Good luck, bad luck, who knows? During our Awakening Healers Collective community call, I lost internet connection for a bit and when I got back on, it was no longer recording, so we lost a replay of the healing meditation I shared.


So I decided to re-record it for those who weren’t on the call. We first examined the energies that were underlying the mass consciousness fear that has been building up around the world as the virus spreads,

When doing healing I find it helpful to understand the main underlying energies we need to balance with Coronavirus pandemic and it felt like the following three were dominant.


3 Dominant Energies during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coronavirus Pandemic


More specifically feeling vulnerable and possibly like a victim of invisible attacker, which takes us out of our power and leads to panic, bad decisions, exhaustion and of course, stress which all lowers the  immune system.


What do I need to do to prepare? What should I buy if I am quarantined or sick and must stay home? How much food/medicine/supplements are enough? and on and on.


Actually getting sick either with this or another virus.

Introduction to Energy Alchemy Technique of Resetting and Re-Aligning your frequency with Word Vibrations

We created a Triad of 3 Word Vibrations: POWERFUL/CERTAIN/WELL BEING to offset each of the main mental and emotional states that are taking many people out of a strong positive state which is key.

  • CERTAIN = clear, clarity, (opposite of worry and doubt)
  • WELL-BEING = contains all vibrations you want: happy, healthy, vibrant, strong, calm, resilient, flexible, harmonious, peaceful, compassionate, stable, etc.

I decided to extend the meditation to include installing the vibration of Well-Being into each of the Chakras to help reset to a higher state and balance your energies in the midst of world-wide concern over Coronavirus pandemic. After recording it again, I realized I really wanted to share it with everyone here.

Once everyone’s vibration was strong and stable, we sent healing to yourself, the parts of you that may feel afraid or vulnerable. Then healing to the virus itself.

“The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!              

Bruce Lipton, author Biology of Belief

Planetary Healing

fear love road signs

Finally we worked on transmuting some of the morphic field of fear or the collective consciousness surrounding the virus, which personally feels more intense than the virus itself.

Listen to the audio as often as you like, and I would love to hear how it helps you!


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