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Kumari at the Divine Spirit Network Premiere, positive thinking, denial and diseaseWhile I was in LA for the Premier of the new Divine Spirit Network (think GAIA meets PBS), I was interviewed on the topic of Bliss (one of my favorites). While I adore facilitating these higher consciousness states of joy, deep contentment, peace, and oneness consciousness, so that you can know more Divine aspects of Self; I also want to explore here in a bit more depth the oft times all too Human side (my advanced immersion course is Called Divine Human after all….)

My purpose is to help you experience the ecstatic states that are possible, so you can embrace with more love and compassion the shadow parts of self as well, without glossing over them. This is KEY for true healing and authentic personal and spiritual growth.
So, this month’s audio blog we will dive into the true essence of authentic joy and Positive Being, versus the tendency among spiritual practitioners (me included) to sometimes fall into the trap of “False Positives” (aka denial), which if unchecked, can lead to some serious consequences, including ill health.

This issue has been cropping up a lot lately in some relationships, and just recently I experienced a rather dramatic healing personally as a result of being willing to “call a spade a spade” so to speak.

Very recently I experience a healing of some of my vision problems when I clearly acknowledged and expressed some tough emotions and set clear boundaries around anothers bad behaviors.


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