I recently met with my Senior Healers to choose a topic for our upcoming Awakening Healers Collective community video meeting, and the Coronavirus was top of mind. What was clear to all of us was that the spread of FEAR was perhaps the greatest of the dangers, instilling a panic mode in large numbers of people.


There certainly are other epidemics around the globe and while this may prove to be one as well, there are some things you can do to minimize your risks.

On a Practical level…

Of course, take reasonable precautions, like washing your hands often, getting decent rest, eating healthy, and if you feel to, you can take immune supportive supplements.

On a Metaphysical level

Keep your stress level down and remain calm through regular practices of deep conscious breathing, meditation, and energy alchemy tools like grounding, releasing what you do not need, and realigning to Present, Certain, Happy for starters.

Add affirmations to refocus your mind such as “My body is healthy and strong” and “I increase in wellbeing and vitality daily.”

For those who have been initiated into Reiki you can send regular Reiki to yourself and loved ones, or a situation healing for those infected, or even to the virus itself.

We decided to send Reiki healing and love to the virus itself; and we could feel immediately a sense of a small consciousness surrounded by fear.

I then started communicating with the virus itself; yes for an intuitive healer, that is a thing.
In addition to the fear, I felt a strong sense of being misunderstood.


Coronavirus Message:

“I am here for an EVOLUTIONARY purpose. On the grander scale, I am here to strengthen the human race. While some will succumb, as I am the causal agent for their leaving the physical plane, many many many others will become stronger.”

While this may be really hard to hear if you or loved one is impacted directly, when we can take a moment to view things from the highest perspective, nothing is personal and nothing is without purpose. Bringing more understanding to any situation is the energy of healing.

After a few minutes of Reiki to the virus itself, we all noticed a significant softening of the energy around the virus.

Remember, “What you resist, persists.”

Spreading our fear and even animosity toward this illness situation can actually amplify the negative effects.
Sending love and reiki to the situation or to the virus itself may lessen the overall impact, and will certainly keep you in a state of calm which keeps your immune system at its strongest.

Much love and be safe,



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