svarga loka riverJust over 30 years ago, I attended my first Abundance retreat on Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity.

The Swami teacher opened with this question: “What is it you want in life?”

As each person answered with the full gamut of desires– a bigger home in a better neighborhood, enough savings to retire comfortably, a fulfilling job where I share my unique gifts, a loving relationship, a healthier body, even a faster car — he led them all through the next question repeatedly: “And why do you want this?”

Eventually, everyone got down to the same answer: “I want these things to make me happy!” “YES, of course you do!” he exclaimed excitedly.

This surprised me a bit as I expected he would have said these more material things are not important (especially the car and big house, couldn’t relate to that one at all back then as I thought it wasn’t very ‘spiritual’).

Yet instead, he noted that “at the root of all desires, is the desire to be happy. Why not go for happy directly?” The truth of this simple statement resonated throughout my being, and I have been seeking tried and true ways to achieve joy on all levels ever since.

In my recent Bliss retreat here in Florida, I shared all my best Bliss practices and the rapid results continue to blow me away. Like the woman I shared about last week who felt so liberated, that she literally shed about 20 pounds in one day as she had the direct experience of the Yeshua Love Anointing remove years of old sad memories and fearful emotions that kept her feeling doubtful she could ever be happy.

If this was possible for her, even though she didn’t even believe it was, what might be possible for you if you decide to go straight for cultivating your own happiness directly?

While I know that true spiritual bliss is not contingent on anything external, I also know that certain naturally beautiful, energetically powerful and authentically spiritual environments contain a sacred essence that can heighten experiences of bliss.

Which is why I chose Bali… for a week long Bliss Retreat like no other. Bali has a mystical essence from centuries of unbroken spiritual practices, on an island that has not only exquisite tropical beauty but is also a famed energetic vortex, or planetary power spot where heightened states of consciousness are more easily accessed.

 Is it YOUR time to go straight for HAPPY?

Please listen to your own heart …and join us September 11th for a brand new week long immersion in mastering high vibrational practices you will have for a lifetime, while taking in ancient temples and sacred purification rituals.

You don’t have to imagine your dream come true destination retreat anymore; we have it all planned: BALI BLISS Retreat

Fun Fact: Our resort in Bali was once land belonging to the King of Ubud, and is regarded as a powerful spiritual location on the banks of the Campuhan River, aka ‘the love river’. The Royal Temple sits where 2 rivers intersect some 800 metres upriver.

The landscape and surrounding forest has been sustained in its original state. The wellness resort opened in 2014 and local priests and healers confirmed the land to have powerful energy. To honor the land’s gifts the owners built the retreat center without moving a single tree.

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