So many people are trying their hand at co-creating a different life for themselves, especially since the movie “The Secret” shared the principles of the Law of Attraction. I too have been a student of Abundance and Manifesting principles for over two decades, pouring over many books and studying ancient wisdom teachings with spiritual masters with varied success until more recently.

For a smallish scale example, a while back while treating clients in my healing room, I began to think how nice it would be to gaze upon a lovely pond with a bubbling fountain outside the window. I admit I did not put much effort into this as it was a luxury and there were many more pressing renovations needed. However, I would often just day-dream happily about it. And recently, my partner came home with a free pond liner someone discarded. And voila! Check out my new pond!

On a much larger scale, a childhood friend emailed me a little over a month ago, and said she awoke with a vision of my superhero Dr Emoto, the Japanese water crystal researcher, and I coming together to do a Gulf Blessing to heal the Gulf waters and all the affected wildlife. I immediately said yes and within less than 24 hours, we got word from Japan that he accepted our invitation!

swan with wide opened wings on a lake, 5 Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams

I have to add that the whole conversation there was a white swan outside her window flapping like crazy while we spoke – a rare event indeed

I had a vision of it being a global event, and yet had no idea how that would happen, and my virtual assistant said it was totally possible via internet TV! And then I wanted to raise money for a charity involved with wildlife rehabilitation, yet I had no contacts and very little time, and a student offered a contact with National Wildlife Federation and they are partnering with us!

So I thought I would share what seems to be working for me, and where I have gotten stuck so perhaps you will have an easier time creating your heart’s desires and fulfilling your Souls’ purpose.


Tip #1: Raise your frequency

By this I mean that if you are coming from a state of frustration, lack, and “not enough” unfortunately that is the energy or the feeling that is going out to Universal consciousness, and like attracts like. So while your words may be positive, your emotions are also co-creating and they are sending a different message. So this is why I am always teaching energy tools to help raise your vibration to lighter, higher, faster energy. From this place, manifesting what you are asking for is much clearer and easier. There are many ways to uplift yourself – meditation, music, nature, playing with your animals – find one that works for you and spend a few minutes or more if needed to shift your mood first.

Tip #2: Positive Precise Language (and forget the “how”)

You manifest what you say you want, and you manifest what you say you don’t want. Stating things in the positive puts the focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. This works really well with animals too. Often they get confused because we talk and think about the behavior we don’t want – eg ”don’t chase the car” sends an image and thought about chasing the car and the “don’t” gets lost. Send the message and visual of the butt on the curb when the car goes by, and how happy you are to give them a treat, and your dog is much more likely to comply.

beautiful white and pink orchid, 5 Secrets to Manifesting Your DreamsWhile I do not think you have to be totally anal about how you ask, I personally got very stuck here. If I used intentions like “I am a millionaire” or “I have a million bucks in my bank account”, part of me felt like a fraud and a liar. For many years I struggled with how to say things more precisely and in alignment with my integrity and my reality, and I finally came across the perfect language to launch almost any intention: “I intend that _____ (fill in with your heart’s desire.) It is present time, accurate in the moment I say it, and can call in just about anything with clarity. From this moment forward, I intend that I am or I have (fill in the blank) will get you there pretty easily. For more details a great site is

Or you can just forget about the wording and just speak from your heart to your angelic or spirit guides for assistance. A potent little gem of a book called Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter is wonderful and gives you simple and direct ways to call in assistance on any topic and encourage a very personal connection to the spirit realm that is just waiting to be asked for help! After all, we are in a “free will zone”, and so we do need to ask if we want help.

And please don’t worry about “how” all this might happen and allow Universal Intelligence and All that Is to supply you with endlessly creative ways to fulfill your dreams. (See my superhero story above).

Tip #3: Visualize and Feel the Desired Outcome

Now for the fun part – you have crystallized what it is you are asking to experience. It is said that thoughts are electrical in nature, and emotions are magnetic. So adding the mental pictures, and the feeling of how it will be to already have your experience, creates a wonderful complete electromagnetic intention. You step out of the vibration of the wanting or longing (which is often in the future or rooted in a feeling of lack) and you bring the experience into present time, the now moment, anchored in the actual frequencies you wish to experience. Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a conscious co-creator!

Tip #4: Icing on the cake

And if you really want to wrap that new creation up with a fabulous cherry on top, you can use some form of toning. You can make simple vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) or Om, you can ring a bell, or (my personal favorite) a crystal bowl. The sound wraps around the new intention and anchors it in yet another frequency. If this sounds out there, I dare you to try it! You may be quite surprised how you feel.

Tip 5: Make it fun

And now for the finale—I will divulge my top secret manifesting practice, developed after 22 years of research and intense spiritual discipline. Are you ready? I have distilled all of my big dreams down to a quick rendition in the shower every morning—I sing (often quite off key and frog-like for it is morning after all) “I AM HAPPY, I am HEALTHY and I’m WEALTHY and I am WISE” to a tune eerily reminiscent of the “Beverly Hillbillies”!

Just be glad this is a newsletter – the folks at our Quantum Creating workshop actually had to hear me sing it!

And on that note, I will sign off. Happy Manifesting!

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