A few years ago someone asked my mentor Jim Self, what will life be like in the 5th dimensional Shift into higher consciousness?  He described one possible scenario like this:  “You will put your finger out for a butterfly, ask him to land on it, and you will have a lovely conversation.”

Certainly many people thought this quite far-fetched.  Yet I thought “how lovely, I really wish to experience that.”

“The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

~~“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Kumari & ButterflyWell, this exact scenario just happened while we were on vacation in the mountains!  While hiking to a waterfall, I found a very friendly blue fellow, and asked if he would grace me with a visit, specifically to my finger. (see photo) I watched in awe as he tapped out what seemed to be some kind of Morse Code. When I inquired what message he was tapping out, I got that he was “encoding me with the vibration of BEAUTY.  Needless to say, I was over the moon with delight, feeling so blessed.

After more than 10 minutes, he finally fluttered away, but not before  landing on the top of my head.  My crown chakra opened wide, and the “beauty attunement” felt incredibly blissful.  I am actually crying tears of joy and wonderment as I write this.

So often the communications from animals and nature are not in words or language as we know it, but in direct energetic vibrations that connect us to the web of life in ever deepening ways. And the experience is, well, nothing short of beautifully blissful.

“It’s not the broken dreams that break our hearts,  it’s the one we don’t dare to dream” (unknown author)

I dare each of you to dream how different our whole existence would be if we slowed down a bit, shifted our energies to appreciation, cooperation and delight, and began to deeply listen within.  In lieu of pushing forward with our goals, and competing for perceived “limited” resources, instead we could create a beautiful vision, relish in the myriad possibilities, feel appreciation for diverse points of view and open to alternate ways of accomplishing our mutual goals.

How rarified a world we could create if we acknowledged the underlying intelligence of all life, and courteously expressed our intention for inclusion and consideration of all creation in our plans.

From this awareness, we would offer suggestions and paint pictures of new possibilities, release our attachments to the “how”, be willing to adjust and stay flexible, while appreciating opposing views or new ideas entirely. Most of all we could really begin to enjoy the journey. All of life would Celebrate, Collaborate and perhaps chide us with a friendly “what took you so long??”

The child’s gift of imagination and daydreaming has amazing power.  The more energy we put forth into envisioning the New Earth, and the less we put into complaining about what is not working, the closer we will all come to co-creating our version of heaven, and returning Gaia to the “Garden of Eden” she was meant to be.

What would be your version of heaven on earth??  I dare say, DREAM ON!

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