As we are wrapping up our 21 day World Peace Meditation Challenge this Thursday on World Peace Day, I have contemplated this a lot:

What does it mean to BE PEACE?

While I trimmed some flowers in my front garden, Miss Bunny here hopped right behind me and settled in next to me, close enough to touch! She stayed for several minutes as I snipped and dug and removed debris into a bin next to us. Surprisingly, none of my movements disturbed her one bit.

So I asked the bunny: “How come you are not afraid to be so close?” And I got back a full body simple yet profound knowing:


As we meditate on peace, love, harmony with the intention to share this with the world, we become vibrationally harmonious to the natural world as well. This was such a real demonstration that my energy felt so safe and secure to a wild animal that normal fear-based reactions just didn’t apply.

I am quite accustomed to these little miracles happening here at Aruna, where we have actively anchored harmony and peace into our home and our property. But this embodiment of peace happens everywhere we go.

On our recent retreat in scenic Tennessee I had a similar experience as soon as we arrived. While greeting our hosts, this butterfly landed on my right shoulder and remained for over an hour!  I tried to move her to a flower, but she wouldn’t have it.  The feeling of connectedness was sweet and palpable.  We were both drawing something so special from the encounter.

This is the power of nurturing our inner peace and how it can effect dramatic change in others and our surroundings as well.

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