With the carnage in Paris so ever-present on our minds, I am reminded that even though it is so difficult to fathom such violence, one of the blessings I have received from all of the spiritual and energy healing practices is the deepening experience that this earth journey is a tiny fragment of this Play of Consciousness.  When our physical form expires, our energetic essence is liberated once again to experience the Spirit realms without all the drama and pain of this dimension.

No amount of talking about this really matters however, as we have to experience this reality for ourselves.  It has to come from a deep inner knowing, not a catch phrase or even spiritual teaching,  for us to truly find comfort and relief from the grief of loss.  When this happens, we find great reserves of inner strength, hope, and courage to continue on and offer our light, love and prayerful blessings to situations no matter how dim they appear, no matter how lost everyone feels, for we know that this knowledge, this defiance of “death” will set you free.

Death Parts the Veil of Illusion

Transition from physical form can be one of the most traumatic events we face, yet it doesn’t have to be.  At the time of “death” the veil of illusion seems to part, and it is an extremely potent open doorway to more easily access the Spirit realms.

For example, a client of mine had just lost both her dog and her husband in the span of a few months.  A mother with three very young children, she was understandably having a seriously difficult time.  She called me, desperately wanting to connect with both her dog and her husband in Spirit, yet she was grieving so deeply it was impossible.

When I connected with her husband, I also felt his Spirit’s frustration as  he  was trying to comfort her, yet worried that his attempts to connect with her made her even more upset.    He confided with me telepathically that he was considering leaving her alone for fear of making things worse for his new widow.

How Grief Blocks Connecting with Spirit

When I conveyed his message of concern to the wife, she agreed it made her hurt even more when she felt him energetically as it made her miss his physical presence more acutely.  As I didn’t think she really wanted that outcome, I suggested that she consider summoning the courage to open to all her feelings, rather than shutting them down, including the heartbreak of missing him.  This would allow her to get back into her heart chakra, the feeling center, so he could more easily connect with her rather than leave her alone.  I explained it could be as simple as making this choice.

This got the point across.  She made a decision to be willing to feel him again even if it hurt to open up.  That very night, she was holding her infant, and she felt her husband’s energy merge into her and hold the baby through her hands.  She could feel him gauging the increased weight, as the child was now several months older.  His presence was so powerful and tangible, she was unbelievably grateful for this experience.

After twenty minutes or so, she asked him to stay with the baby as she needed to put the other children to bed.  She felt him exit her body, and hang out at the crib, rocking the infant to sleep.

We think we are supposed to grieve; that we “owe” it to show the depth of our love for someone.  We can even feel guilty if we feel we are not grieving enough or like others, and people can call us out to tell us we are not grieving appropriately, as a friend did to me when my father died of lung cancer.  And it was true; I really was not grieving much as I could connect to my father’s presence at any time. I certainly eased the feeling of loss tremendously!

Sometimes we hold onto grief because we can feel it easier than the lighter vibrations. Grief and missing and loss feel heavy and solid, therefore we think it is perhaps more “real” than the lighter vibrations of love and connection and gratitude.  We tell ourselves, if I let go of grief—I may be letting go of the last tangible connection to my loved one.  We identify the connection to the emotion of missing and loss.  Sadness becomes our barometer for our love!

When my Mom crossed over several years ago, even though I was able to feel her in spirit taking her “Cosmic Cruise” as she called it, as she was zestfully exploring new universes and describing her journey in great detail,  I also would slip back into tears at times as the girl who missed her mommy.   And for the first time perhaps I was totally comfortable experiencing both of those roles … and not judging myself for either expression.

What if you believed that you were processing a transition perfectly?  When you realize that this is not the real ending….that their soul and consciousness is truly not gone but in another form, then the deep sadness or grief we think is normal begins to lessen.  Ultimately, as we evolve we will not see death as anything more than a change of clothes and curtain call to another play.  We will not see grief as a necessary part of loving someone, as love really does not include this deepest sadness, but really love can be experienced without the entanglement of grief.  It will truly be a celebration of a life well played, and the joys and moments shared.

I pray you give yourself permission to truly feel whatever you do feel and not judge either the pain and the celebrations of life, opening to the possibility that your awareness and love will continue to grow, and your heart will heal if you so choose.

Eye in sky

Yeshua on Defying Death

I asked Yeshua to speak to us on this most difficult topic of mass murder:

 “The message is always the same:  more love.  Move into the light of truth of Oneness.  More compassion, yes even for the “attackers”.  How did they become so lost? Not enough love.  Love melts anger, resistance, fear and grief.  When you want to close your heart to shut down the pain, instead, open more. It feels like the opposite thing to do, counter-intuitive even. But it is the only real protection, the only lasting peace.

Dive into the ocean of love again and again until it is all you know. Until you are so flooded through and through that even death steps aside, bowing to your power over it. For death is merely a doorway to another dimension. If you look deeply for death you will never find it. It doesn’t exist; it is merely a portal. When you know this — that consciousness never dies; when you experience that your energy and essence is never lost, you will find freedom.

Each soul that becomes free in this way is a great light unto your world. Shine brightly now and your beam will be radiated for all who can see; your love will be felt for all who can feel. And even those who are lost will eventually find their way home.”

I love you. I AM you.


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