Another possible obstacle to opening our intuition is the fear of receiving negative or frightening messages or images.

I once met a young woman who shut her intuition down because at times she was scared by what she considered to be “evil spirits”. Children sometimes are frightened because they may see or hear “dead people or ghosts” and largely because of TV and some religious beliefs, they think this must be something bad or scary.

In my experience, I do not have this happen at all. Yet I have helped others with this issue, as it can be very debilitating, and frankly, “who you gonna call??” I couldn’t resist a moment of levity here.

I have worked successfully not only with ill-mannered entities or spirits, but also with clients who felt they were having strange physical symptoms that experts could not fathom, and famous psychics declared them as possessions, and even alien pregnancies. In each case, I empowered the client to take their choice back, and firmly put in place certain parameters for the new experience. When you realize that everything is just energy, no exceptions, then everything is quite manageable.

If you are concerned about receiving negative information or experiences, here are some things you can do to “refine your channels” and only surf the “nothing but Good News” net.

Tip #1: Set Clear Intentions

The first thing you can do is to set a clear intention about what and who you choose to open up to. This keeps your intuitive channels tuned into the best stations. There are a lot of channels to choose from so why would you not choose the station that plays the most harmonious music, or the Spirit that brings you the highest and best frequency?

One of my favorites is: “I only work with energies that are for my Highest Good.

This puts you in charge of your experience and creates a clear filter for you. This also works on every level, and for me as a super-sensitive empath it had the added bonus of helping me not to experience so much of other people’ negative emotions in my body also!

Tip #2: Check your Beliefs – What you Think about Expands

When someone is worried about or receiving negative energies intuitively, I know that somewhere they have either a strong belief or concept that supports that experience, like the belief in the “devil” or the “world is not a safe place”. What we think about expands, so you may want to watch your thoughts more closely and choose ones that create a feeling of safety and security and trust.

It could also stem from harboring some related fears on an emotional level, like past traumas that have to do with being a victim or feeling very out of control. Some of these beliefs or concepts may not even be yours, but if you absorbed them as a child in any way, you may need to hit “refresh” so that old tapes are not running the show.

Tip #3: Energy Tool: Conscious Release

Everything is energy. Thoughts and feelings of fear or victimization, have a certain frequency and attract similar frequencies or experiences. And you are in the driver’s seat here, in charge of what you allow in, and what you allow to stay in your space.

Therefore you can release any of these ideas that no longer resonate with you, and choose ones that support a more positive and uplifting experience. Sometimes when I do this technique, I literally feel energy pulling off my body, like someone removing a layer of saran wrap!

You can start with a simple Conscious Release technique:

Take a few centering deep breaths and call all your energies back to the Present.
Say out loud: “I Release any energies, beliefs or concepts that are no longer serving my Highest Good.”
Continue to breathe deeply and notice how you feel.

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