After swimming with wild swimmer dolphins in Hawaii for several hours, and receiving their teachings and amazing healing communications, the dolphins communicated that they would have to leave to hunt for food. We had not seen them for nearly 30 minutes and it certainly seemed correct that they had left. Our pod was also getting hungry

Denise and I were joining up with the rest of the group who had been out of the water for some time now, ready to return to the rooms and find some dinner of their own. As I was drying off, I sensed them again. I felt them trying to connect with me. I asked what the dolphins were saying, and I commented I thought they had left to find food. They said they did leave, but as they were hooking up with other dolphins, they shared the story, and now many more dolphins wanted to come and “honor us”.

Wow, I thought, honor US?!! I have never felt so honored and humbled in my life by any creature, and they wanted to honor us again? “How many of you are coming?” I asked, still in disbelief of what I was “hearing”. “Over a hundred” came the answer. Yikes, I was never very confident about getting numbers in my communications—as I felt most things on a kinesthetic level, and numbers had no feelings so I sometimes doubted my accuracy. We had just swam with quite a few, but I never saw more than a couple at a time and everyone figured there were about twenty who circled us for hours. And twenty felt awesome, so one hundred dolphins making a pilgrimage to honor us after several hours of ecstasy really blew my mind (again).

But I wasn’t alone. I was part of a group that was hungry and cold and was already waiting to leave with only one car. And the dolphins told me it would take at least 30 minutes to gather and return. “What if I make everyone wait and they don’t show?” I worried. And the classic, “What if I am WRONG?”

I debated telling anyone, and thought maybe I should just go. I have had an amazing afternoon already and don’t need to push my luck. Yet I felt such an awe that the dolphins might come back, and in this “honoring” and quite specific way of gathering “over a hundred”. I was in Hawaii after all, living my dream…what was a few more hours? I decided to go for it and just share the communication I was receiving. And luckily I was surrounded by open-minded and generous people—Denise said “no problem, I will drive everyone home and come back for you.” It was over one hour round trip so she just committed to drive an extra hour to accommodate me and the possible dolphin ceremony. I was so touched. My partner Kumara also stayed with me.

While we awaited the dolphins return, I suggested we start to beam them Reiki energy from the shore. It was near sunset and we were very cold and tired so this greeting would have to take place out of water. I have used this technique of beaming Reiki to “call in’ other animals such as sea turtles, manatees and whales with frequent success. The Reiki energy is so attractive everyone wants to be in it. We stayed with our hands outstretched toward the ocean for quite a while, and after quite nearly 30 minutes, just as promised, we began to spot a dolphin or two! Gradually we counted about 20 spinners at any given time, and I was once again in awe. Yet I had this niggling disappointment—I certainly didn’t see 100. Either I got it wrong, or they didn’t keep their promise. Either way I felt guilty feeling anything but grateful—after all they did come back.

After a time sending Reiki to the spinners who returned, Kumara left to strike up a conversation with a local man with gorgeous dreads down to his butt. I faintly heard some of their conversation floating in and out of the rolling surf sounds…Kumara was sharing some of our dolphin swim adventure, and Rasta man was saying that he very rarely sees dolphins at this beach. My ears perked with this and I inched over closer, still beaming Reiki in the hopes of keeping the connection strong. He seemed to know a lot about the area, and spent much of his time at this beach.

So I thought here is one way to be sure I wasn’t making a wrong assumption about the numbers…and I asked “how many dolphins would you say are out there now?” He replied immediately, “over 100!” I felt delirious, and my heart exploded with joy! I made him repeat it three times before I was satisfied. He explained confidently, “when you see 20 to 30 at any given time on the surface like this, you can be sure there are many more dolphins under the surface…easily there are over a hundred”. With that validation, I cried. My tears were mixed with reverence, awe and deepest gratitude. I thanked all the dolphins for such a grand finale, and immediately upon my acknowledgment they began to leave. I never felt so full in all my life.

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