Thank you all for participating in the Free Healing transmission last Sunday night, on September 11th. If you weren’t able to attend, we missed you! However, you will find the stories that follow interesting!

Several advanced Reiki students both here and internationally joined me to send Reiki energy to nearly 500 people and their animal companions. You were joined by recipients from South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Europe and all across the United States.

It is always so powerful when so many align with the same healing intention. And always a bit unique. We started out by directing the healing to all the Reiki Masters, and many great beings of Light and archangels, which got the healing essence off to a roaring swooshing start. As we send to such powerful souls, it amplifies the energies exponentially for all of us.

This time I included healing for everyone’s home and environment to help anchor the healing energy for you in your surroundings. This was very intense for me as my whole body began to feel like a lightning rod went through my spine to the earth. It is important to remember that everything is energy and keeping our spaces clear energetically is extremely helpful.

One new client from Arizona reported: “It was extremely POWERFUL AND WONDERFUL!!! For the first 5-7 minutes, I “tuned in” and could feel the energy start to come before we got outside. My new pup Gus and I went outside and sat under my meditating tree and laid on the ground. Since you had worked with Gus before, I told him that you would be sending us healing energy; he seemed to recognize you and appreciate the energy!

The healing energy seemed to build in intensity. I could “see” you and feel waves of energy coming from your essence. It felt like wave after wave of golden, pulsating energy to me. I also sensed the connectedness of the group and that this light was somehow bathing the planet as well.

This is exactly what I, and my Reiki students, have felt — that not only are we sending individually to each of you, but there is a wave of Healing Light going out around the globe, and ultimately each of you is connecting to the larger group.

It reminds me of the story of the 100th Monkey. One monkey on a remote island was observed to be learning a new skill of washing her food, and soon the other monkeys adopted this behavior. But what was astounding was this: once the whole troupe adopted the new skill, other monkeys around the globe were all at once washing their food! This raised the thought that there may be a universal consciousness that all of life taps into once a critical mass is reached (the 100th monkey in this case).

So when I do these Group Healings an unexpected phenomenon seems to be occurring. When we gather with the intention of giving and receiving Healing Energy, we are not just doing so individually. We are creating a new healing harmonic, a grid of healing light through our collective intention to be uplifted. The giving and receiving of support completes the circle and uplifts us all. That is why I truly mean it when I say that it is a great honor to serve in this way. I am deeply grateful to all of you who allow me to share what I have been given in such a beautiful way.

If this is something you would love to receive for you and your family members on a more regular basis, I have designed a very affordable and accessible Weekly Healing Program that you can begin receiving support immediately, no matter where you are. I call it my “Healing Insurance” program and truly energy medicine is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself and your family.

I truly would love to hear your experiences. If you had any sensation or result from these Free Healings, it is awesome to share them.  Please leave your experiences in the comments below!

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