The next two articles are the final segments in this series which has examined the issue of feeling highly sensitive to other people and their emotions, or to chaotic noisy or low energy environments that can leave you feeling zapped.

We discussed energy techniques in Part III of this series to help you not to take on or absorb other people’s energy. Two of the techniques can be combined to more powerfully assist you to hold your space no matter what is going on around you.

In order to really master the technique of “calling in your energy field” you can add the Rose tool to demarcate the edge of your biofield. The biofield, or aura, is the subtle energy that both permeates and surrounds the physical body.

Advanced Practice: Calling in your Field Using the Rose Technique

BEA hallThis exercise is best perfected with a partner. First practice being aware of where your auric field ends by having someone stand a good distance away from you. If you have a large field you may need to go outdoors even to make sure they are outside the edge of your personal energy field. It helps if they are sensitive to energy.

First it is good to ground your energy using your grounding cord (see Part III) so you can be more centered and aware of your body. Then soft focus your eyes on the floor in front of you rather than looking at the person’s face directly. This keeps you focused on the field rather than any thoughts more specifically coming from the person.

Have them walk slowly toward you, and notice when you start to feel a tad uncomfortable. If you feel nothing they may still be in your field and will need to step even further away from you. It may feel strong like an invasion of your space, or mild like a subtle pressure or pushing or even tingling sensation. That is most likely the edge of your field.

You can have the person step back and forth over that area to feel more certainty. Your partner may also notice the edge of your field when they enter it in a similar way, sensing a pushing or thicker more resistant wall of energy.

Now you have identified the edge of your personal energy field, or in other words, where you end and someone else begins. Place the image of a rose with a long stem, at the edge of your field as a visual marker or focus point. Have your friend step back a bit and start moving slowly toward you, but this time every step they take, adjust your field closer to you by moving your rose which represent the edge of your field midway between you and them.

The purpose here is to contract your energy field tighter around your body, so that another person’s energy is not flowing through your field. This does take practice. It is best to become adept at pulling in your field when it doesn’t count, rather than waiting till you are at a huge conference or store and feeling bombarded.

I am happy to report that I was able to walk around the NY Book Expo with 12,000 attendees, and consistently keep my energy field so tight around me for two whole days that I was not affected by the seriously chaotic environment of fans rushing to claim free autographed books and to have the rare opportunity to meet their favorite author or a publisher in person. I was able to manage my nerves, and stay in a wonderful relaxed, connected centered space when I spoke about my book to publishers and it seemed to work as I received many invites to send along my proposal. This was a personal miracle for me!

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