awaken your divine potential

Awaken Your Soul
…Become the Mystic

Do you long to know that you are fulfilling your highest purpose here on Earth?

Are you ready for the real you (your authentic self) to emerge?


There is so much more to this life than the ordinary senses and rational mind allow. When you awaken your Soul, activate your Higher Mind and Higher Chakras , the totality of you begins to unfold. Spiritual gifts of intuition like clairvoyance and telepathy, energy healing, divine wisdom, inspiration and creativity open, and you begin to live in those oh-so delicious states of ease, grace and flow.

When you know what your Soul knows you begin to think with your heart, and live from the wisdom of your Higher Mind. Your spiritual ascension path is accelerated and not only pulling you forward into your highest destiny, but you are impacting the evolution of humanity as well.

Remembering who you are is the “soul” purpose of the spiritual journey. because much of that divine nature lies hidden beneath the surface if you do not awaken to your true potential and innate divine essence. Once awakened, it is like going from living in black and white to full-on technicolor. Everything seems to brighten with a radiant luminescence, a pulsation of love, a knowing we are all connected at our core. It is nothing short of …. divine!

Life becomes illuminated, with a fullness and richness that seeps through your experiences, uplifts relationships, empowers your career, clarifies decisions, heals old wounds, opens your sacred heart and fills you with unconditional love, joy and a renewed sense of passion and purpose.


One who sees, feels, hears or knows beyond the ordinary senses; ultimately a direct experience of God, Oneness or true reality.

Our World Needs You
to Become a Modern Mystic…

You may think mysticism will withdraw you from the world — and from the frontlines of changing our society. While there may be a degree of truth to that belief, many of history’s great catalysts for change and justice have emerged from deep mystical experience — and without the mystical depth they accessed, they would have left far less of an impact.

Many spiritual leaders today would insist that the magnitude of our current challenges requires us to expand our potential and to claim the mystic within us. More than just a spiritual seeker, you become a spiritually infused agent for change and awakened evolution whose life is dedicated to speaking truth, carrying the message of love, and serving the greater good for everyone on the planet now AND for future generations.

Powerful Flood of SOUL energy like Niagara Falls- WOW!

“When Kumari first exposed me to Reiki, I was impressed by the powerful sense of peace … I incorporated it into my therapy with my own patients, and undertook more formal training as a Reiki Practitioner myself. I have found Kumari to be both an excellent teacher and a very powerful Practitioner. I was also most impressed by her level of integrity. When Kumari did her latest initiatory attunement to call in more of my spiritual essence, I felt a FLOOD OF SOUL like Niagara Falls pouring into the top of my head. It was almost overpowering, and went on for days. WOW!”

Peter Holyk, MD

Contemporary Health Innovations, FL

My personal awakening story

That was certainly my case.

In 1998 I was a civil rights attorney when my father died suddenly of cancer. Since then I studied and lived in ashrams with meditation masters, spiritual teachers, healers and intuitives, in an intense quest to understand illness and death, and to discover new ways to ease suffering.

My teacher spoke of strange phenomena like shaktipat, the awakening of kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. Almost immediately I had a classical eastern spiritual awakening complete with vivid light shows, amazing visions, spontaneous yoga postures and tremendous physical sensations, including a profound sense of connection and oneness. I also knew my hands had healing capacity, and if I placed them on someone their headache would go away. But it confused me, so I took the first Reiki healing seminar I heard about, and instantly knew I was home.

My logical lawyer mind began to give way to experiences of incredible ecstasy (non-pharmaceutical!), amazing insight, profound other-wordly wisdom, and unexplained phenomenon some would call miracles. People were smelling scents emanating from me when I spoke, like roses for the Catholics who doubted my new path, and heena for Eastern seekers, confirming for them something mystical was unfolding.

In less than a year, I felt guided to leave the law with no job and no place to live. Some might say the cost of following my heart was too steep—I left a fulfilling and respectable career, was homeless and penniless too often; I lost friends and the respect of my family, and more than one marriage ended. But I don’t see it that way. My journey of the Heart has brought me incredible certitude, insights. amazing teachers, friends, a new career doing what I love, and a wonderful home and partner.

Funny how things come full circle. I now teach meditation, intuitive development and energy healing around the world. I empower thousands of people to shine their light and be the healers, teachers and leaders they are meant to be. I help people identify their soul purpose, and in so doing I accomplish mine.

PS My awakening continues to unfold, as there is always more awareness, presence and love to embody.

Awakening Courses

Divine Human

Claim Your Soul Power, Ignite your Creative Passion, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose
Merging the magic of energy alchemy, ancient wisdom teachings and cutting edge initiations, you’ll discover infinite ways to activate your inner divinity and experience yourself in sacred relationship with Ascended Masters, Archangelic Realms, and the Elemental and Animal Kingdoms to co-create a richly rewarding, soul-full, joy-filled, abundant and accomplished life.

