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Over the past 30 years I have noticed the conversation and focus of my energy healing practice has significantly evolved. At first, I thought it was mostly me changing. But as I prepared for a recent presentation, I now realize the collective conversation has significantly shifted as well. 

So many people are awakening in consciousness and increasingly accepting of the benefits of a more holistic approach to healing, and personally engaging in one or more energy medicine modalities like acupuncture, kinesiology, and reiki.

These conversations and focus in my practice revolved around three main elements of healing: awareness, release, and reset. Early in my healing career my primary focus with clients was on the first two of these three elements, however, while all 3 elements are always deepening, the emphasis has certainly shifted.     


This element took up much of my client’s focus back in the early 90s.  Awareness that healing could happen, despite what the doctors said.  if the client didn’t open to this possibility it created a huge stumbling block.  Acknowledging the mind/body/spirit connection was seen as totally ‘woowoo’ back then. Accepting that many times physical symptoms and illness have an underlying emotional or spiritual basis, and need to be addressed on those levels to attain any lasting well-being was a big leap as well. 

Don’t even get me started on the strange negative reactions I got to the concept that applying universal life force energy (reiki) through a light touch or at a distance would speed healing enormously. At times people literally couldn’t even hear my words, as if I was speaking Greek. It was definitely a sense of alternate universes colliding. 


The second healing element that took a dominant focus was clearing and releasing energy and blockages. As I became more aware of subtle energy or Chi, life force, flowing in the body, it became obvious where the energy was blocked. 

Much of the focus in the early days was on helping my client’s understand the connection of the the mind, body and the heart or feeling center, and explaining that limiting thoughts (“I’m not good enough” in 51 flavors) and repressed feelings could actually reside as stagnant energy and be at the core of painful symptoms and even physical illnesses. 

Once we explored the blockages both energetically and intuitively, often I could feel an emotional energy attached to these stagnant areas. Once we allow ourselves to be present with the underlying feelings, we can actually make a different choice — one I call Conscious Release.

While Reiki would eventually clear these areas, I found the more I helped the client become aware of the type of energy being held in a particular area (eg sadness, guilt, resentment, etc) I could guide them to consciously begin to release it much quicker.

This energy clearing and release was such a powerful process that it took up much of my clients focus for many years and many other healers were doing similar healing work.   

However, if you spent all your time on clearing, but you didn’t reset your energy to what you did want to experience instead, then a huge healing opportunity for raising your vibration and ultimately healing more consistently, more quickly and much more easily was lost.


In the past decade or so, I became aware that I wanted to spend less and less time diving into the story of the “issues in the tissues” or even PROVING healing is possible. It felt important to move much more quickly into the reset phase, even as we were allowing those old denser energies to release. Clearing and release phases are still always happening, it is just a matter of the dominant focus shifting to resetting. 

What I mean here by resetting your energy is to consciously reprogram or connect and balance your energetic frequency or vibration. There are many many ways to do this which we will explore later in the series.

So my focus shifted many years ago to teaching my students how to hit the reset button. Skipping the reset is like going for the appetizers at a free buffet and skipping the main course and dessert.

Part of this shift to the reset came about as a result of asking intuitively if we needed to understand more about the old heavy energy in order to release it, and I consistently got the answer “NO” about 90% of the time.   You just need to know 1) how to clear or release energy and 2) how to reset to a higher vibe.

For the 10% that needed more information and understanding in order to release something,  that’s when an expert intuitive healer can be very helpful. However you can begin to work around even this situation for much of your healing work if you are consistently resetting your energetic vibration to higher and more desired states. Now that you have a good overview of the key healing elements, we will dive deeper into all three aspects in this series.

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