Universal Weekly
Healing Program

Potent Energy Medicine for
Pets ♥ People ♥ Planet

Affordable Weekly Energy Healing
from a Master Healer

All family members,
even pets, can be included!

  • Do you want the BEST CARE for yourself and your family, yes–including the furry ones?
  • Are you interested in cutting edge techniques to feel younger and happier?
  • Are you ready to say good-bye to that feeling of constant crisis and start investing in prevention?
  • Do you want a simple effortless way to achieve profound results on ALL levels: mind, body and spirit?

If you answered YES to any of these,
then this “Healing Insurance” program is for you!!!

Receiving regular Reiki healing is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family and your animal companions!


“As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

~~Dr. Mehmet Oz, a frequent guest on Oprah


What is Reiki?

National Institute of Health states: “Reiki is an energy medicine practice that originated in Japan. Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal (or source) energy that supports the body’s innate healing abilities. Practitioners seek to access this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing… Practitioners with appropriate training may perform Reiki from a distance, that is, on clients who are not physically present in the office or clinic.”

Everything is Energy.

The energy sessions work on all levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The energy sessions aren’t just for physical health and can help many other areas of your life. The high vibration energy helps dissolve denser negative thinking and beliefs that are the root cause of many disorders.

When these denser energies (negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs) are released and cleared it can transform your whole life.

Clearing the energy field, or biofield can help people to become more intuitive, creative, healthy and more aware. Animals can feel more stable and calm, less aggressive, and rejuvenated.

What People Reported About
My Group Energy Healing Sessions

“My retriever Loki has benefited greatly from the weekly healing sessions. I believe the cumulative effects of the weekly Reiki has contributed to him feeling happier, calmer, and more comfortable. At our last vet visit, he said he had never seen Loki that calm. Loki formerly had social issues with other dogs; yet now when he is around other dogs he either ignores them or wants to play. I think the Reiki has helped me deal with those situations more calmly as well!

Also, he had pain in his hips from early hip dysplasia (according to x-rays). I used to give him anti-inflammatories after he swam. Now, a year later, he swims weekly and no longer needs any medication because he doesn’t appear to be stiff or uncomfortable.

He has more stamina now than in years past. This is notable because he is eight years old. But the only way you can tell he is a “senior” is the slight graying around his muzzle. The only thing that has changed is the addition of the weekly family Reiki sessions. I wholly recommend regular Reiki for furry friends and their families – it has helped our family in really big ways.”

~~B.E., Florida

“I had been part of one group Energy Healing and had an interesting “result”! My Endocrinologist weaned me off of my blood pressure meds that I’ve been on for 36 years! I’ve been totally off them and I’m doin’ great! PLUS, he also cut back my dosage of Synthroid. I suddenly don’t need to take as much!! So that’s awesome!! I’m feeling great, and honestly feel I have you to thank for sharing all your healing energies, Kumari!!”

~~Kathy Bean, Palm Bay, FL

Meet Your Personal Master Healer

Kumari’s purpose is to teach the teachers Mastery.”
–Jim Self, author, internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher

Animal Mystic, Reiki Master, Intuitive healer, Attorney, Counselor, Author, and Equestrian specializing in energetic problem-solving for animals and their people. I have spent the past 22 years studying and living with internationally acclaimed meditation masters, energy healers and spiritual teachers I have helped thousands of people and their animal friends internationally including doctors, veterinarians, trainers, holistic practitioners, rescue organizations and zoos.

In this one-of-a-kind global weekly energy transmission, you will receive powerful transmissions of energy healing from a Master Healer and Teacher.

I will send long-distance Reiki healing to all participants, including your animals. Animals are very open to energy healing and usually respond more quickly than we do!

For nearly 20 years my private clients have benefited from this amazing healing energy, making giant leaps in their awareness and health. Their lives, and the lives of their animals, improved in dramatic and powerful ways.


The group healing sessions helped me, Pixie and Muffin to heal old wounds that were “sticking” to us. I feel we have all begun a new chapter.”

~~Lynne C, GA

Universal Weekly Healing FAQs

Where did you get the idea for group healing?

I have been sending long distance healing since I learned the technique in Reiki Level II in 1992. My first session was with a friend who had recently undergone painful dental surgery. Afterwards she described a powerful presence that emerged during our session that eliminated her pain. Although I suggested she might have been feeling the effects of her pain medication, she was adamant that SHE HAD BEEN HEALED AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE REIKI.

One teacher suggested that Reiki healing could be done over the phone. My practice soon became more focused on phone sessions and now nearly 95% of my work is done that way. I thought, “If I can heal a person on the phone, why can’t I do the same for groups”? …I tried it and it worked!

The more I practiced group healing the more successful I became. Stories of positive outcomes, healing sensations, and spiritual connectedness began flowing back, and I felt totally Spirit-guided to do this group offering.

How do you focus your healing toward specific people and animals?

The healing energy of Reiki is Universal Life Force. It is intelligent energy and knows what everyone needs to achieve balance on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I only need the name, age and location of each participant, as well as their permission to send directly to them.

The animals will choose for themselves if they want to receive the energy and most of them love it! I always explain simply what I am offering and that they are always in charge of how they use the healing energy. That usually clears any initial resistance. Adults do need to give permission.

What is the best way to receive the healing?

It helps if you can be in a quiet place, preferably not driving. If you need to be active at the time it will still work just fine. I program the healing energy to be received when it is in your highest good and divine timing, wherever you are, so no worries!


YES! I Would Love to Participate in the

Universal Weekly Healing Program

Energy Transmission each Wednesday
Time: 4 – 5 PM EST*
*I program the healing to be received at the highest and best timing for all
To calculate from your time zone, visit: http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Location: privacy and comfort of your own home

Option 1: Individual Membership

Individual* Membership – $77/month *
*You or one animal

*that is less than $20 per week for a full hour of Energy Healing from a Reiki Master Healer

You’ll begin receiving your weekly healing transmissions on the upcoming Wednesday continuing every week. If you would like to continue, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll Be Automatically Billed for $77/Month.
Of course you can cancel at any time.


Option 2: Family Membership

Family** Membership – $97/month*
**Includes all family members & pets living in same household!

*less than $25 a week for potent healing
to cover your whole family

You and your entire family will begin receiving your weekly healing transmissions on the upcoming Wednesday continuing every week. If you would like to continue, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll Be Automatically Billed for $97/Month. Of course you can cancel at any time.


More good news!


10% of all Weekly Healing program profits donated to animal rescue organizations
Through your participation in fundraising workshops and CD sales,
we have already donated $8,489


  • National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Restoration
  • Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Wellington, FL
  • Wild Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Mims, FL
  • Halo Rescue, no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in Sebastian , FL
  • No-kill Shelter in NJ and more
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