In this series of articles we have examined the topic of super-sensitivity, or Highly Sensitive Person as it is now called, that can leave you feeling unusually drained, overwhelmed, as if you are a lightning rod for everyone else’s emotions. We covered several great energy tools to clear your personal energy field, and also several targeted intentions and even Soul Agreements to reset your healthy energy boundaries, so you are not “taking on other peoples stuff.”

supermanNow that you have some great techniques to more easily manage your energy and your super sensitivity, it is time to fully claim your Super-Power. For truly, heightened sensitivity is the hallmark of greater awareness and higher consciousness.

So the first thing I want you to do is to become aware of how you think about yourself. Do you complain that you are cursed being so sensitive? It may be a good time to restate this idea and begin to unwrap the precious gift that is awaiting you. I wouldn’t be the healer and teacher I am today if I didn’t learn to unpack and cultivate these intuitive qualities.

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive in the Workplace

In the workplace, your super-sensitivity can be a very valuable asset. This gift allows you to know/sense/feel what other people are thinking or feeling without being told. They may not even realize yet what they are experiencing!

So with your boss, co-workers, or clients, when you pick up something energetically you can address this directly or indirectly to help them feel safer and let them know that you understand their unique feelings or perspective.

When making presentations or sales, you can more fluidly handle objections that have not even been raised; and anticipate reactions as you may actually feel the energy shift before they even acknowledge it mentally.

Being highly sensitive and feeling allows you to tailor your talks and presentations more to each audience, as you can more precisely gauge their unspoken reactions and address it more specifically. I am very aware that when I speak to different groups, I am able to sense who is taking it in, and who may be a bit challenged or need more time or a different approach. I watch in awe sometimes as even my language can be totally unique as I attune to a particular group.

In decision-making, your sensitivity can serve you really well as you begin to navigate how you feel when something is aligned with you or not. You have a much better navigation system as a result, and can avoid costly mistakes and time wasted going down a path that is not in your or your business’ best interests.

Many successful business leaders have channeled their sensitivity and “follow their gut” in hiring, market trends, who to partner with, and decision-making.

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive in Relationships

In relationships, your sensitivity and intuition allows you to be more skillful at sorting out what is yours and also what is not yours. This allows you to speak more clearly about what you feel is going on under the surface, both for you and others, which can totally break open a pattern that perhaps was never seen or understood with that depth of clarity before.

When you use the Rose tool to make separations, and realize that what you are feeling may not be yours, it is easier to be more detached and therefore not so reactive. Many arguments have been dissipated in this way, and have led to major personal breakthroughs and much happier relationships.

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive with Animals

When you are with animals, your high sensitivity will allow you to feel with more clarity what is going on with them. While it takes some practice to listen on a telepathic level, being sensitive to energy and emotion will give you a heads up when something is brewing with your beloved animals well before there are more obvious symptoms. This gives you the opportunity to begin addressing any upsets or imbalances before they progress into illness or behavior problems.

Benefits of Being Highly Sensitive as a Healer

This is where it really gets fun. As a healer, you are already being asked to support the client or friend you are working with so the door is much more open for a deeper exploration of any sensations, emotions or thought-forms that you are picking up.

It is important to note that you may need to ask permission to share these types of insights if you normally have not, and I have found everyone is open once I explain it. I say something like this: “Sometimes when I am doing energy work I may get impressions or sensations or other types of information. Would it be okay if I share those with you?”

I also refrain from the trap of being “right” and always trying to figure it all out first. I just share it the way I receive it. Then I may add what I feel it may mean, but I also allow the recipient some room to decode it and extract their own interpretations.

In conclusion, there are endless applications for fully utilizing your “sensitivity” and transform it into a super-power that will bring you much more clarity, connection and enjoyment of your higher consciousness. How do you employ the gifts of super-sensitivity and claim your super-powers?

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