On Monday, October 14th, the Orgena Rose Show premiered around the world and I was fortunate enough to be one of Orgena’s special guests on the first episode of this exciting new series.

orgena showOrgena Rose launched her weekly web-based show, the Orgena Rose Show, to inspire, transform and empower viewers to love themselves and live their highest and best lives. The show will feature segments that highlight leaders and experts in the arts, mind, body and spirit. You can think Oprah meets Ellen meets SNL as the show will also include comedic and dramatic skits, live music and insightful interviews that challenge the conventional way of thinking.

Last year, not only was I able to help Orgena quickly clear some energetic “cobwebs” that opened here chakras and immediately enrich her already powerful singing voice, I also saw  Orgena and her full potential and big vision. I shared that she would have her own TV show and I could picture her on set, interviewing guests and living out her big dream while shining the light on peoples’ unique gifts. It is so cool when you watch someones dream become reality, and even cooler when you are part of the dream!

When I joined Orgena to film the premiere episode, I walked into it wanting one thing: to share why i am so passionate about what I do, because I know everyone can be a healer and intuitive. During this interview, you’ll find out more about what I do, why I do it and what my journey has looked like thus far. It’s a really up close and personal kind of interview and I’d love for you to join in on that with Orgena and I.

Catch the premiere of the Orgena Rose Show here on YouTube or watch it below!


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