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A few years ago I was asked to present at a Miraculous Healing event in Tucson, and the organizer asked me of course, did I have any miracle healings? Yes, of course I have, and shared some profound instantaneous healing stories. But I don’t normally think of it this way. When you understand that healing is a byproduct of reestablishing a higher vibration and a consistent focus on well-being in all its forms, it no longer seems like a “miracle”, but a return to our more natural state of Being.

But this did get me to contemplating some of the aspects and mindsets surrounding these instantaneous healings, so I could more easily duplicate them, and also share them with you. And this explanation just flowed through me:

“Energy Healers, and any co-creators for that matter, must dance between denial and detachment. At the same time that you must fully accept and acknowledge what is, rather than railing against it (aka resistance), and ultimately enter the spiritual space of surrender or detachment, you must also refrain from so embracing the reality of the condition thus making it more solid and entrenched within your mind/body structure.

It is after all, just one point, one moment in time, on a vast continuum of possibility, that the body/mind is demonstrating the particular symptoms of its out of balance state.

Miracles HappenTo the untrained eye, this attitude skirts dangerously close to the edge of denial: denial of the existence of the illness or condition you want to heal. While true denial can take this form of not dealing with some condition or circumstance in a multi-disciplinary way; that is, bringing into balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the condition; this higher awareness of not buying into a condition as solid and “real” is totally necessary to be an effective healer.”

As an energy healer I prefer to have one foot in each reality: grounding into the more practical use assessment tools of medical diagnostics if necessary, and holistic treatment information from a range of modalities.

Then I evaluate all the physical and emotional shifts I can make to support the body, like changing my diet, getting more rest and exercise, and stress reduction techniques for example.

At the same time, I also know that I have co-created this reality. I know that my mind and thinking greatly influences all the biochemical processes in my body; even down to the cellular functions and DNA. Certainly what I think and feel creates my vibrational energy field.

I roam under the surface for the patterns, thoughts, repressed feelings, and other energetic influences that may reside at the root of the issue, and I consciously release them, using any number of my energy alchemy techniques.

And then, just as clear and level-headed, I decide and declare: This is not an acceptable reality. I am now choosing to co-create _____ (healthy gums, strong teeth, good vision, clear skin etc.).

Next and perhaps most importantly, I reset my energy. I find my true alignment and connect to the frequency and vibration of, for example ,well-being, happy, powerful, certain — whatever demonstrates the way I want to experience and feel without the illness pattern operating.

Maybe this sounds too simplistic but in a sense it is simple, yet certainly not easy when we are faced with scary or unwanted scenarios. As you may guess, each of these steps takes practice and is not just a set of mental to-dos to check off, but requires a deepening expanding consciousness to achieve consistently.

For example, I mention detachment as part of the miracle healing “recipe”. I am referring to the higher state of spiritual detachment, not apathy or uncaring. That is, offering up your best effort in aligning to your Source, commanding your focus on what you truly want to feel when healing occurs, and then letting go of the results.

Respected author Sally Kempton (I knew her as Swami Durgananda, one of my favorite teachers in my first spiritual community) defines it this way:

“Spiritual detachment is rarely something we achieve once and for all. It’s a moment-by-moment, day-by-day process of accepting reality as it presents itself, doing our best to align our actions with what we think is right, and surrendering the outcome.”

Similarly, one of my Reiki Masters posted a video in our online healing community on Healing Your Eyes from Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. I am paraphrasing here:

“Reality is only a temporary reflection of a habit of vibration that you have the power to change if you stop focusing on the condition that doesn’t let you change the vibration.

You create your own reality by conjuring within yourself an emotion that feels good to you no matter what it takes to do that. When you do that consistently your life will respond to your point of attraction which you have total and utter control. Feel the way you want to feel without the condition (in this case vision loss). Practice now feeling: FREE, capable, ease, self-sufficient, productive, steady, happy, etc. When you write them down it is even more focused.

For example, Jesus focused unconditionally on who you really are; he did not allow himself to see the condition of your illness. He did not wobble, he dominated the vibration. Your illness could not abide in His vibration. One who is connected to the Stream is more powerful than millions who are not.

Healers dominate the focus. (love this!)

No healer can do this for you….but you can. You can care about how you feel unconditionally. Step into your unconditional alignment; stop being responsive to what is. To REALITY. Soften whatever belief you have going on that is preventing you from receiving something you want.

When you are in alignment, your physical body responds differently than when you are not. It is about focus and vibrational compatability (with what you desire).”

Let’s explore a few scenarios of instantaneous healings to better illuminate these concepts.

