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Animal Communication Workshops: Improving Empathy With All Creatures

February 18, 2010 | By Kris O’Donnell

ORLANDO, Fla. – Zeus, a thoroughbred-quarter horse cross, gallops around the pasture with relative ease. He even stops and happily rolls around in the dirt. But just a few hours earlier, he was clearly walking in pain, the result of numerous physical problems and lameness in both rear legs. But after Kumari Mullin and a group of students in her animal communication class worked with Zeus, the positive change in his behavior was evident.

“He had several emotional releases, which led to physical releases,” Mullin said.

Mullin is an animal communicator and Reiki master. On this day, she’s teaching a class through the Centers for Animal Therapies, based in Longwood, Florida. Mullin shows others how to connect with their animals to gain a better understanding of what their pets are thinking.
“Our pets are completely impacted by our ups and downs,” Mullin said. “They’re impacted by the same stressors we are.”

Zeus was the test subject for the group, and the session began with a process Mullin calls grounding.

“Just like electrical appliances, we need to be grounded to be balanced,” Mullin said. “When we are stressed, which most of us are, our mind-body is very noisy and creates static – so most animals are responding to that even though we’re not aware of it.”
Mullin asked students to turn off their brain chatter and focus on Zeus.

“The main thing that’s required in animal communication is quiet,” Mullin reflected. “There’s a tuning in that happens on all levels.”
As Mullin guided them through the class, several students said they could sense or feel what Zeus was thinking.

With no prior knowledge, the group sensed that Zeus was dejected and feeling like a failure. His handlers confirmed that the horse had participated in a police training demonstration and, upon his return, started having physical and emotional problems. According to energy healer Kumari Mullin, Zeus communicated that he interpreted his return to the stable as an indication that he failed the demonstration, which was not the case.

“One of the keys is to open the doors and respect them,” Mullin said. “They might have something to offer us, something to teach us. In that way we let go of the judgment and all kinds of connections can begin to be made.”

After a few hours with the group, Zeus was walking straighter and eventually galloping.

At the end of the day, student Keri Boch reflected on the lesson she took away from the class – the knowledge that her energy could impact her dog, Bailey.

“My anxiety is a mirror on her and her anxiety is a mirror on me, so I have learned to ground myself and not project my emotions,” Boch said.
Mullin says the concept of animal communication is not far-fetched at all.

“It’s an innate ability to have these extended senses,” Mullin said. “We just haven’t practiced.”
The Centers for Animal Therapies offers many related classes, and founder Jo Maldonado remarks that even skeptical dog trainers have walked away with newfound skills.

“They all — every single one of them — are coming out of the workshops saying, ‘Wow, I think I’m going to take some more classes. I want to learn what else there is about this because it works.’”

And Kumari Mullin says that’s the ultimate goal of animal communication.

“Every time I teach students to do this, there’s greater harmony and understanding among the species,” she said. “It has a ripple effect that is limitless.”

If you would like more information on Kumari Mullin or the Centers for Animal Therapies, log on to their respective websites at kumarihealing.com or centerforanimaltherapies.com.

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This article was written by Kris O’Donnell for Zootoo.

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