During a long healing Ayurvedic retreat in India, the doctor said something that struck a chord. I relayed the unique experience of a “collecting up” of energies that I was feeling when he repeated mantras and placed his hands above my crown and below my first chakra or base of the spine. When I asked about the powerful mantras he was saying before and after each treatment, he humbly commented: “I am not the healer. I invoke your Inner Healer; I chant mantras so all the five pranas (energies that govern all our processes) will cooperate with each other.”

I, too, used to cringe at claiming the title or role of “healer” as the word didn’t really fit what I knew to be true–that I was never actually “healing” anyone (whew, what a relief!) as it was a unique conversation and agreement between the recipients’ inner healer, or higher self, or mind/body innate wisdom, and Universal Life Force. I was only the conduit, or the vehicle, for the flow of life force energy to the recipient. This awareness always comforted me and took a lot of pressure off to “know” how to heal or worse yet, to have to do it right so I can “save” someone.

sunshineWhile this knowledge that I am not the healer allows me to remain more detached, it certainly doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of Reiki healing. In the article The Science behind Reiki by Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT she notes that “Reiki has electrical and magnetic qualities that can be measured… certainly Reiki therapists are conductors of the “universal frequency” found to be optimally healing to the human body.”

When I teach Reiki, I always tell students that they are not “doing” healing, but allowing the Universal Life Force to flow through them to the recipient, and that the receiver’s own Inner Healer, or innate wisdom will integrate and apply the energy where it is most needed, addressing the root cause of the imbalance on the appropriate level of mind, body or spirit.

While everyone has this aspect of Inner Healer, most people are not consciously activating it, or even cooperating with it. Here are some initial steps to take to open the channels to your Inner Healer.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Possibility of Your Inner Healer

Whatever you label it, inner healer, higher self, innate wisdom, the body’s inner intelligence, your choice to fully believe and acknowledge that there is an infinitely intelligent and highly complex process that allows all creation to run, allows you to breathe without effort, and orchestrates all the billions of micro-processes that happen in your body constantly must be acknowledged.

As our mindset takes in a belief, it does become a reality. We all know how it feels to be around positive people versus negative ones. When you are ill, who would you choose to be around? Those who have a vision for your full and quick recovery, or those who say it is not possible and worry constantly? In the same way, if we downplay or deny this ability to activate our Inner Healer, what result do you think it will have? According to David Hawkins, MD author of best-selling books Power v. Force and Letting Go, “This is a basic law of consciousness… the body will respond to what we believe.”

“Compassion and loving intention amplify the magnetic field,” Doran continues, and have a beneficial effect on the body’s cells and when the loving intention is maintained, even induce changes in the DNA structure.

There is great power in belief and generating good feelings; if you are negative it will diminish your results and instantly weaken you, per Dr. Hawkins. So why not choose to believe in the power of your Inner Healer and give it some love now?

Step 2: Dialogue with Your Inner Healer

Your Inner Healer is more sophisticated and infinitely capable than you could ever imagine. Why not open up a conversation to engage your inner healer?

Many years ago I was having terrible stomach cramps that really escalated when I tried to finish a legal brief. Time was running out and I couldn’t get any work done. A wise friend suggested I “talk” to my stomach and inquire why it is so painful! I had never attempted anything this “far out”, but I was at my wits end. I was facing losing my job if I missed the court deadline so I didn’t have much to lose.

So I asked, “What are you trying to communicate?” to my belly. Instantly, I had the awareness that it was due to a very rigid perfectionism I was holding about the task. I was expecting the legal argument to be perfectly articulated first time out, and that was preventing me from writing at all. The answer seemed to come clearly that if I just put pen to paper without needing it to be perfect yet, that I could release the tightness I was feeling. It totally worked and I still use this today to overcome my fear of imperfection, especially when writing.

Aspects of Self (mind-body-spirit) are infinitely capable of addressing everything that is out of balance with us. Have a conversation with your cells, your marvelous immune system, your courageous circulatory system, your patient organs, your brilliant DNA. This dialogue could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Step 3: Learn Energy Healing

Then, take the next step and get attuned to the highest frequency of healing energy you can find. Whether it is Chi Gung, Therapeutic Touch, EFT, etc., find the teacher that you most resonate with, one who is totally walking their talk.

When asked about different healing modalities, I always say I am not so interested in the specific modality when looking for a healing solution, but in the MASTERY of it by the practitioner. They are the ones that need to be all in, completely committed to their chosen technique so they are totally aligned and embodying the highest potential of that path.

Even after two decades, my personal favorite is still traditional Usui Reiki. The unique attunements or energetic transmissions are incredibly healing and they automatically activate your Inner Healer. One of the coolest things about Reiki is the potential for the beginner to have immediate and lasting healing results with very little practice or “study”.

In addition, Reiki is a “complete” path, for if you truly plumb the depths of what the Usui System of Natural Healing provides, it offers amazing self-healing, healing of others, deepening meditation, increased intuition, and ultimately profound spiritual and personal transformation.

Could YOU be a Healer???

If becoming an energy healer is calling to you, my next Reiki certification weekend (Level I, II and Advanced Immersion) is fast approaching on November 4th – 6th at Synergy Institute in Sebastian, FL. Classes are limited to only 12 participants so everyone receives lots of personal attention and practice. CEUS to massage therapists now available!

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