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AUDIO Blog + Activation: How to Experience More Ease, Freedom & Accomplishment PLUS a 5th Dimensional Upgrade

One of my teachers said awhile back that the higher consciousness of the 5th Dimension, that grander state of FLOW that we are aspiring to – is marked by this triad of EASE-FREEDOM-ACCOMPLISHMENT. I instantly made that my new intention as it resonate so deeply with me how I wanted to up-level my experience out of overwhelm, running on a treadmill, and never feeling complete, or that I am “doing enough.”

When a client asked me if I often feel accomplished at the end of day. I answered “yes almost always…now.” I certainly didn’t used to, even when I was “producing” way more than I am now. For years I was Creating brand new radio shows, TV programs, and 6 month Divine Human courses with all newly downloaded energetic upgrades all at the same time, yet strangely I still didn’t truly feel accomplished.

Victory concept.You may think that having your own business seems like it would be ideal –and quite easy to take time for yourself, but I never worked harder in my life!

While I really enjoyed breaking through all kinds of ceilings at that time, for e.g. my income nearly tripled, many new programs were created in record time, something had been seriously missing and eventually I found myself really burning out. A healer looked at me at the end of 2012 and said: “Kumari even your Soul is exhausted!!”

When Kumara and I began to have health concerns, I had to really re-evaluate.

Now I stop working at 5-6 pm most nights; cook healthy meals and watch movies with Kumara. Eating well, time relaxing, mornings in my garden, breaks throughout day. The spaciousness of time is a huge value now as it creates this sense of Ease…

It is a Conscious CHOICE.

So this newly found feeling of accomplishment only came when I rearranged and prioritized my values. While building a healing/teaching empire seemed exciting, my main values must include ease and balance, rather than a more traditional sense of success. This meant not working all the time. While I enjoyed a bit more outer success then, I was working late nights and weekends constantly.

What keeps you stuck in struggle?

Understanding that much of my state was often in overwhelm, my coach helped me discover that I was in total denial of how long things actually took.

Revelation: Overwhelm caused by denying how long things take

Now I focus more on one thing at a time and schedule a much more honest appraisal of completion times. Of course this requires choosing more carefully what I do agree to do, and letting go of many things that seem good but don’t really fit.

Re-Evaluate and Re-Prioritize your Values

What are your values? How have they changed over the years? How do you look at your accomplishments? Does it include non-work, non to-do items? Interestingly, I personally noticed the more ease I have the more accomplished I feel. It is this ease that births my creativity and inspiration, which feeds my own soul and thus my teachings tremendously. It also means I am living more in alignment with what I am asking others to incorporate.

Rather than judging my accomplishments by what I tick off my to-do lists, now I am hitting the 5th Dimensional feeling of FLOW and accomplishment more often than not by also putting more weight on celebrations and clients breakthroughs, which fuel me with enormous joy.

Freedom = big concept; many meanings

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Connecting with 5th Dimensional FLOW of Ease, Freedom & Accomplishment

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