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As we are once again offering the Ascended Master Activations here at Aruna, this morning at dawn I sat and asked my Cosmic Team to speak to all of us about what is new and currently available energetically. I often know there is SO much new energy and expanded consciousness, but don’t have any words to describe it.

Message from the Elohim, the Creator Angels (a first for me):

My understanding of The Elohim is that they carry the God Spark to infuse creation with Source Light and Highest consciousness. They were appointed by the Creator to carry out the organization and manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist. Most recently I am feeling their presence with me, and with this next level of co-creation within me and Aruna, bringing a “more pristine Divine Blueprint forth” without all the human distortions.

“It is time for you to feel the tremendous support that is always here.

We are here to assist you, to evolve you, to embrace you.

YOU are the point of this whole earth experiment! How is it that you do not feel worthy?

We are on deck to help you feel the love – BE THE LOVE– that you are. That you were created from. That love, when you lay your body down, you will once again merge back into.

We are here (especially in Aruna) to help you feel and know that Love well before that final time. Your expansion is our mission; your expression of the love that you are, of the harmony that you have come to install here, is our purpose.

Let us teach you what we know. Let us embrace you till you feel the love that you are. Let us guide you in leading the evolution of your planet. Let us infuse in you the seeds of the Light of 1000 Suns, the brilliance that you are to become.”


I asked my Ascended Master/Archangelic Guides for more understanding:  

What does it mean when we say there is a new consciousness, or there are new frequencies and vibrations, or there are new energy upgrades available?

Think of it like this– you are ready for new cell towers and they have been constructed on your earth to assist humanity to reach a new level of human awareness.  These towers will provide these divine downloads more and more, directly from Source, as many of you are now ready to receive them. But to fully utilize these higher frequencies, you will need new cell phones (aka mind, body, spirit) and that requires a rewiring of your current tech and systems.

Well the good news is that these Celestial cell towers have been installed– thanks to the great dedication of all the Lightworkers to date. Yet each of you is responsible for rewiring your individual receivers. This is where the inner work is, the conscious decision to choose Love over Fear, consistently and completely.

Your physicality must be able to receive the finer and finer, higher and higher, lighter and lighter energetic frequencies that are now coursing through your planet. This takes a great amount of stabilizing and integrating of these new harmonics. This is the process your physicality is currently in.  This is the process your Planet is currently in.

Another example, let’s say that there are new notes or musical chords available, but the existing human ears have trouble identifying them.  The new tones are available, but there is some work needed to actually create and perform the new symphonies with them. The new harmonics take some understanding, stabilizing and integrating in order for you to fully embody them and create new glorious music expressed through your individual lives and communities.”

A new phase is well underway…

I have a new understanding of what we have been creating here in Aruna, our sacred garden portal and now, a full-fledged and all-inclusive Ascended Master retreat.

The first phase occurred when we felt a geyser of energy exploding near our patio in 2012. When I asked how to take care of an energy vortex, I was told “create your own garden of Eden.” We geared up our efforts to beautify our property, establish more gardens and plant more fruit trees. And we began hosting many of our teachings and events here, so people could imbibe the high beauty and nature vibrations that were created here.

Phase 2 is now upon us. This involves the anchoring of Aruna (Sanskrit for Bringer of the New Dawn) an all inclusive Ascended Master “retreat” space which before was only etherically available. From other wisdom teachers, such as Elizabeth Claire Prophet, each of the many Ascended Masters had anchored their vibrations in a specific place on earth, where those who asked could visit etherically for Higher Wisdom trainings in dreamtime or meditation.

These retreat spaces were anchored in different points on the planet to make each Ascended Master more accessible here. Aruna is unique in that it is a space or etheric retreat location for all ascended masters to be available. This is one of the reasons I have been able to channel any Being of Light that I focus on. 

This has taken quite a bit of integrating, stabilizing and over all up leveling both internally and externally. The energetics here contain much more Harmony and higher consciousness as these great beings have been cultivating to assist all of you as well.

In order to assimilate these upgrades, on the physical planes, for me it has meant big gardening shifts to include more native plants, permaculture practices, pollinator friendly gardens, composting and vermicomposting (worms) and a whole new food forest.

This is the self-effort that anchors the grace, or the new energetics. I have wondered why I am putting so much effort into the garden, and I always hear this answer: “You are anchoring the New Earth energetics here as you do it.”

As I have been guided to pull back drastically from teaching this year, I wondered if I was too tired to teach, had nothing new to say, or perhaps just wanted to retire to my garden -not really an option, no worries!.

But now I realize that this is exactly the Anchoring and Integration phase, after the enormous new upgrades we shared in Divine Human course, and that means up leveling our ability to hold and stabilize the new vibrations, the new resonances. Having a peak moment of illuminated Bliss or Oneness is great, but stabilizing that state and LIVING IT each moment requires a new level of Harmony, Balance and Sustainability in our minds and bodies, even in our environs.

Fortunately, we all have easier access to the Masters and Beings of Light through the gift here of our Aruna portal, which exists on both the physical and the etheric planes to make it easier and more accessible to feel your sacred connectedness.

Ascended Master Activations

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