There exists in the universe a pattern or template or “blueprint” for all of Creation.  Acclaimed spiritual visionary Patricia Cota-Robles and I agree that the “Company of Heaven is now asking Light workers around the world to be the open door for the influx of Light that will activate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth,” so we can open fully as the portals through which more Divine Love will flow into the Earth.

Yet how do we accomplish this seemingly monumental task? And what could it possibly mean for us as individuals?

We all embody different facets of the divine plan, and I am coming to realize that much of what I have been given to teach has this main theme: There exists a pattern, template or “blueprint” if you will for all of Creation, and my role has been to offer tangible tools to access more of these energetic templates or “patterns of perfection” so you can fully embody a higher order or consciousness, vibration, and illumination.  In short, more “happy-healthy-wealthy-wise” vibes.

There exists energy “tools” or techniques that assist us in consciously connecting to these patterns or templates and help us align and integrate higher frequencies of love and light with more grace and ease.  The result?  We not only uplift ourselves but all of humanity and our Mother Earth through our heightened resonance.

Last week in a teleseminar I shared about one of the newest ones called the “Key to the Perfected Christed Light”™. In order to fully receive them there are attunements or “initiations” if you will, where I offer a direct transmission or download of energy and information.  Some other examples of these energetic templates are:  the Rays of Creation, Reiki Energy Healing, and my “Original Divine Soulprint” ™. Several of these are offered in my Divine Human course, so-named as it enables you to more easily embrace and embody the higher aspects of Self we often assign to the realm of the “divine”.

For example, every single one of us has an original ‘Divine Blueprint’ – or Soul-Print –the energetic template that our Creator has designed for us when we entered this lifetime. But, as we journey through our lives, experiencing some painful life lessons, it is easy to veer off the soul’s path and forget who we are.

We have accumulated so many distortions in our energy field from past hurts, disappointments and traumas that we have begun to strongly identify with these negative imprints as who we are (or who we are not). This creates difficulty in releasing the past and the beliefs that have shaped this limited and contracted version of Self.

Through accessing and activating our Original Divine Soul-Print, we can connect with the full energetic template or schematic of the wisdom of our Soul for this incarnation. It is like a reboot to the Purest Potential of Who You Are–a spiritual being having a human experience. The results have been extraordinary healing and greatly expanded perspectives, especially with issues that were very difficult to accept, understand and release.

Healing Pain from Sexual Abuse

A young woman had been coming to me for quite some time for energy healing and training. She had recurring discomfort in her lower abdomen. She recounted that in early childhood she had been abused by a family member, but wasn’t sure how to clear it as she had worked on that issue for a long time.

I asked for guidance on how to help her to clear those old heavy emotions and be pain-free. I had a vision of a huge shimmering outline of her form, like thousands of twinkling stars, and understood that was her energetic template for this incarnation. The schematic contained all the original “stuff” of the Soul for her current lifetime, without the distortions of the negative imprints that blocked her experience of the power and glory of her true self. It was like witnessing the Soul’s dream version or purest potential for this life path.

While I generally understood that certain situations (e.g. birth defects) are necessary for some to accomplish particular life lessons, I also realized that most of what we do experience can be released as it is not necessary for us to carry around with us forever. Her Soul-Print did not contain the negative trauma imprints that were blocking her health and ability to move forward. By reconnecting to the Divine Intelligence of the Original Soul-Print, those distortions could easily be released, and she could re-align to her pure potential.

What happened next was miraculous—the young woman instantly comprehended the “Big Picture” understanding of her traumatic experience. She clearly saw the “role” the abuser played in moving her forward on her path, and had the detachment to no longer take it personally. As a result, she was able to receive the hidden gift of the abuse, which was a motivating force to set her on her path as a serious spiritual seeker and gifted healer. Consequently, her physical pain diminished immediately!

Even though I don’t choose to glorify learning through pain and struggle, every experience contains an opportunity for growth and healing.   The cellular restructuring that is available from activating the Soul-Print makes it easier to let go of old resentments, hurts and even contracts from the past so your body can realign and heal itself.

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