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“Kumari’s purpose is to Teach the Teachers Mastery.”

–Jim Self, author/spiritual teacher, UT —




maureen_mossPowerful advanced teacher and Soul communicator

Kumari is a powerful, advanced teacher and Soul communicator. Each are of the highest integrity and for the love for all of humanity and all sentient beings. It has been my honor to work with Kumari for the past two years, in many capacities, and I would highly recommend her work to all.

— Maureen Moss, Author, President, World Puja Network,,

penelope smith“Kumari’s soothing voice, accompanied by gentle restful music, will take you deep into the heart of hearts and open the richness of Divine love through your own breath and being. “Connecting with All Life” CD is a meditative gem!”

— Penelope Smith, interspecies communication pioneer and author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit,

sai-maa“Kumari, the Shakti (spiritual energy) is very very active in you. “

– Sai Maa, founder Humanity in Unity




ma jaya india“Kumari has a golden gift.”

– Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Founder, Kashi Ashram, FL




Amazing Results Clients Are Getting…



“My sessions with Kumari to help me with training issues with my horses were insightful! We discovered key reasons why I was experiencing challenges. What I learned helped me develop a true partnership with my horses and I am thrilled with where we are now in our training.”

-Kendall SummerHawk, Multi-Million Dollar Coach

DrGerryBuchoff“Kumari your Energy Alchemy Intensive really opened me up, and everything in my life began lining up! Shortly afterward I had the clarity and courage to let go of two business relationships that were really draining me, and then everything finally shifted. All the things I told you I wanted to manifest are happening: I finished my book, got published and am now enjoying being a sought after keynote speaker! I feel I am in a whole new dimension. I looked in the mirror during our intensive and was shocked to see that I looked 10 years younger! “PS I have trained with many prominent personal growth teachers and world class empowerment coaches, and I must say you are not only doing it all, but your teachings are at a Ph.D level in comparison!

-Emile Allen, MD, Author, Speaker

Orgena RoseFeeling so connected and flooded with my Soul!

Wow Kumari! What an amazing session today. I am totally blown away by the deep level of work done in such a graceful and easy way. And the fabulous tools you’ve given me are just awesome. I feel as if there had been a dam holding the flow of my Soul at bay and our session just took the dam down and now I am absolutely flooded! I have felt SO connected this last couple of days since our work. I just adore being in my heart space by the beautiful pink diamond; It literally puts a smile on my face. The other thing I wanted to let you know is that as you mentioned, I have now found that my personal energy or ‘feeling field’ is not the same as the sacred geometry we installed, so I can actually bring my feeling field in to my skin and still have my sacred diamond spinning! Useful for when I go shopping so I am not impacted by other people’s energy so much. Also, my migraine and congestion in my head is fine! Though I’m sure that is not a surprise to you…Absolutely brilliant work – thank you again dear, dear Kumari.

— Sitara Keppie, Landscape Architect, Scotland

Broadway Performer Achieves Even More Depth and Richness in her Voice!

Orgena RoseKumari, your energy healing was out of this world; mind-blowing; words don’t do it justice!! In a matter of moments I felt a churning of energy and then physical sensation in my legs, numbness, and then incredible warmth in my body. Then tremendous energy filled the room.

A Nationally recognized composer hadn’t heard me sing in a year noticed “Something has majorly shifted; there is a huge depth and YUMMINESS going in your voice I never heard before; it is absolutely magnificent.” And I too know there was something amazing and new ..a fullness of sound and richer lower pitches and warmth of tone. When you said you were clearing the lower chakras so I would have even more depth and range, you weren’t kidding!

— Orgena Rose, Performer on Broadway, OPRAH, Carnegie Hall

Completely magical and totally unexpected income of $7,333.52!!!

erin-headshot-new-199x300Kumari – thank you, thank you, thank you. After our session, where you used the Rays of Creation to request income that I so desperately needed to be able to travel to your live event, I not only received the amount that you asked the universe for ($5,000) but I received $2,333.52 MORE than what we asked for.

I received unexpected income for charge backs found in my favor that dated back to 2004 and the total, with the interest that was tacked on, was $7,333.52. Completely surprising, completely magical and completely unexpected money, which arrived just a few days after our session.

Not only did you bring in exactly what I needed in the moment I needed it but you also taught me to believe in energetic gifts and you reminded me about my own power to manifest exactly what I want at exactly the moment I need it. Love you and thank you for sharing your gifts with me!

– Erin Blaskie, Owner of

“AVATAR” Film Success Translates into More Great Opportunities

Candy_Alger“Kumari has an amazing gift, and I am blessed to have experienced her incredible healing energy in many facets of my life.” Two years ago our company was going through a challenging time, and we needed to make some important decisions about the direction of our company to ensure that we could weather the storm.

