At a Holistic Health expo in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago I was serving on an Intuitive Panel with some very well-known psychics. A woman in the audience asked our panel, “Do people ever come back (reincarnate) as animals?” There was a long pause as panel members politely waited for each other to respond. Before I could even think, the answer came flowing out with such clarity it surprised even me: “Consciousness has no limits.”

Animal Communication is so much more than finding out what your animal likes and dislikes, or even what they are thinking and feeling. While that is very cool and extremely useful in making our lives together more enjoyable and assisting in our roles as compassionate caregivers, it is just the beginning of the remarkable rewards.

In a similar vein, Animal Reiki offers so much more than relieving stress and pain, and creating more harmony and balance and better performance, which are all very amazing and frequent results.

Animal Reiki and Communication are both explorations into expanding our consciousness into the mind-blowing awareness that we are truly One on the deepest level of creation. Our very molecules vibrate with the same pulse of Life, and a vast Love is the glue that connects us.

Over the years of practicing meditation, energy healing and animal communication I would hear of spiritual teachers declare that animals are lower on the evolutionary scale than humans, and therefore humans never reincarnated as animals as that would be a demotion. As a young child in Catholic schools, I was taught that man had dominion over the animals as they were lesser beings, and even that they had no Soul and therefore couldn’t go to “heaven.”

For me, it is not about accepting someone else’s belief about such things as reincarnation. I did not grow up having a belief either way, though my Catholic religion said there was no such thing. I do however put much stock in my own experience, and the evidence was mounting up as I began to interview many souls in both human and animal clothing.

I have had too many personal experiences with animals to believe any limits apply. Like staring into the eyes of a cougar who lives fully aware of his Egyptian roots and our past lives together, and takes my students into higher dimensional planes of existence, and even counsels them on the next big leap of courage they need to take in their careers. And healing a horse who stopped jumping as she was so disillusioned with us humans, who then came so sweetly and greeted each student in class individually, then gazed into my eyes with such a fierce love that everyone’s heart chakras burst open wider than ever before, spilling over with a bliss so powerful the waves nearly knocked me over.

Witnessing my dog resist a nail trim, so instead of forcing her, I challenged her Higher Self with the task of making her nails shorter on her own. For 8 years with just a reminder she would shape-shift her nails perfectly short overnight while sleeping in our bed!

This higher consciousness exploration with animals breaks open the limits of the mind, opens the heart to a higher more unconditional love and acceptance, and intensifies all of the ordinary and extra-ordinary senses. It can be a Soul to Soul connection that changes you forever. It becomes impossible to see the world with the same eyes. The feeling of separation, of us and them, dissolves and we begin to feel a part of a much larger web.

As we delve deeper into our exploration of animal consciousness, the enormity of the concept of the inter-connectedness with all life, and the seemingly unattainable possibility of experiencing the holy grail of spiritual seekers, the vastness of Oneness or Unity Consciousness, gains a foothold in our Being, and leaves an indelible pawprint on our Soul.

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