As one of the most destructive hurricanes in FL history came barreling towards our home a few days ago, even though I was in Bali leading a Bliss Retreat, I felt like I was literally in 2 places at once. Miraculously I was able to hold my space in equanimity, and take students into the Bliss practices.

Yet each time I sent healing Reiki energy to the hurricane situation, I encountered a massive collection of fear vibrations, like a ton of bricks that sat on my chest. It was so thick I could barely breathe at times.

So I was inspired to share about how to conquer mass consciousness fear, and a healing meditation on how to work with hurricanes and destructive nature forces by staying in your center, transmuting and releasing the fear vibrations that are all around you, and continuing to send out love, the highest vibration that truly heals all situations. My students and I have been consciously working with extreme weather conditions in this way and, knock on wood, so far, we have managed to escape unscathed. At the very least, these practices will move you out of extreme stress states and into deep peace, which is the foundational basis for all healing.

Listen to Healing Hurricanes: Conquering Collective Fear audio here.


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