Kumari asked what projects were on the horizon, and I began to tell her about some of the films and video games we were involved with. When I mentioned one of the projects, Kumari told me that it was going to be huge…and began to tell me the incredible impact that this movie would have not only on our company, but on the planet. She told me that it was going carry a very powerful spiritual message around the globe, and encouraged us to do whatever it took to stay the course.

P.S. The movie was “Avatar” the #1 grossing film of all time! As a result, we have received world-wide recognition for our proprietary technology and the performance capture work that we did on the film. We have been able to translate this huge success into some more great film and video game opportunities in the six months since the film was released.”

–Candice Alger, CEO Giant Studios

I won the bid on the commercial property out of 200 developers!

“After several years’ hiatus, I decided to re-enter Commercial Real Estate and was competing with 200 other national developers to acquire a large site from a Fortune 500 company. Working with Kumari the night before my big meeting helped me ground myself and relax. Per her detailed advice, I refrained from “selling” and was able to speak from my heart about my passion and integrity. Not only did I win the bid, the company’s representatives made it a point to tell me that my integrity and passion really convinced them that I was the right candidate, despite the fact that I was not offering the highest purchase price!!”

~~Bill Krame, Real Estate Developer

Anne Kursinki jumpMy jumper student won her first $100,000 Grand Prix on new horse you helped me with!

Kumari, my student Karen Polle won her 1st $100,000 Grand Prix ever, on Bottom Line, last night at Sussex! Thought you’d like to see, since you helped me believe in them and you helped me get Bottom Line!” (later) Kumari, thank you for helping me to remember to “embrace my Reiki!” Since you were at Market Street barn, I have seen some major changes & great results in horses & students. Working with this Reiki energy is truly remarkable. I am extremely thankful for your teaching and sharing your gift with me.

– Anne Kursinski, 5-time Olympic equestrian show jumper, trainer, author

girls night outGreat Insights on tough horse cases and first experience of true spiritual BLISS!

“I often phone Kumari for my tough horse cases, and she is able to describe what is going on with them on many levels, and give me insight and suggestions how to proceed. Many top vets were stumped by one horse’s illness. Kumari told me it was due to a tumor –in the autopsy they found a tumor the exact size and location she described! Sometimes she tells me issues with horses I didn’t even mention! She helps me personally with long-distance treatments too. I now use Reiki in my practice with some awesome results. In Quantum Creating workshop, I had my very first experience of BLISS!!!!! Truly Exquisite. ”

–Dr. Meg Mullin, Equine Veterinarian, NJ

Completed 61 websites in a few weeks after months of being stuck and doing only 4!

“Kumari, you opened up a whole new world for me! Everything, I have wanted to achieve I have been able to finally! After many months of feeling stuck, I only completed 4 websites to generate income. Now in a few weeks, I completed 61 web sites! I am not sure I can ever give you enough credit or thank you enough for the changes I am feeling and experiencing in the very fabric of my being.”

– Shashi, Web Designer, Cyprus

amondarose igoeRemoved blocks that resulted in business, personal and spiritual growth!

“Kumari is absolutely wonderful. She has helped me move blocks in my business that have resulted in professional and business growth, as well as blocks that I had in my personal and spiritual development. Kumari is a true gift to this world. Anyone that works with her will be incredibly blessed.”

– AmondaRose Igoe, CEO 6-Figure Speaking Goddess, Coach, Best-Selling Author

Laura MendelsohnI am unblocked! Increased psychic acuity, newfound passion and feel 1/100,000,000th better!

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful healing sessions you have done with me. Very powerful. I believe the pain is only 1/100,000,000th what it would have been without your help. As well, I am filled with a newfound passion and commitment to my purpose on earth and my work. I feel better, more alive, focused and grounded. I am unblocked!! I believe I am now vibrating at a higher frequency where I create my reality with greater potency. I have noticed more synchronicity, inspiration and a higher psychic acuity. I thank you so much again. God Bless!

– Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn, Abundance

Sue tsigarosMagical transformational healing; even my chiropractor was AMAZED!

Dear, Brilliant, Kumari! It has been a wonderful day since we had our healing over Skype this morning. So much release of very old and deep wounds during our session – from the instant mutual recognition and understanding of massive ages of pain, to the magical down-pouring of cleansing, healing, balancing Light – to the gift of knowing and receiving my own healing spirit entities… it has been a totally transformational day.

When I went to my chiropractor later on this afternoon, he was amazed that my body had got to this stage of relaxation and healing so fast. He knows very little about your way of working but said that whatever it is, I need to be doing more of it! I would love to help extend your work to the world in whatever way possible.

