved ever so slightly out of this central core alignment, as most always do. When I brought her attention to this subtle movement out of center, she shifted slightly in her posture, and brought her awareness back inside, meeting our combined alignment in this powerful inner terrain, and BAM.

Light Mist BegoniasA curtain of Light filled the room, much like in this picture of the morning sun’s rays streaming through my lovely white hardy paniculata begonias.

What I could only partially describe as a Field of Light Mist descended, and in an instant I could barely make out her features even though she was sitting just a few feet away. I brought the students awareness to this phenomena, one of the myriad experiences I often have of entering a higher state of consciousness, and we all tasted the sweet nectar of Bliss dripping through our being, filling every cell with major doses of incredible lightness of being, literally.

Time seemed to slow measurably…as I continued to teach them how to hold this precious grace of sacred space. Collectively we sat in this profound depth of stillness, beauty, immense radiance, and pure bliss, and we instinctively knew I AM THAT.

Soham (सो ऽहम् so ‘ham) is a Sanskrit mantra, meaning “I am That”. In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the universe, absolute truth or ultimate reality. This author describes this ultimate Truth we experienced beautifully:

“If we dive deeply into our body, we will find nothing but energy, light, and consciousness dancing within vast expanses of space. Our body is a shimmering web of vibrating energy. Mystics have long known this, and Western science is catching on fast.”
-Jalaja Bonheim, PhD., Aphrodite’s Daughters

When we tend our vibration, and create a pathway to our central energetic alignment, when we call in our connectedness to Source force, to spirit-guided universal life energy, when all parts of us notice the subtle channel within that we can open, enter and expand, we begin to lay the groundwork for more and more bliss or “ananda” moments.

Ananda = Sanskrit for Bliss or Divine Joy

The state of Ananda lives within each one of us. Bliss comes from being totally connected with yourself, your soul, your body, and a higher power, which resides and expresses through everyone. When one has attained awareness of the higher Self, beyond the senses and egoic personality, divine joy remains despite any difficult outward circumstances.

Many years ago, the only time I had this Light Curtain descend was when I was with Kumara and Suki. We were so in love, so connected that it came quite often and laster for longer and longer periods. Try as I might to share this space with others, however, it wouldn’t happen. Until I began teaching more and claiming my connectedness. Now I can say it is pretty much guaranteed at some point in a longer retreat with me.

What felt so brilliant and blessed about recent this Light Mist Reiki Bliss was rather than something happening randomly to us, it was the profound realization that we consciously and collectively learned how to step INTO the light mist of bliss. Again!

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