“BlogTalkRadio” — 4/7/14 with Anyes Van Rhin – “From Burnout to Balance: Working Less and Creating More” Listen here!

“Pop Off Radio” —  Mary Ann Popoff –Nationally syndicated  –  10/22/13 and  11/26/13 —“Animals as Our Mirrors” Listen here!

“The Orgena Rose Show” — 10/14/13 First episode of the Orgena Rose Show

“Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network  33 Archived programs are here:

“Hot to Heal Anything Live” — June 2012 through November 2013. See more information:

“Empowering Transformations TeleSummit with Sue Urda, Founder of PowerfulYOU! Women’s Network.” Kumari discusses — Intuition and Insight: Awakening Your Inner Mystic This interview was done as a follow-up piece to the launch of the Best-selling book, “Empowering Transformations for Women” of which Kumari was one of the authors.

“James Lowe Radio Show” KJAG Radio,  8/21/13

“Voice America Radio: Find You Way – Simple Tools for Complicated Times” — with Holly Berkley 8/24/10.

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Channel 13 News, Animal Reiki Workshop at Orlando Convention Center, 8/09

“BlogTalk Radio: Let Your Life Shine” with AmondaRose Igoe 2/5/09 —

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“Mike’s Animal Kingdom” — with Mike Nikels 950AM KAHI Radio, Auburn, CA 8/16/09

“Body Wonders” — with Donna Vernon, LMT, TropicWave Radio 5/8/07

“What’s Happening Brevard” — with Susan Ramon, TropicWave Radio 11/21 & 12/14/07

“Secrets to Healthy Living” — with Shannon Burnett, TropicWave Radio 11/28/06

“Consumer Connection” — with Blaine Greenfield, WTTM/920 1/26/96


716jeIVRXiL._SL1415_Animal Communication Magic and Miracles: 13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health & Change Behavior Immediately

Animal Communication Magic and Miracles is a compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives. The Keys were taught to me by the animals themselves and the resulting and often shockingly rapid transformations that some may consider “miraculous” actually occur with great regularity, in every species, domestic and wild.

These “miracle” shifts have run the gamut from drastically improved health, even when vets have suggested euthanasia; better understanding of animal’s views and feelings; new and better behavior often instantaneously; a profound and deepening sense of loving connection; and a growing acknowledgment and understanding of the depth and breadth of wisdom that these souls wearing animal clothes can impart.

It doesn’t take years to get started. You can begin to practice these techniques immediately! Simply applying just one of the techniques can empower you to change both your life and that of your beloved fur-kids. This has been true for me and thousands of my clients world-wide, as I have witnessed with awe the lasting transformations in the lives of many animals… and their two-legged counterparts! For more information on this eBook, click here.

513coBHxhsL._SY300_Journey to Joy — June 2013 – Amazon Best-Seller

A Journey to Joy is sometimes ordinary to the naked eye, but to the critical observer and the woman who lived it, her journey is one of magnificent courage and perhaps a leap of faith into uncharted waters.

Within the pages of this uplifting anthology book we share an array of intimate and heartfelt stories by real and inspiring women who have found true joy and freedom through the living of everyday life, as well as those who are still finding their way on this path. Each journey is unique – and not always pretty – but you will surely see the beauty through their words.  Kumari authored the Foreward.

Empowering Transformations For WomenEmpowering Transformations For Women March 2011

Empowering Transformations For Women is an Amazon best seller, containing stories of 40 incredible women, including Kumari, who’ve navigated their way through significant, life-altering transformations. These women many inspired by their less-than-ideal circumstances stumbled along the way, but ended up facing the change with humor, grace and dignity. In this book, they share their stories in order to ease your personal journey, and to provide necessary motivation and inspiration to make whatever empowering changes you envision for your own life.

“Transformation Magazine November 2010” — Article on the Gulf Blessing event with Dr. Emoto and Kumari. Click here to read the article. To visit the magazines website, Click here.

“Species Link Journal Spring 2010” — Kumari comments on her work with the Panther Ridge Conservatory and it big cats in the Spring 2010 (Issue 78). To order a copy of this issue visit

“” — 2/18/10 Kumari is featured on as she talks with Kris O’Donnell about Animal Communications and improving empathy with all creatures.

“Species Link, Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication” — Review of my “Connecting with All Life CD” Summer 2009

“Species Link Journal Summer 2009” — Kumari’s comments about being vegetarian or omnivore were published in the Summer 2009 edition (Issue #75) of Species Link. To order a copy of this issue visit

“Species Link Journal Spring 2009” — Kumari’s comments on whether animals’ lie, missing their owners when they die, and cats peeing out of the box were published in Spring 2009 (Issue 74). To order a copy of this issue visit

Connecting with all Life DVDcase

“Connecting with All Life: Meditation with Kumari” by Kumari Mullin

Music by Cicada Sounds LLC (Kumari, Inc., 2009, Audio CD, 20 min, $29.97; a portion of profits donated to no-kill shelters.)

