In the past few articles we dove into the art of manifesting our heart’s desires through the power of intention. Yet if it was as easy as saying an intention or asking for what we wanted, we would all be living the life of our dreams already. So in addition to focusing your mind on intentions, there is a key element that must be applied if you really want to be a manifesting rock-star.

Whether you are longing for more vibrant health, a truly fulfilling career, deeply satisfying relationships, financial flow and a tremendous sense of alignment with freedom, accomplishment and ease– I have one answer: The Rays of Creation.

What are the Rays of Creation?

make dream come trueThe Rays of Creation are much more than just beams of light; they are enormous structures of energetic Consciousness, with very specific capacities, like huge corporations with many diverse departments handling multi-faceted tasks. These amazing energetic super-tools enable us both to dismantle the old patterns and thought forms that keep us limited and stuck, and allow us to anchor in the new vibrational patterns of the realities we choose to experience.

The Rays of Creation are a huge body of work, brought forth by the Archangelic Realm and Beings of Light through visionary Jim Self in his groundbreaking work Mastering Alchemy.

What do the Rays of Creation Do?

Certain Rays are used when you wish to clear the rigidity and adhesiveness of undesired beliefs and emotions. They destabilize the electromagnetic charge around an issue and soften our resistance to change, while they are also used to stabilize the new desired energy pattern in our day to day reality that we are choosing to replace the old pattern with.

Other Rays allow the energies to step up to release and step down to then bring back the new desired experience or pattern into form. Other Rays have great healing and clearing mechanisms, and contain great libraries of wisdom. Still other Rays allow us to align with the Will and huge luminescent Love of the Creator, which makes the process much smoother and takes out the worry that our requests are out of alignment with the Highest Good.

You Must Raise your Vibration to Play Here

In Mastering Alchemy we studied many techniques for years to raise our vibratory rates before accessing the Rays. This is intentional, for we as a species, have been “mis-creating” for eons, and the Rays were meant to bring humanity back into our true divine alignment with Source.

As a fail-safe measure, this enormous body of co-creative power can only be tapped when our frequency is quite high, meaning that our state of awareness is centered in Higher Mind, and we are operating from the Love that we are, rather than from a state of fear, manipulation, and control.

One mistake we often make when trying to manifest is that our energy and emotion doesn’t match our mental intention. You must increase your vibration (the sum total of your energetic frequency) and release the heavier energies of pain, disappointment, lack, doubt, or unworthiness, for example, to match the new reality you wish to experience. This is where the work is and where most people get completely stuck and overwhelmed.

I was guided to teach the Rays of Creation and developed a retreat called Quantum Creating: Manifest Your Dreams with the Rays of Creation where we spend a lot of time with various energy technologies that both clear the old patterns and create a higher state of awareness and frequency before we begin co-creating with the Rays.

Time is collapsing and we are approaching nearly instant manifesting. The new energies we are experiencing are enabling us to co-create with unparalleled speed and accuracy and very little effort. Yet if we don’t let go of the old limiting beliefs and emotions that keep us recreating from fear and lack, we will continue to be shown the effects instantly also.

We are reaching a critical crossroads where we must choose to continue to evolve our consciousness, as everything in our world is rapidly changing. You may have noticed that things seem to be quite extreme, both positive and negative experiences.

It is time to choose…are you going to keep carrying around the old baggage of fear and doubt and limitations? If so you may miss out on one of the most extraordinary transformational times in human history. I urge you to decide to lighten your load now, and take advantage of the amazingly potent new energy technologies to assist you.

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