In the past month two dear friends have transitioned from their earthly bodies. While it is never easy for me, I can attest to it being an entirely different experience than it was when my father died suddenly of lung cancer in 1988. His untimely death was the very catalyst that set me on my spiritual journey, though I didn’t see it at the time. I just knew I was trying to make some sense out of death and life for that matter, and to be able to offer more ease to those who were suffering.

Many decades later, and thousands of intuitive energy healing sessions with both people and their beloved animals, plus my time working in our AIDS hospice, I have first-hand experience of many transitions. And from these realizations that this passage out of the flesh and into the formless is often an exquisite peek beyond the veil, I have dedicated much of my life to teaching spiritual and healing gifts, in the hopes that others can also more fully feel the incredible expansive release into joy and peace that happens at what we call Death.

One of humanity’s greatest fears is the fear of death, either our own or loved ones. So I thought I would share with you some of the details of these transcendent experiences in hopes they can uplift you when you are faced with this apparent loss and the deep grief that can consume us.

A dog’s transition BLISS shared with his person

I posted on FB that “it is a wonder to behold and to feel the life and light on the other side of death; I just had this experience with a dear friend’s transition and it soothes my heart and soul immeasurably. It is one of my fervent prayers that I can assist others to open to this experience as well.”  And many of my clients do begin to experience this.

A client from Europe recounted her own enlightening experience after I helped her with her dog’s transition:

“I was lucky to experience this after my older dog died… I went out for a walk with the new puppy an hour after his passing. We went outside and it was the first bright sunny day in spring. All of a sudden we were surrounded by these godly rays of sunshine and I felt this magical exhilaration….. this was not my feeling, I felt lost because I just helped my animal soul mate through the veil.

This feeling was so so very clear and strong. I felt my heart glow…. it was P., thanking me from the bottom of his heart…. he was free, he was with W. again… and he was overjoyed for happiness. He was so grateful I set him free. And just like that I felt so relieved and so happy for my beloved boy (and girl) I cannot describe how very special this feeling was and to this day I can feel him closer than I ever did when he was alive.

We did the animal communication with Kumari and this was that moment that makes you stand still in time. That invisible thread into eternity connecting you with your loved ones through the veil. I will cherish this moment till the day I will pass on and long after.”

My friend’s last breath and graceful transition:

A family member called and asked me to check in with him over the phone as she started her shift by his bedside. He had just been pulled off of the respirator, but was breathing on his own. The medical staff thought it was going to be several days like this. So I began to send Reiki, and tune it to him.

He was very removed from his body already, and had entered a clear detached space of awareness. His only concern was to be able to comfort his family.

I suggested he can choose to be closer to the earth plane, and more present in the hospital room with them so he could energetically embrace them, and fill the room with great love, as I had felt many others, both animals and people do.

I noticed a layer of energy release from his body, as his presence came closer.  He laughed as he realized what it might feel like to others, and he called it “his ghost body.” Delighted, he exclaimed: “I can use my ghost body to be with them!” 

Taking our Karmic Pain

I also mentioned that many times I have witnessed beings crossing over are actually taking some of our karmic pain across the veil with them, as they are able to help transmute it in spirit form quite easily. I suggested he may be able to do this as well.

At that point, the family member noticed his breathing was slowing down tremendously, and we got off the phone so she could notify everyone.

I stayed present with him, while Kumara and I sending Reiki and continuing the telepathic communication. I asked him to describe everything as best he could and finally had the wherewithal to record it. I could also see and feel everything he tired to describe, so my comments are listed as (K:)

My friend describes his glorious transition into Spirit: 

“My Gratitude for this life doesn’t begin cut it….only thing I can think explains the

I am Totally blessed… my whole lineage, backwards and forwards… (K: I got a sense of the blessings spreading throughout his ancestors and forebears,  stretching through time and space)

It’s like Dawn is rising (K: golden light was arising all around him from the bottom up, and in and through him)

Feeling lifted up and expanded (K: his essence was huge, becoming greatly spread out)

I am floating in bliss

My molecules are shimmering, Sparkling

I am like a giant sparkler (it is 4th of July after all 🙂 (K: he had a great playful sense of humor)

Every particle of my being is filled with the most radiant, glowing, effervescence

I am FIRE but it’s cool

I am brilliance itself

I am joyful, no jubilant … words fail

I hope my family can experience one iota of this eternal Bliss…it is exquisite

It comes in waves, that feel like they will never end, rolling through what I thought was my being.  Every moment I am bigger, I am less solid.

I am more divinely FULL of … this sounds crazy, but Cosmic Presence.

I am Everything and Nothing, and it’s exquisite. Everything and Nothing… simultaneously.

I’m feeling waves of sadness wash through as well…everything is present. But it doesn’t hinder or hamper me, I just feel it washing through. 

Does it mean I can wash through the pain… of others like we discussed? (K: Yes.)

“This is wonderful; this is such a gift. I will use it well.

Be sure, I will use it well. I will be here for all of you, my friends and my family.

I will be here for you in this Spirit form. 

Full as the ocean of love washing away what is not needed.

I get that you must feel sad for my passing, and all I ever want is to love you through it. Let me help you.  (K: I could definitely feel some of my sadness lifting)

For this LOVE is endless…this expansion of myself is…

 untold glory of God and all creation –I am part of all of you.

I can enter your particles your molecules your Being, through this ocean of Love and Light. 

And now I am going to bask in it. Thank you”.

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