“Power is a soul quality, one we’re all born with. Power is first and foremost the capacity to make things happen… It is the active form of love…”
~Hiro Boga

unnamedLast month I spoke of your divine nature as love, and your divine purpose of becoming a conscious co-creator. In order to do this we have to reclaim our essential power as such.

One of the main obstacles to manifesting or what I like to call “conscious co-creation” is that we are not connected to our innate power as a co-creator.

We must reclaim our power or Sovereignty of SELF… as divine humans.

Therein lies the rub…many of us feel very dis-empowered in so many ways. There is much resistance to this notion of power (especially with women) as it is often viewed from a stance of observing or experiencing personally what we deem to be “abuses of power.”


(Note: Special Magdalene Meditation and Alchemy Bowl Sound Healing to Reclaim Your Sovereignty)

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