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At our monthly Ascended Master Meditations, I shared this powerful message from the consciousness of Thoth, one of the most ancient masters of all. His message and attunement was to highest Well-Being, Alignment and Harmony, and several people requested this special message in writing.   

Ascended Master Thoth has been involved with the evolution of Earth for more than 30,000 years. Perhaps one of the longest standing Ascended beings, he has been known as the Egyptian Tahuti, the God of Justice, who wore the Ibis bird headdress. As Viracoha of the Incas. As the Persian, Zarathustra or Zoroaster. 

To the Greeks, he was known as Hermes and he brought forth the great body of material known as Hermetica, which shares the secret mysteries to overcome obstacles, and also the secrets of alchemy, the art of turning base metal into gold, literally as well as spiritually. 

As the Atlantean priest, he is believed to have built the great Temples of Wisdom and Knowledge in Atlantis and have imparted the knowledge directly to priests and priestesses of the temples. 

Interestingly, this is how I began teaching my Divine Human course, as I remembered teaching in the Temple of Knowledge.

Message from Master Thoth:

“I am THOTH–

My job is to see everyone in their right place. I am the urging…behind the wanderlust to explore new lands, new surroundings, new endeavors. We are all encoded to place and space in unique ways. Certain places, certain structures, certain nature formations feed us uniquely. They calibrate your essence to flow more freely.

I am the urging …to learn new skills, to seek out meaningful employ. What is right and fun for one is drudgery for the next. Right alignment with your work, your duties, makes the world spin more joyfully, more freely.

I am the inspiration.. to go within, and to create true alignment within your own being. Your body needs this alignment, this harmonic if you will, to function most efficiently. Each cell communicates to every other cell in a field of resonance that is either in harmony, or out.

Your culture has taught you all too well to ignore your cues that you were out of tune, that your rhythms are off.  Your body has a beautiful and complex system to notify you when you’re out of balance. Some call it intuition, gut feeling or the inner guidance system. You all know this but have been taught to override it with “rational” thinking, with a distorted sense of duty, with the guilt of not doing enough, and on and on and on.

And mother earth herself must rectify these imbalances. Nature spirits or elementals must find ways of offsetting these discordant frequencies. These episodes of extreme weather are partially attempts of nature to right herself. To shake off the chaotic frequencies, and discharge the density so she can once again come into a higher level of alignment and balance.

So my dear, dear hearts, your efforts to find your inner alignment, your joy, your freedom is not unnoticed. Nor is it self-indulgent. It is the very action, the most important of processes that you can and must undertake now, if you care about your world. Your people. Your planet.

It is this song that will re-tune everything.

Your happiness is not a side dish at the table of life. It is the main course! It is why you incarnated.

Not some of you. All of you. Yes–you came to serve others. Yes– you came as messengers of love. Yes– you came to shine the light of wisdom teachings.

But if in doing any of these, or all of these, you are not enjoying the ride, what resonance are you creating for others to be feeding from?

Misery doesn’t heal anyone. Suffocation is not sexy. Guilt never glamorous.

Who will want to follow those tunes? What harmonic are you playing?

Breathe in well-being.
Breathe out disharmony.

Breathe in attainment.
Breathe out discord.

Breathe in nature.
Breathe out unnatural.

Breathe in highest harmony. 
Breathe out Love.

Allow each cell to breathe in Creator’s love.
Exhale anything not this love.

Ask me THOTH and the Ascended Masters here in Aruna, to dismantle the disharmonic energies and return them to the light.”

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