Monday, February 19, 2018

[AUDIO Blog] Can Bliss Make You Lose 20 lbs…Instantly?

Mid aged woman in big pants after weight losingIn recent Bliss retreat, many extraordinary moments of bliss, deep peace, love and spiritual connection occurred, but one woman’s story really captured the possibilities of major transformation on all levels, from serious doubt to a major heart opening, including a dramatic instantaneous weight loss!

And it confirms something I have suspected for two decades…but I don’t want to jump ahead and ruin the surprise.

On the first Bliss Retreat evening I asked how many people believed they could have an experience of pure bliss and most everyone raised their hands. Only one brave and honest woman confessed that while she thought it possible for others, she seriously doubted it could happen for herself.

I knew she probably wasn’t the only one who had doubts …

Listen to the audio blog here:

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2 Responses to “[AUDIO Blog] Can Bliss Make You Lose 20 lbs…Instantly?”
  1. Jennifer Adams says:

    No link to audio for article on can bliss make you lose weight?

  2. Kumari Mullin says:

    Hi Jennifer, there is an audio player in the blog post so that you can listen to it there at the bottom of the article.

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