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A 10 year-old girl was visiting my family with her mother, and she began complaining loudly of leg pain. Breaking a bone playing softball, she just recently had her cast removed.

I offered some Reiki energy healing and she was quite skeptical. When I gently placed my hands on her injured leg, I couldn’t feel any energy flowing. Normally children and animals are much quicker than adults to allow the healing energy to balance them.

But this young girl had no energy flowing in her leg, and I suspected she was blocking the healing on some level. So I had to get creative to find a way to help a child understand why she may be holding on to the pain, most likely subconsciously, without creating any blame.

I remembered when I was 15, I fell off my horse and broke my elbow right before prom. I kind of liked the attention I got from everyone as they signed my cast. I asked if she enjoyed all the attention she had received with a cast, and she emphatically replied “YES” and she shared some funny drawings. Then I asked her how much she liked playing softball, and she beamed. She was a very talented athlete and enjoyed it immensely, but her injury had benched her for months.

Then came the $64,000 question: “Are you ready to let go of the attention you are getting for being injured, and once again enjoy the attention you receive and the fun you have playing softball?” She honestly considered this for a few moments, and then decided that yes, she would prefer the positive attention she got from her favorite sport.

Instantly the energy began flowing through her whole leg, and within seconds she excitedly ran after her mom exclaiming: “Mommy it’s a “miracle”– my leg doesn’t hurt anymore!!!!”

#1 Reason we don’t heal: There is an underlying BENEFIT

Hard to hear, I know. This applies across the board to being physically sick or injured, and also to feeling stuck and experiencing career, financial, and relationship challenges. If there is an underlying benefit to your situation, then you are not totally clear that you want healing or success.

Please note that often this is subconscious. Like the young girl, she didn’t injure her leg consciously, yet she was conflicted about her recovery as the injury and pain served another purpose, bringing her parental and others’ attention.

My Reiki Master once taught: “Awareness erases karma.”

Love that… so instead of feeling bad that you may have been blocking your healing or success, instead ask yourself these powerful turn-around questions, and notice how you can begin to bring the light of awareness to your inner workings, and then consciously rechoose.


a. How could this ______(injury, illness, situation) be serving me?
b. Am I willing to let this ____ (underlying benefit) go to get what I really want?

#2 Reason We Don’t Heal: We are avoiding something seemingly worse

Related to reason number one, we can be blocking our healing or transforming our challenging situation in order to avoid something that seems worse. For example, when we are avoiding facing and dealing with trauma, painful emotions, difficult conversations, or other fearful encounters, it can cause us to self-sabotage with an illness or injury, or even financial, relationship or career challenges.

Then the illness or other drama takes center stage, and we can temporarily avoid the seemingly more stressful or painful emotions or fears. Again, much of this is going on subconsciously as our old reptilian brain attempts to keep us “safe” which often means known versus unknown.

For example, a woman ends up chronically ill and on disability, thus avoiding the deeper fear of not feeling confident and capable enough to work and generate income herself.


a. What is this _____helping me to avoid?
b. What is this _____ making me do differently?

“When we are aware of how an injury, illness or other negative situation may actually benefit us; we then can re-evaluate and more consciously re-choose health and wellbeing directly. In this way we begin to claim our healing power.”

#3 Reason We Don’t Heal: Our Energetic Vibration or Frequency is Too Low

If you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, all roads lead to learning how to raise your vibration. Having too low a vibrational frequency means that the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and conscious awareness are in a lower denser energy frequency, as everything is energy and vibration. For example, we tend to be glass-half-empty types, with judgmental or negative self-talk, or carry heavy denser emotions like worry, anger, grief, shame, etc. which all impact our mental and physical state.

Physically, our bodies respond to a higher vibration with increased blood flow to tissues, muscles and organs. Oxygen is carried in our blood and to the various systems throughout our bodies, nourishing them more optimally.

Energetically, love is the rock star of our highest vibration — it’s what we ideally should be operating from. And because we radiate love at higher vibrations, we attract love and deepest well-being in return. Thus, cultivating the state of unconditional Love is the highest healing vibe. Gratitude is right up there as well.

This is why I love using crystal singing bowls, essential oils and Reiki as they all raise energetic vibration quickly and dramatically.

Why Energy Alchemy Techniques and Energy Healing like Reiki Rock

Reiki is a form of Vibrational Medicine and a Biofield Therapy. Biofield or aura is the energy that both surrounds and permeates our bodies.

“Rei” = all-knowing divine universal

“Ki” = the energy that animates all living things, or LIFE FORCE that flows through everything that is alive, including plants, animals, and humans — the same as Qi.

Applying super high-vibe Universal Life Force to all levels of mind, body and spirit simultaneously gets to the root or core of the imbalance, and allows more life force (chi or prana) to flow through and clear all our subtle energy channels.

Energy healing addresses blockages such as old wounds and painful memories, often without us needing to know or understand anything specific. For most healing we just need more high vibration life force energy to dissolve the old denser energetic blockages.



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