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WOWZA!!!! This past Sunday at the Ascended Master meditation gathering here at Aruna, I had a truly peak experience, which for me is saying a lot as I’ve had so many deeply profound mystical experiences, spiritual connections and miraculous healings. So when I say this is in the top-tier it’s saying a lot. And it hit both top tier categories of divine light filling the room, and divine presence filling me!

When we were chanting to the divine mother I said an internal prayer for my newest Reiki master teacher on livestream. It was a beautiful heart-felt intention for her to receive all the grace, wisdom and courage that she needed to take her clients and herself into the beauty and the wonder of Reiki healing. Instantly as this wish was uttered within me, I felt a huge divine presence descend throughout my entire being. As if that wasn’t enough to send me into ecstasy, she began to SING through me.

Presence of the Divine Mother

This has happened only twice before, and I recognized this presence as Divine Mother. Words fail me, but until you have this extraordinary experience of Divine Mother singing you, I can only say it was both incredibly humbling and profoundly empowering.

Tears of deepest awe and gratitude began flowing down my cheeks. At the same time my voice completely changed as I tried to integrate this immense Presence, a radiant light filled the room at that very moment, which others noticed as well.

Divine Mother Directly Blesses Participants

But that isn’t the best part. As I opened my eyes, I began to see that Divine Mother presence was available to the participants and was directly blessing some of them. I shared what was happening, and I encouraged the rest of them that all they had to do was ASK for more divine lovelight. And everyone felt profoundly touched. 

Saying Fully YES

It has nothing to do with worthiness, sainthood or being an obedient or perfect person. It has everything to do with your conscious choice and the fullness of your YES, that you’re open to receive this higher octave love, this expanded essence,  this aspect of your true self.

And now you may be thinking wow, I missed that. But the great news for all of you is you can grab the video replay of this latest Ascended Master meditations, OR you can jump in ANYWHERE with me because truly, it is happening in every course I teach. 

While I have to admit sacred chanting is certainly one of my personal easiest paths to ecstatic union; all of my offerings, whether it is this week’s Reiki workshops, the Bliss Retreat in March, my new Energy Alchemy Mastery apprenticeship, and of course Divine Human course have also contained many moments of deepest healing, divine light, and holy presence. 

Expansive Energy of the Ascended Masters

As I share all of my courses, both my students and I are beginning to create a new normal, where seeing divine light entering a room, up-leveling the energetic vibration and intuitive awareness is happening very often. Where embodying divine presence,  whether it’s Divine Mother in all her various forms, or the expansive energy of the ascended masters or archangels, even Yeshua and the Magdalenes for our spiritual evolution and upliftment, I can now say it is becoming more and more routine at my events.

So I hope you hear this call and jump in wherever you can into this beautiful delicious stream of ever-expanding peace, presence, and bliss. Namaste.

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