– Sue Tsigaros, CEO and Executive Coach, Australia —

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you meeting with me and my business partner. I came away feeling inspired and renewed. I know great things are ahead for all of us. I have learned to go with the opportunities that present themselves. My entire life I have been resistant to change, pretty much the way I was raised. However I now know that has been self-defeating. I welcome change and realize that I don’t have to follow the road, I can make my own path. I also wanted to let you know how wonderful the oils are. It has made a difference in the way I feel and think. I have been amazed by the sense of wellness!

–Katherine Johnson R.N.C., C.D.O.N., HealthCare Legal Consultants

Your work is so profound—I call it my “Dalai Lama training”!

“Things are shifting well for me. I struggled my whole life with panic when I was learning something new and technical on my own. I cannot tell you how long it took me to get grounded enough to comprehend new material in college. I started working on some new material / research at work. When I got an email from another office in Italy about it I kind of freaked. Not only the panic but a huge lack of time to work on it. Then I used the energy tools and man…. what a change I felt. I am taking this on now… full speed. Your work is so profound—I call it my “Dalai Lama training”!

–K. R., Engineer , GA


“If you have any doubts about the healing power of love, they will be dispelled when you work with Kumari. With integrity, commitment and compassion she made her gift available to myself and my cat, Lucie. The result? Release, peace, and the ability to move forward in Presence. Kumari, thank you.”

—Swami Lotus V., Atlanta, GA

rumi-outside“For three years I was battling an un-diagnosed, potentially fatal illness in my cat Rumi. I spent thousands of dollars on surgeries, medications and alternative methods with no success. After the initial session with Kumari, Rumi immediately started showing improvements. He began eating better, became more active and within a matter of days was off all medications. Three years later he is now a picture of health and vitality. Kumari has taught me how to “tune into” Rumi and be aware of what he needs.”

–Mahan Rose, FL

“I put in an electric dog fence and my dogs refused to go outside for days! Kumari tuned in to them and said that the fence was malfunctioning and zapping them even in the “safe areas”. When I called the technician to check it, sure enough it was!”

–Radha B., teacher, FL

“I came to Kumari because my newly adopted 1 ½ yr female English Mastiff “Fiona” was showing signs of dominence toward other dogs, and was jumping on me in greeting (she is 130 lbs and leaving big scratch marks!) In a half hour session with Kumari she started to release some fears of going to yet another home (since she had been moved previously a fair amount). After some energy work, and assuring her that she was not going to be placed elsewhere, she seemed calmer. But the true tests came immediately upon leaving Kumari’s house, when she didn’t even flinch as the gardener came up and began leaf-blowing the yard. When I went home, she was outside in the yard and didn’t even bark as the neighbor’s dog came by the fence. And, when I came home she didn’t even jump on me, but instead calmly went to sit on her bed! I was so overjoyed I cried at the amazing shift. Thank you!” (2 weeks later) Thanks again so much, Fiona is doing awesome and I’m so thankful!

–Noelle Ash, Massage Therapist , FL

parrotsideeye“My parrot Scarlett is doing very well. She is much more calm, and is OK with only being in the one cabinet with her toys. Thanks so much for that. I can’t wait until I can hook up some my friend’s “neurotic” pets with you.”

–Donna Vernon, LMT, CT, Host, Body Wonders radio show


“I have felt awesome since seeing you and my health is great. My blood pressure has been down. Today is my 37th birthday and I am feeling 28 again which is a place I want to stay and thanks to you I feel I can. Thanks again for helping me find a more peaceful place for my body and soul. Life is good!”

–Becky Mason, FL

Listen to the interview with Becky

cher bertrandTruly amazing!  Shoulder pain I had for many months, went fully away in a just a few minutes!

“I have never felt energy this powerful, this quickly. My shoulder pain, which I had for many months, went fully away in a just a few minutes of treatment. You are truly amazing!!!!! The next time it occurs, I will take you up on your offer to do a treatment over the phone. Your hands and mana (Hawaiian word for life force) are truly amazing!”

–Cher Bertrand, Entrepreneur, Hawaii

Supercharged and uplifted for hours!  Reconnected to my ability to affect outcomes of my projects

“After our Reiki session, I felt like a kid again. It supercharged me. I went home to my wife and we were dancing, cooking, and just feeling uplifted for hours! Everything was exactly as it should be…it brought me back to full attention, the way the world really is for me. I reconnected to my ability to affect the outcomes of my projects and life. Reiki helped run defense for me so I could re-focus on the goal line and the big game!

–David Dambro, Real Estate Developer, FL

miv_juliestuart_home“I was initially doubtful of the effectiveness of a long distance Reiki session but the experience was extraordinary. Kumari alleviated the pain from a recent injury but before doing so she uncovered and healed a latent pain from a torn shoulder muscle that happened ten years ago. At the end of the session I felt energy zooming down my legs. My body felt wonderful and renewed.”

