Monday, February 19, 2018

[AUDIO Blog] Positive Thinking, Denial and Disease, Oh My!

Tweet While I was in LA for the Premier of the new Divine Spirit Network (think GAIA meets PBS), I was interviewed on the topic of Bliss (one of my favorites). While I adore facilitating these higher consciousness states of joy, deep contentment, peace, and oneness consciousness, so that you can know more Divine aspects […]

Are you Ready to Clean Up Your Sloppy Vibration

December 14, 2017 by  
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Tweet A while back I had an argument with my partner and it got to a rare point that we were not even speaking to each other. I went out for an appointment, and found myself complaining to a friend about some of the things he was doing that really upset me. I felt really […]

Birthing Pains of Christed Consciousness: Don’t Lose Hope Now!

Tweet I wanted to share some really important things I have been noticing in the past month or so. Honestly, I was quite concerned. In my Divine Human course I have been checking on the energetic progress of the planetary shifts to a 5th Dimensional earth and the anchoring of the Christed Consciousness grid for […]

AUDIO Blog + Activation: How to Experience More Ease, Freedom & Accomplishment PLUS a 5th Dimensional Upgrade

Tweet One of my teachers said awhile back that the higher consciousness of the 5th Dimension, that grander state of FLOW that we are aspiring to – is marked by this triad of EASE-FREEDOM-ACCOMPLISHMENT. I instantly made that my new intention as it resonate so deeply with me how I wanted to up-level my experience […]

[AUDIO BLOG] Healing with the Water Element & Balinese Water Goddess Blessing Meditation

October 26, 2017 by  
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Tweet Namaste and Water Goddess Blessings from Bali! I originally recorded this meditation after hosting my Bliss Retreat in Bali as part of my Intuitive Healing Cafe community monthly training, yet I am guided to share this with all of you as it was perhaps one of the most simple yet powerfully healing and divine […]

Conquering Collective Fear

Tweet As one of the most destructive hurricanes in FL history came barreling towards our home a few days ago, even though I was in Bali leading a Bliss Retreat, I felt like I was literally in 2 places at once. Miraculously I was able to hold my space in equanimity, and take students into […]

This Time Let It Go!

Tweet With a total eclipse of the sun fast approaching, and super hot and wet August in Florida, the heat is really on!  Eclipses are especially potent times for spiritual practices, and there is a heightened level of energy both for the environment and our internal ecology. The time of eclipses can be used to […]

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