Next Divine Human course begins Jan 2020

Coming Soon

Reiki Energy Healing

Learn the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly called Reiki, which is a Japanese healing art that connects the student to a greater flow of Universal Life Force, which flows through every living thing. Kumari has been empowering students to connect to their healing power via in person trainings since 1993.


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Awakening Healers Collective

Awakening Healers Collective is a compassionate, energetic global community offering personal intuitive guidance and energy alchemy tools for spiritual growth, profound healing, and real transformation.


Read More

Energy Alchemy Mastery

A year long deep dive small group program to apprentice with Kumari and claim your intuitive, healing and spiritual Mastery so you can become the teacher, healer, conscious leader, and planet-shifter the world needs you to be.


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Energy Alchemy Level I

Awaken Your Soul. Become the Alchemist and be able to shift from one state to your desired outcome.

Begin learning how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.


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Energy Alchemy Level II

Reclaim your Power & Spiritual Sovereignty, Expand Higher Mind Intuitive Awareness & Activate your Sacred Heart


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Claim Your Abundance Chant Course

A 33 day transformation course including daily audios of an ancient and powerful chant for prosperity; daily affirmations and prosperity teachings; and a private online group for support and sharing your mindset shifts and prosperity successes.


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Transform Your Super-Sensitivity to Your Super-Power

Awaken Your Soul. Become the Alchemist and be able to shift from one state to your desired outcome.

Begin learning how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.


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Ascended Master Meditations at Aruna

Experience monthly spiritual practices of chant, mantra, pranayama and meditation and divine wisdom channeling creating a beautiful bridge between ancient wisdom and New Consciousness teachings, to facilitate deep transformation and healing with greater ease, clarity, freedom and joy. All levels. Love offering.


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Sitara Keppie

Feeling so connected and flooded with my Soul!

Wow Kumari! I am totally blown away by the deep level of work done in such a graceful and easy way. And the fabulous tools you’ve given me are awesome. I feel as if there had been a dam holding the flow of my Soul at bay and our session just took the dam down and now I am absolutely flooded! I have felt SO connected this last couple of days since our work. I am not impacted by other people’s energy so much. Also, my migraine and congestion in my head is fine! Though I’m sure that is not a surprise to you…Absolutely brilliant work

Sitara Keppie
Landscape Architect, Scotland
Janet Olsen

Profound Shifts and Phenomenal Energy – I now can claim my incredible Healing Gifts and Teach!

After spending two decades studying and being certified in many great healing modalities, I met Kumari presenting at a Miraculous Healing conference and in just a few minutes was blown away by her energy and ability to communicate it. It was so phenomenal, I later took her Divine Human course, and something profound shifted in my life that was truly amazing and beyond anything I had experienced. I was able to step into really owning, using and living the incredible being of Light that I am! And it was truly a huge value as I have taken similar year long courses for 10-20 times the investment!

Both Divine Human and now her Reiki Master-Teacher program have been incredible, because of the Divine Being she is, I feel most fortunate to have been guided by her these past 2 years, and I am now confidently teaching Reiki!

Janet Olsen
Reiki Master, Arizona
Bhupinder Goraya

Quite a mess to blissed-out, and passed my Family Medicine Exams!

I arrived at Kumari’s door in quite a mess. With loving acceptance she took a gamble on me and allowed me into her year-long Illumination programme. I deeply rejoice that she allowed me to invest in myself in such a profoundly powerful way. We covered so much ground over the year. Many deep ritual healings and many long discussions about how to traverse difficult relationships and past traumas.

I can definitely say that without her help I would not have passed my licensure exams to return to family medicine.

As a non-judgmental confidante she shines, but as an energy healer she produces nothing short of miracles. I can recall many sessions where I was left blissed-out, all the hang ups I’d arrived with gone on a waft of New Eden breeze. I have no doubt that she is Gaia, the divine feminine in form. I also have no doubt that wherever you are in your journey the road ahead will be swift and gentle if you opt to take one of her programs.

Bhupinder Goraya, MD
United Kingdom
Michele Sanders

Total Transformation: Self-Love & New Intuitive Healing business success

I marvel at how dramatically my life has changed since studying with you. Two years ago I took your animal communication course, as I always wanted to learn but had failed previously. I was searching for purpose and consumed with fear, uncertainty and doubt especially about my finances.

I immersed myself in your programs and one practice built upon the other until I was in a whirlwind of development & expansion. As I opened up I began feeling more loving of myself (a first!) and as my self-love grew so did my intuition, telepathic and psychic abilities.

Thank you, Kumari for transforming me from someone who didn’t like herself, had no self-confidence, little trust and a lot of anger and elevated me into someone who loves herself, trusts, has lost the anger and has found a new life filled with abundance, success and love. Amazingly, I no longer worry about money and I’m steadily building a solid clientele for animal communication and energy healing. I am forever grateful.

Michele Sanders
Animal Advocate & Energy Healer, Florida
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