This meditative journey into the Divine Heart, with Kumari’s beautiful, gentle voice and the soothing and peaceful musical accompaniment of jungle birds, crystal bowls, flutes and gongs, is a wonderful vehicle for quieting the mind and opening the heart to prepare for connection with all of life. Kumari uses this Spirit-gifted meditation to help students to get into a place of stillness and openness in her animal communication workshops. This would be a wonderful use of this CE for other animal communication teachers and practitioners.

The words that kept coming to my mind as I listened to this CE were “honesty” and “integrity”. I could feel a purity and openness in both Kumari and the musicians on this CD that opened the same place in me. I would recommend this CD for anyone who wishes to heighten awareness and intuition, deepen connection with all of life, and open and ground into the “heart of hearts.”


Sebastian Sun, Front page, “Healing Wild Horses Creates Magical Bond”, 1/11/08

By Janet Begley, Friday, January 11, 2008

Animal Communicator Kumari Mullin helped a 12 year-old horse named Claude overcome some health issues through the use of Reiki, a Japanese healing art.



“Coaching Mastery Summit with Kendall Summerhawk” 11/11/2013 – 11/16/2013 TOP coaches who are going to get real and candidly share with you the most powerful, “best practices” strategies THEY discovered on their path to coaching mastery.

Feminine Empowered Telesummit with Vera Menezes” — Join me, host Vera Menezes and 23 other leaders as we share with you our stories, tips, breakthroughs and secrets.

“Visionary Leaders Breakthrough” — 7 Power Words to Shift You Into Certainty – August 2011 (Visit Site)


“High Performance Business Building University” — Energetic EmPowerment Techniques – Targeted Tools to Transform Stress to Success – March – April 2011

Powerful You! Women’s Network Transformation 2010 National Tour, “Energy EmPowerment Techniques: Targeted Tools to Transform Stress to Success” — Ft. Myers 5/22/10 & Ft Lauderdale, FL 5/25/10

International Polo Club, “Animal Communication: What Pets Are Trying to Tell You” — 4/7/10; Animal Reiki — 4/7-8/10 & 5/5&6/10, Wellington, FL

Pampered Pet Expo, “5 Keys to Successful Animal Communication” — Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL 8/9/2009

Pampered Pet Expo, “Animal Energy Healing” — Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL 8/8/09

Atlanta Zoo, “What the @#$Bleep is Animal Communication?” — 4/11/08

Expo of Heart, “Our Animals Ourselves” &  “Intuitive Advisors Panel” — Broward Convention Center, FL 2/22/09

Expo of Heart, “Animal Communication 101” — Broward Convention Center, FL 2/24/08

Special Events

“Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions with Dr. Emoto” — Unity Center,  Tampa September 11, 2010 (Visit Site)

media 2

“Visionary Leaders Breakthrough” —  7 Power Words to Shift You Into Certainty – August 2011 (Visit Site)

“High Performance Business Building University” — Energetic EmPowerment Techniques – Targeted Tools to Transform Stress to Success – March – April 2011

“Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions with Dr. Emoto” — September 11, 2010 (Visit Site)

Wellness Retreat, “Energy Healing: Remarkable Release Techniques”, “Energy EmPowerment Tools”, “Connecting with All Life Meditation”, “Sound Healing & Sacred Geometry” — Hutchinson Island Marriott, FL, 4/9-11/10

Center for Animal Therapies, “Our Animals Ourselves”, 2/12/10, Animal Communication, 2/13-14/10, “Energy Tools for You and Your Pets”, 3/5/10, Animal Reiki I, 3/6-7, Orlando, FL

Panther Ridge Conservation Center Fundraiser, “How to Communicate with Animals,” — Wellington, FL 6/13-14/09

Wild Horse Rescue Center Fundraiser, “How to Communicate with Animals,” — Mims, FL 4/25 & 26/09

Wild Horse Rescue Center Fundraiser, “Healing with Wild Horses–A Multi-Disciplinary Clinic,” — Mims, FL 1/19-20/08

Horizon Center for Intuitive Awareness, “How to Communicate with Animals,” — Atlanta GA, 4/12 &13/08

Articles by Kumari

“REIKI ENERGY HEALING: Magical Mystical Miracles”
published on

Getting Rid of Stress-and Whose Stress is it Anyway?” published on

“Whale Wisdom: “Take Small Bites”” published on

Press Releases

Local Author of Women’s Anthology Reaches Number One Amazon Bestseller

Book Launch: Empowering Transformations for Women

Empowering Women Book and Telesummit

NewLife Yoga and Raw Food Expo

Healing The Gulf: The Power of Intentions Workshop

Learn Animal Communication & Raise Funds for Panther Sanctuary

Treasure Coast’s own “Pet Psychic” Presents at Expo of Heart in Ft. Lauderdale

Did you know that your state of mind can impact your animal’s health?

Sebastian, FL February 18, 2009 ( Kumari Mullin, Animal Communicator from Sebastian will share the secrets of how our animal companion’s behavior is often a mirror for us to deepen our understanding of our own core issues at a workshop at the Expo of Heart on Sunday February 22nd in Ft Lauderdale. Find out how we can increase our animal’s happiness by learning to release our stressful patterns, and by understanding the depth to which they really do understand us. Learn and appreciate that they are here to teach and guide us to a more authentic, natural way of being. Click the link above to read more.

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