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This morning I woke up recalling this poem I wrote years ago, inspired by one of my most powerful teachings from my dog Suki. As we enter this holy-day season, and have opportunities to reconnect with family and friends, past and present, remember to “grab the moments.”

Years ago I was a presenter on an Intuitive Panel at a mind-body-spirit expo.  A woman asked if animals ever reincarnate as humans, as her spiritual teacher said it was not possible. As an animal communicator, I had many experiences of uber-aware animals, that clearly had human incarnations and beyond, as my avatar in doggie costume Suki showed me personally many times. Since no one else on the panel seemed to have an answer, I stated my truth emphatically, “Consciousness has no limits.”

Suki was the epitome of awareness beyond what was normal for animals or humans. On occasion she would show me and a few special others her true essence, seeming to morph into a huge, powerful  and rather fierce Presence, with uncanny awareness of things to come. But her true gift was not predicting the future, but of helping me stay fully in the Moment.

These are our Moments

Whenever possible
I take you with me
For I know the hours
Are much easier spent waiting
In the car
Than home alone

My errands once again completed
I return to find you
Or so it would appear
You always perch in the front seat
Looking at me upside down

normally you anticipate the slightest movement
And make room
These moments you insist
On slowing me down
To catch the love fest fast approaching
Not moving an inch
I take a breath
Your head straight back
You melt before me
Unconditional love is not a big enough word for it

It is a total merge of two hearts
Melting the physical realm
Fully aware of the limited time on earth
We grab the Moment and stretch it till it nearly breaks open
Spilling the wine of No Time
Down our throats
Drunken with this melting moment
I ask once again for you to get in the back seat
My mind slipping back to my duties

Thankfully you refuse to budge
Grabbing once more this elixir
Of hearts melting and entwining
I stroke your silken throat, exposed with abandon
I bury my face in your velvet ears
No earthly cloth ever made so fine

Once again tripping into timelessness
This liquid love oozing out every pore
Grabbing my deepest emotion
And laying it bare
There is nothing else
For one more blessed moment

How do you do this?
You throw my cape of busy-ness
Out the window
Every time
No one else has this power
To milk me of my “doing”
And slip me so quickly into
Just being
With you

“these are our moments”
I whisper in your ear
For one day knowing full well they will be gone
I hold on ever tighter
To insure I have a place to come back to
When you are not here to remind me

“These are our moments”
And you slip into the back seat
Once again
I caught it
And your job is done…
For the moment.

Suki’s Final Message (from Spirit)

All the love that you have showered on me
Now it is time to give it to yourself.

Kumari's dog Suki,

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