–Julie Stuart, CEO Making Ideas Visible, Atlanta

Cathy Robinson“Kumari has a gift unlike anything I have ever seen. In my battle with cancer and HIV, her ability to transfer healing energy has not only brought me physical relief from pain, it has given me a greater sense of wholeness. Learning Reiki I, my husband and I were both able to learn to use this energy on ourselves and together have certainly increased my quality of life. I am forever grateful to Kumari for opening those doors for us. Although not the only factor as to why I am still alive today it is a key factor. Ten years later Kumari is still an important part of my well being.”

–Cathy Robinson, Exec. Director, Friends-Together, FL

“I accomplished more in one hour with Kumari than I experienced in years of therapy!”

–Martha Wright, OH

After decades of hearing loss, I cried because I could hear so well!

“At age 30 I lost all the hearing in my left ear and was fitted with a hearing aid in the right ear. Without the hearing aid I am deaf. At the time of your Reiki demonstration all the background noises in the gym were very loud and garbled…I could not hear the lady who was watching us. After you did some hand motions, I could feel the energy flowing through my body. All at once the noises quieted down and I could hear the television set across the room. And I could hear and understand the lady next to us…I became so emotional I cried because I could hear so well!”

–Richard Keefer, retiree, PA

Such a powerful weekend and so much to process! You have the energy piece that I need to cultivate.  I am completely owning my power on a whole new level since the weekend. The reiki I have done since the weekend has been more powerful than I ever imagined but the personal work was insane!

Isvari Verre, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist,


Anastasia MontejanoFull of wisdom, warmth and practical strategies, a speaker who delivers!

“I was introduced to Kumari by another colleague who highly recommended her as a speaker for a global online telesummit I was planning. After speaking with her I was hooked! She did not disappoint. Full of wisdom, warmth and practical strategies, Kumari was a perfect addition to our A list speaker roster. If you’re looking for a speaker who can deliver, I enthusiastically recommend Kumari.”

~~Anastasia Montejano, ACC, CPIC, PMP

picture_Sue_Urda_Kathy_Fyle“Kumari, Thank you for being our teacher for the Powerful You! Learning Center. You are an incredible source of inspiration, knowledge, and positive energy and we are so grateful to know you!”

–Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler, Authors and CO-founders of Powerful You! Women’s Network

Peter Holyk MD“When Kumari first exposed me to Reiki, I was impressed by the powerful sense of peace … I incorporated it into my therapy with my own patients, and undertook more formal training as a Reiki Practitioner myself. I have found Kumari to be both an excellent teacher and a very powerful Practitioner. I was also most impressed by her level of integrity.”

–Peter Holyk, MD , Contemporary Health Innovations, FL

“It gave me the confidence to honor my own knowing when I talk to my animals and those of others. Thank you for reminding me of my intuitive gifts!”

–Dr. Gail Lash, Atlanta



Finally learned to meditate and relax my mind after years of trying unsuccessfully!

For years I have studied with several famous teachers to learn to meditate but never succeeded.  Your animal communication workshop has finally taught me how to meditate and relax my mind for the first time!

–Cindy Bodenstein, FL

Experienced totally new energy; confirmation I was on the right path and courage to fulfill my dream!

Opened up a totally new energy field to access! If you want to get in touch with yourself and your higher self…and learn how to protect your space and energy…this is the class! When I came to the workshop I was at a crossroad and I was looking for answers. The workshop gave me confirmation that I was on the right path. It gave me the courage to move ahead and go for fulfilling my dream of expanding by combining Reiki Healing with the animal communicating.

–Sabine Segal, Reiki practitioner, FL

“Helped my focus and meditation…Kumari did an excellent guided meditation with the sacred geometry..reminded me of calling in the Six Directions in Native American traditions.”

–Steve Barrientes, Native American shaman, FL

DanNevel AP“Kumari is a uniquely gifted teacher who lives and practices daily that which she shares in her joy-filled and transformative workshops.”

–Daniel Nevel, Acupuncture Physician, Miami, FL



“I can’t put into words how different I feel …everything seems new. I am just in awe of this Reiki experience. All my life, I wanted a way to help people and I have tried many different things. I think I have finally found what it is I can do. My mom has glaucoma and is legally blind. I treated her and she felt an immediate relief in eye pressure. I just love this!”

–L. Gillam, horse trainer, FL, after Reiki Level I seminar

“A journey to, through and with the heart in LOVE. We connected with the animals but we connected to ourselves on a journey of love that left no room for fear.”

–Jeanne Semon, NJ

DrGerryBuchoff“Kumari is the best teacher I’ve met in preparing a person for animal communication. For years I struggled with the loss of my dog and couldn’t find peace. Her workshop opened me wide to the reality of my strong and unresolved (until now!) connection to my deceased best friend –who happened to be a golden retriever.”

–Dr. Gerald Buchoff, Past President American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association , NJ


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