IMG_8422 Devi GangaNamaste and Water Goddess Blessings from Bali!

I originally recorded this meditation after hosting my Bliss Retreat in Bali as part of my Intuitive Healing Cafe community monthly training, yet I am guided to share this with all of you as it was perhaps one of the most simple yet powerfully healing and divine transmissions I have received in nature.

We experienced four amazing Water Purification Ceremonies while in Bali, as water is considered the most powerful element for healing in Balinese tradition due to its innate cleansing and purifying qualities.

As soon as entered the first small waterfall trickle, I heard: “The Water Goddess resides here!” and I felt instantly embraced by the sweetest, most loving and powerful presence. All around me energy and blessings were pouring forth, and energy transmissions continued swirling through me the entire purification ceremony.

I went into a de-LIGHT-full bliss instantly upon entering the small tree and rock filled gorge …and deep silence. The Water Goddesses started doing my personal healing first, then guided me how to share this delicious initiation.

I asked our Balinese spiritual guide if there is a water goddess in Bali–he said yes, three actually (Triple Goddess theme again!). The main water goddess is called Devi Ganga, as in the famous sacred Ganges river in India.

The Devi Gangas were so fully present here…the place was very natural, pristine and not too touristy. If I was a water goddess I would totally hang out here 🙂 We performed the traditional ceremonial offerings of flowers, sweets and water, and I received the message that I was being initiated by Mother Devi Ganga personally! The initiation continued deliciously throughout the entire Purification ceremony.

Kumari waterfall disappeartingWe walked down many, many steps into the water over a somewhat sharp rock bed. We were instructed to immerse our full head and body into the very strong gushing waterfall. Truly, it felt like it stripped away everything I no longer needed as the blessed waters pounded my crown with great force, leaving me feeling unbelievably light afterwards. The cleansing was very real and physical as well as energetic.

After my immersions, I was guided to sit on a rock in the water directly opposite the waterfall as the rest of the Bliss participants immersed in the streaming waters. I felt a great energetic force flowing through me, and was directed to send Reiki and to assist with each cleansing. My hands were guided exactly how to move the energies with each person to help them release more old limiting beliefs and stagnant heavier vibrations that are the root of so much of our suffering.

I felt I was BORN for this MOMENT and knew exactly each gesture and movement and such a strong force flowing through me to each person. The water was very cold but I didn’t mind as I was completely engaged and fully turned ON, fully embodying my knowing and power and grace flowing through…it was one of the most exquisite experiences of my life. I didn’t ever want to leave. Even our guide asked if he could get my blessings as he saw what was happening with the Bliss participants. Once immersed in the cleansing ceremony, they instinctively joined me joined me in sending reiki to the next person. We formed a powerful circle of great love and healing right there in the Water Temple of the waterfall.

Dana waterfall


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Client Experience of Water Goddess Blessing:

“I have been having really profound energetic shifts from listening to the Water Goddess meditation from Bali. It really feels like she comes straight through you, like I’m taking direct empowerment in the natural sacred water temple from Devi Ganga.

I felt like I was in the middle of a huge fountain. You were so wide open it was truly amazing. You cannot know how much of an impact you have had on my emotional and physical health.

I feel like I’ve spent my life chasing the yang and the light to suddenly find balance in the yin and the dark. The book of Genesis starts with the Spirit of God hovering over the waters from which he goes on to make creation.

We are all naturally drawn to the power of the light but it feels to me like the water element is really critical to grounding the light and softening matter back into the waters of creation. After the meditation I find myself floating in a still infinite pool of water that is pitch black, totally serene and merged with my body.

Periodically I’m taken over by fear/turbulence which doesn’t disturb the underlying peace and eventually dissolves back into it. By generating reverence for the experience of fear/turbulence it dissolves more quickly.

It feels to me like the Bali transmission creates a pure connection to Devi Ganga and is a super powerful emotional healing tool. Whereas the rays of creation and other energy tools (even grounding) feel to me “top down” this feels “bottom up” like matter and emotions are being purified leading to pure consciousness.

I am so deeply grateful that you gave the transmission and for me personally is your most transformative work to date.”

–Bhupinder Goraya, MD, United Kingdom


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