CAUTION: This blog post contains graphic images.

During the first day of our annual Reiki Master Retreat last week, I got this urgent emergency healing request from my long time client and Reiki student (and 5-time Olympian) Anne Kursinski about her partner’s finger via text:

Anne: —Hi Kumari, it’s about 1:45 on Friday and I was wondering if you had time to send Hoffy (Carol Hoffman) some Reiki or tell me what to do. I’m sending some Reiki too. 

Finger Bitten by a Horse: Please Send Reiki for Healing

Last Sunday a horse bit the tip of her finger off and she had surgery. They shaved the bone down…and she has to follow the protocol with antibiotics for two weeks. She has seen surgeon two times already because it looked a little funny. The nurse said she could maybe get in to see him late this afternoon after his surgeries.

But now it’s turned white and she has no feeling in it. It is her right hand first finger.

Sent with these shocking photos: (CAUTION: quite graphic)

Reiki Masters Sending Healing Energy

I asked my Reiki Masters if it was okay to change gears from sharing Reiki with each other, to help with this emergency as I had a terrible feeling that the fingertip was dying. They all agreed unanimously after viewing these scary photos.


Receiving Permission for Distance Reiki

After checking with my client to make certain her friend gave us permission to send Reiki (VERY important) as her partner was not my client and was not sure if she ever experienced Reiki. Once Distance Reiki permission was confirmed,  the four of us began to send distant Reiki healing.

Feels Like Fingertip is Dying Off

At first I felt a huge wave of emotion releasing, like she was screaming with shock and fear. (Who wouldn’t be??). It sure felt scary to me as well, like the fingertip was trying to die off, and was the restructured new tip was being rejected.

Releasing Intense Fear Layer

The Reiki began to release all that intense fear layer, and after a few minutes I could feel the energy going to the physical level and bringing the numbed out finger back online, bit by bit. I could feel a tingling and “knitting” sort of sensation (as an empath I tend to feel energy in my body when I am healing someone) and my right finger felt like it was coming back online and being sewn back on.

12 Minutes of Sending Distance Reiki … Dramatic Healing

At first, just a quarter of the finger felt like it was regenerating, so I waited till I felt the whole finger till we stopped sending.  We only sent Reiki for a total of about 12 minutes!!!!

Me:  to Anne K—OMG I’m seeing it whole and healing …. big change from start. 

Anne confirmed that Hoffy was having a dramatic healing, and Hoffy started texting me directly.

Hoffy:  Kumari What a lucky girl I am to be the center of attention today with you all! I just got off the phone with Anne and told her at one point my finger felt alive again and was a much better color. I am so blessed to have you help me with this and I can’t thank you enough! I have tremendous gratitude!!  

finger bitten off by a horse, distance reiki rapidly regenerates bitten fingerMe: Wow Anne sent this photo; such a huge visible shift and just what I felt happening; blood flow increasing and nerves etc regenerating!!! So thrilled and so happy we could help; my student masters will be thrilled to see the turnaround as they all felt what I did; like your finger decided to come alive as u said!!!!! 

Hoffy: So amazing and powerful! I can literally tell you where I was standing in the house when I felt the shift and saw the color returning to my finger! Please pass along my gratitude to everyone!!  

NOTE: Hoffy had no idea when we were sending, as several hours had gone by from Anne’s first message before I noticed it.

Me: That is Super cool as u didn’t know when we were sending… even I can’t always tell when someone sends Reiki if I don’t have a heads up! Am sharing with my new Reiki Masters as they really need the validation of what is possible!!


Especially since the injury was so shocking and the finger so dangerously close to dying, I shared  stories of related spontaneous healings with my Reiki masters to keep all of us focusing on the most positive outcome and anchor the possibility of spontaneous regeneration

And the Tumor Was Disappearing From the Screen

I recounted a video Gregg Braden posted of three Chinese healers who were treating a large cancerous bladder tumor. One photo was of the tumor; the second screen was a live MRI screening while the energy healing was being performed. In just a few minutes, the tumor was disappearing totally from the screen, then would reappear a bit smaller each time!

Seeing It Healed; Seeing It Whole

The healers were repeating the same words over and over, and I was thinking they have a really powerful secret mantra that I must have!  Then Braden said the word they are repeating that creates the FEELING of it being already healed (word chosen by them):  Seeing it healed; seeing it whole.”

Encourage Your Cells to Regenerate

Me: Keep encouraging your finger- nerves, skin, circulatory systems, cells to continue reconnecting… see it whole and healed — the mind is very powerful.

Aside from Reiki. I also talked to your cells etc like this. I shared with my Reiki Masters that when I was presenting  at Miraculous Healing event in Tucson where another presenter shared her research of spontaneous healings like this of a finger regenerating a whole new tip with energy healers…truly miraculous yet possible. Human mind/body has so much more potential than most know!

Hoffy: Love that and believe it!! Human mind/body has tremendous healing potential!!!  Truly a miracle but not really considering the tremendous support I had behind me today! Thanks again.

NEXT MORNING:healing finger, Distance Reiki Rapidly Regenerates Bitten Finger

Hoffy: Good morning! Finger is good…great normal color. Looks like the rest of the fingers on my hand. It’s a little stiff to bend but that’s probably expected since the injury happened less than a week ago.  And by the way it continues to get better all the time.

PS This pic was yesterday after your Reiki. Look at the color! amazing!!!!

Me: Super duper news– yes it was miraculous for us all. Even after 30 years I got goosebumps and remain in total awe to be part of this transformation – never ceases to amaze and humble me. I feel like a kid at Christmas, plus winning lottery plus profound mystical moment… and that doesn’t begin to describe it. So grateful and so happy for you.

I must admit I had deep shock at seeing the finger; at first it looked like it was trying to die off.

H: Me too! That was where my head was going. I’m so grateful (can’t say it enough!!!!!! The transformation in my finger was a remarkable shift that I felt in the very moment it was occurring and for me truly a miracle!!! 

Doctor Visit Confirms “Awesome” Healing

H: I had a follow up visit with my doctor today (6 days later) and he literally said my finger looks “awesome!” I mentioned how much it scared me when it turned totally white, and he looked at me, with a cute smile, and said, “It scared me too!” Once again good job and thank you thank you thank you!”

PS – Deepest gratitude to my Reiki Masters, Ellie Spangler and Teresa Parker, and Kumara and Anne Kursinski, who assisted in sending distance Reiki. I know that the combination of all of our energy greatly increased the potency and decreased the time of the truly dramatic healing.

Reiki Masters Ellie Spangler and Teresa Parker and Kumari

UPDATE: 2 Weeks Later!

Went to see my clients new jumper at their barn in Wellington, FL and Hoffy was already riding. “It’s my healer!!!!” she shouts jubilantly for the whole barn to hear, and takes off her bandage to show me how well her finger is progressing. Even the nail is growing back!

REIKI ROCKS, yall!!!!

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