Wellington, FL (March 23-25, 2013) – During a powerful 3-day Wild Animal Communication & Healing Retreat, Animal Mystic and Empathic Intuitive, Kumari Mullin will guide participants through a rare and remarkable experience communicating with and learning from the big cats of Panther Ridge Conservation Center.

Appropriate for all levels, the Wild Animal Communication & Healing Retreat will allow you to meet and interact with Amos the black panther, Charlie the cheetah, Cody the ocelot, rare clouded leopards, jaguars, a serval, as well as domestic cats and show horses. Learn how to fine tune your telepathic connection and strengthen your intuitive abilities, not just with animals, but in every aspect of your life.

“All species are born with an innate ability to perceive energy on a more subtle level through feelings, images, sensations, thoughts, ideas and pure knowing,” Kumari explains. “I am committed to awakening that ability and facilitating remembrance of your true connection to the animal kingdom, and all of life.”

Panther Ridge is a home for exotic cats that are not capable of living in the wild, and a safe place for humans to interact with them. As Kumari has been holding animal communication seminars there for several years, the cats have opened up tremendously. This is truly a unique and invaluable experience you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are just beginning your journey to connecting telepathically with animals or are a more advanced student who wishes to refine your skills and deepen your awareness, the Wild Animal Communication & Healing Retreat will transform you.

This extraordinary retreat will take place on site at Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Wellington, Florida, on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24, with an optional 3rd day on Monday the 25th for Animal Reiki I. To learn more and sign up for a life-altering experience at Kumari’s Wild Animal Communication& Healing Retreat, visit: https://www.kumarihealing.com/events/wild-animal-communication-retreat/.

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