In my last article I discussed steps to Awaken your Inner Healer, which I believe is inherent in everyone. This proves true each time I attune new students to Reiki and they, as if by magic, begin to feel energy flowing through their hands, and experience the recipients feedback of healing shifts occurring even in their first practice sessions.

While my first time students indeed have healing ability, the great news is there is always more as Reiki is cumulative. There is definitely a progression, an accumulation and deepening, and a raising of vibration that does seem to occur as I have immersed myself in more than two decades of Reiki experience. It is not unlike the amazing field of energy that surrounds a great spiritual teacher that envelops you just by sitting in their presence, making it much easier to achieve deep meditation states very quickly.

The Importance of Knowing that Healing is Possible

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”
–Bible, Proverbs 23:7 (King James Version)

Dollarphotoclub_66271953First of all, my knowing of the “miraculous healing” that is possible through the energy exchange grows ever stronger with each validation from clients and students, which in and of itself is huge. Our mindset is part of our overall vibration, and it creates a vortex of possibility that makes it easier for others to step into a new reality. My clients say that just being around me they experience a “field” of high energy and healing. When I had my radio show on World Puja Network, I constantly received feedback that even my voice itself was healing!

Sometimes, this knowing is so powerful, that all I have to do is hold the belief that my students can shift a strong physical reaction like a life-long allergy, and within a few minutes they are allergy free.


But this path of the healer is so much more than just a mental shift or thought. It is a becoming–an embodiment of higher frequency. Your very being (mind/body/spirit) transmutes and transmits higher octaves of love and compassion, which is the energy where healing shifts occur.

In a recent book by self-help guru and best-selling author Wayne Dyer, he said the he no longer thinks of himself as a writer, but claims “I am writing itself.” This is the eventual shift we all must make from seeing ourselves as doing something, to being it. I too no longer separate myself from the idea that I am a healer when I perform the act of healing; I now know that healer, healee, and healing are merging in the same ocean that I can only describe as LOVE. This is the beginning of mastery.

I often feel I AM Reiki as the energy is so much a part of my life, and it has no limits. Once a person (or even their Higher Self) agrees to accept the universal life force and healing, they tend to draw Reiki from my being in a natural transmission. This could help explain why I have experienced many times that Reiki is happening without any hands at all—or even the distance protocols. Reiki flows from my eyes, from my feet, my heart. When a practitioner is more advanced they may experience this expansion of Reiki abilities too.

I first noticed this many years ago, when I met with a new neighbor. My mom had told her a bit about Reiki, and she mentioned she had chronic back pain. We were sitting in her kitchen, and as I listened to her describe the pain in her back, she asked me if I was doing something. I asked her what she meant, and she replied: “My back pain just went away!” While I was not consciously applying Reiki, it seemed that just my focusing on her back problem and her openness was enough to draw the healing energy.

I began to play with my focus and intention in this way, and I began to know that I could “send” Reiki with my eyes, my heart and my intention.

This was validated one day when another Reiki healer was treating my husband in the other room. She came out with a sudden upset stomach, and was nearly vomiting. I was across the room with someone else, and couldn’t stop immediately, so I took a moment to focus on her sudden discomfort, and she immediately felt it saying “you are beaming me Reiki with your eyes”!! In a brief moment her extreme indigestion calmed down.

The Frequency of Healing is Love

“The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit.
The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.”

–Rhonda Byrne in The Secret movie

For many of my early years practicing this newfound magic called Reiki I would wonder “what is this that I am sharing, that is flowing through me? And the answer always came back with one word only: Love. While it felt powerfully true, at the time it frustrated me a bit as it seemed too simplistic and vague.

Now I understand it better with the help of modern physics. Dr. Leonard Horowitz explains it this way in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE: “Spirit is energy. Energy is measured in frequency (or cycles per second of vibrating electrons). “That is why … the air you breathe–the ‘prana’ of life,” or the “chi” in oriental medicine, is filled with the holy aloha spirit of LOVE, vibrating in 528hz, sending spiritual signals for sustenance through your blood, restoring and invigorating every strand of DNA and cell in your body.”

So my original message that Love, aka the “Universal Healer”, according to Dr. Horowitz, is an energy frequency of sound and light activating DNA and sustaining biology, has merit after all. Love is the healing power of the universe.

It is what I feel most often when I am giving and receiving Reiki–a deep overflowing of unconditional love. It took my breath away and brought me to tears of joy each and every session as I observed how beautiful each recipient was lying on my table, radiating a soft glowing presence from within. I began to see everyone through this lens of love, and now that I think about it, of course healing would have to occur in that transcendent state.

The higher frequency always wins. This is what the Healing Master knows with every fiber of their being—that you must find practices that consistently raise your frequency to the level of Love, Peace, and Compassion. This is the path of healing and Mastery—become the healing. Be Love.



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