Miracle Healing #1: Suspicious mole vanishes overnight

Years ago I noticed a new and irregular shaped suspicious looking mole under my eye. My mind instantly went to skin cancer as I was a sun worshiper for many of my early years and got lots of sunburns and am fair skinned. However, I had no insurance and no money so even getting tested was not really an option.

I used this affirmation while looking at the strange shaped mole: “this is not an acceptable reality.” Not with fear, anger, or even resistance. With certainty, and just standing in my knowing that anything is possible. I then let go, and was so detached, I actually totally forgot about it! The next day, I noticed it was completely gone! While this certainly doesn’t happen all the time, I have experienced this often with myself and my students.

Miracle Healing #2: Chronic ear piercing infections ended…finally

For a long time, I had a pierced ear that never seemed to heal properly. One was fine, the other always got infected and closed up. The above practice didn’t seem to work in this instance. Usually that means there is something more to understand and to release.

Finally I remembered to approach this as a healer (don’t laugh but it doesn’t always occur to me either), and I dug into the core issue underlying the infections that blocked me from wearing pierced earrings for decades. When I was twenty- something I tried to save a few bucks and asked my dad, a surgeon, to pierce them.

When he came down the back stairs with an ancient dusty medical bag, stating “I haven’t used this since med school!”, I knew I was in trouble. He pulled out a huge needle, a cork, and poured us both a shot of whiskey. He pierced the hole first, then threaded the needle through a second time to insert the earring. I am guessing that the left ear was not done perfectly in straight line, and there was a second inner channel that always got infected and made it hard to thread the earring through. But I digress.

So of course I tried to keep it clean with alcohol as instructed, but I had to have it re-pierced at least 5 times over many years as it kept becoming infected and closing.

Finally one day I decided it was not healing because I must have something else to release. I thought about my dad, and realized I was angry with him for doing it at all; he should have sent me to the mall where they had modern equipment. My ear piercing problems wouldn’t release, as I was still holding onto very subtly to my upset with him. Time to truly forgive him, and myself for trying to save some money.

Applying Reiki energy healing, it took about 20 minutes to release the old resentment and root out the thoughts I had held onto, including forgiving myself for being petty and holding on to such a small upset for so long.

I was able to insert the earring in my left ear immediately after this. Later, I sometimes could feel myself tensing up, and realized I was thinking it will be hard to get the earring in (as now there was a long history of blockage)…and then I would breathe and reset to another thought like: “I am easily inserting this earring. My ear is totally fine and the hole is easy to find and it is open and clear.” I have had no infections and no trouble for years ever since.

Miracle Healing #3: Client’s Lifelong Cat Allergy Eliminated

Asian woman with tissue sneezing has a running nose because of allergy to a catAbout five years ago, just a few minutes into a live animal communication course, a student mentioned that she was highly allergic to cats, as one domestic feline had just deposited herself onto her lap. Her eyes were already red and she was sneezing, and said the symptoms will get much worse in moments and she may have to leave.

Fairly incredulous, I laughed out loud and chided “what were you thinking, getting on a plane to attend my 3 day workshop at a Big Cat sanctuary?” Immediately I changed gears, started sending Reiki, and told her that this allergy was not needing to play out here, as we all really wanted her to be able to attend in ease and comfort for the next few days.

We stayed in that profound aligned focus for only a few moments, and I felt a deep sense of taking charge of the situation, inviting her to step into my stream and possibility paradigm of instantaneous healing, and also lightening it up, by stating: “Not on my watch are you going there.” “Dominating the focus”, as Abraham/Hicks would say.

She was my new Reiki student, so we both started sending Reiki right in class. I was across the room, and locked my gaze onto hers, and I could feel Reiki flowing out of my eyes, my heart, my hands. Reiki instantly upgraded our “vibrational alignment’ to unlimited universal life force.

While I could hold a very strong vibrational healing space, she still had to consciously choose to step into the healing stream. She mentioned that she “spoke to her cells” that they didn’t have to react like they had in the past; and told her body/mind that she was safe.

Within just a few moments, all her allergy symptoms cleared, and have never returned.

“Every condition is a byproduct of your vibrational stance. Then you will acknowledge you can change your vibrational stance and therefore every outcome. That is what healing is.” — Abraham-Hicks


1. Do any of these healing experiences strike a chord for you about a condition or circumstance you are facing?

2. How might they shift your reaction and response to those conditions?

3. Do you have difficulty taking appropriate actions to bring more balance and harmony on the physical and emotional levels, while also entertaining the possibility of spontaneous healing? What might you do differently now? I would love to hear your healing success stories!

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