Master Teacher Training

Master Teacher Training

Intuitive Energy Healing & Mentoring for Accelerated Transformation

**New Program for Healers, Coaches, Therapist, Body Workers, Intuitives, Animal Communicators, Spiritual Seekers

Are you longing to go deeper into exploring your healing potential?

Uncover what is keeping you from expanding your confidence and clarity as a “spiritual being having a human experience”?

Are you feeling called to greater levels of planetary and personal healing service?

Craving a community of soul-sisters and brothers so the REAL you can come out of hiding?

Are you hoping to merge your passion with your profits and get paid doing what you love?

It is time to teach the teachers Mastery! Is that you?

I am thrilled to invite you to apply for my brand new “Mystic Mastery Program: Intuitive Energy Healing Mentoring for Accelerated Transformation”: A 6-month program chock full of virtual personal sessions, small group manifesting masterminds, exclusive forum, advanced healing techniques training calls w/Q & A, and 4 in-person weekend retreats, culminating in the unparalleled Reiki Master attunement. I feel confident that with this program I can support you all to take this next leap. And if you are not yet sure if you want to teach, this is perfect to get you working with the Master energies to help you determine if that is the path for you.

A note on the Value of the Reiki Master Attunement: As a member of the Reiki Alliance, an organization devoted to support Masters and to uphold the teachings and lineage of the Usui System of Natural Healing, the investment for Reiki Mastery was established at $10,000 more than 30 years ago and has not changed with inflation (it would be more like $28,300 today)!

It was considered as a mutual life-long commitment between Master and student and also a “calling” for the student. So Alliance Masters in the United States (in Europe some have increased this) have charged this amount just for the Master attunement only –without any personal sessions/healing or training time. To be teaching in alignment with the lineage and the Reiki Alliance, I have developed this two part Mastery to allow students who are not sure if there purpose is to be a Reiki Master/Teacher but who definitely want to be attuned to the highest level Reiki.

I am aware many are teaching this like a class rather than an apprentice to Mastery, and charging very low fees. I am also aware that the power and efficacy of the Reiki energy has been quite diminished and diluted for them and among other reasons, I feel the imbalance in the energy exchange is a significant factor in this result.

My commitment to you: To place my 24 years of accumulated spiritual wisdom, meditation techniques, energy healing practice (including business building tools), intuitive development techniques, initiatory attunements and Reiki Mastery in highest service to your Soul, and in alignment with your heart’s desire to serve yourself, your beloveds, and your communities in ever more profound ways at this critical time of our personal and planetary expansion and ascension.

PS – There are some really super Special Bonuses so read thru to the end and don’t hesitate if you feel the call to do it as some opportunities will be filled up quickly.

PPS – All the in-person events take place in sunny Florida in season 🙂

Who is Mystic Mastery perfect for?

  • Energy Healers and Bodyworkers who want to put their healing power and practice on steroids!
  • Animal Communicators who want to add potent and distant energy healing to their services
  • Intuitives who are longing to refine their skills while including potent healing to empower their clients to easily make the changes needed
  • Counselors, Coaches and Therapists wanting accelerated results for their clients including over the phone
  • Health Care practitioners who want to add a complete and quick holistic healing technique to their toolbox
  • Spiritual seekers craving an in-depth self-healing program and personal practice to deepen meditation and access Higher Consciousness more tangibly and easily

MYSTIC MASTERY Program Includes…

Virtual Energy Alchemy Personal Intensive with Kumari

This very special virtual private half-day with Kumari will kick start your personal, career and spiritual goals and get you accelerating now. The Virtual Intensive is laser-focused on you! Untitled1Come prepared to get in-depth training, breakthrough mentoring, and practical tools to accomplish your mastery as a healer, teacher, and leader. Reach new levels of personal mastery to manage your energy, your mind, body and SOUL to quickly create massive transformations with ease and graceful integration.
(Value: $1,497)

6 Private Breakthrough Intuitive Healing Mentoring Sessions

Need Personal, Spiritual, Relationship or Career Mentoring? Intuitive Development? Accelerated Energy Healing? Manifesting and Abundance Support? Divine Wisdom Channeling? Enjoy 6 Private 60-minute Virtual Intuitive Healing/Mentoring sessions on ANY issue. (Value: $3,000)

6 Advanced Healing Techniques Training Audios

Includes the latest advanced healing techniques and newly available energy attunements and activations from Kumari, plus key clearing, releasing, and manifesting strategies, making this a premium benefit to your Mystic Mastery program!

6 Laser Intuitive Mentoring Sessions

Need help in a hurry? Receive 3 laser sessions (10-15 minutes). Receive preferential access to Kumari for quick decisions, energy infusions and crystal clarity, often the very same day.

6 Monthly “Calling You to Consciousness” Contemplations

Kumari will guide you with monthly contemplative exercises divinely designed to help you access the “interior castle” of your Soul so you can mine the depths of understanding and awareness and stay focused on your journey and your goals.

2 Reiki Attunement Healing Retreats:

Reiki Immersion Retreat You will be re-attuned and review your Usui Level I and II. The Bonus day will give ample opportunity to anchor in this advanced healing ability and review and practice your distant healing and the confidence to begin charging for your healing sessions. (Value $750)

(This is optional but advisable as Reiki is cumulative and you will be able to sit in as a Master candidate)

Reiki Master ATTUNEMENT Retreat – Receive the powerful Usui Master initiation in a totally nurturing beach spa resort environment with plenty of personal support to fully integrate and align these new high vibrational energies. Guaranteed to amplify your energy and expand your conscious connection to Source, enabling you to hold and channel highest energy vibrations for yourself, your loved ones and clients. (Value: $5,500)

Invest in your personal and spiritual evolution with the Mystic Mastery Mentoring Program and receive these phenomenal Extra Special Bonuses to fast-track your apprenticeship as a master healer!

Mystic Mastery Super Bonuses

BONUS 1: Quantum Creating Retreat Audios

Quantum Creating: Applying the Rays of Creation to Manifest your Dreams. Amazing state of the art energy technologies that will exponentially enhance your ability to create what you desire and to clear the clutter of old but tenacious patterns. (Value: $497)

BONUS 2: Exclusive Email Access (priceless)

FREE Ticket to Get access to my private email and go to the front of the line anytime you have questions or need support and guidance. Every effort will be made to answer same day within business hours.

BONUS #3: Weekly Distant Group Healing for Whole Family + Pets!

6 Months of Weekly Energy Healing “Insurance” for the whole Family (Value – $582 )

BONUS #4: How to Heal Anything Video – 6 archived programs

Receive 6 advanced healing 90-minute videos; choose from targeted topics like prosperity, relationships, unworthiness, etc. that plague everyone. (Value: $582)

Investment in Your Mastery:  $5,997*   

*Payment Plan Option Available

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the pre-requisite apprenticeship for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher under Reiki Alliance guidelines.  Students will be individually invited under separate application to receive the complete Master/Teacher training to be able to teach and initiate others.

Your mastery starts when you take action!

Apply today as there will
only be room for 10*.

(Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki Level I)

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