Not only are we all challenged with a global pandemic and now protests (in the US), we are in the midst of potent planetary forces which intensify the higher frequency energies available, while bringing up whatever has been hidden right below the surface.

Triple Eclipses Signal Major Transformation

Interestingly, there are not one but THREE Eclipses that are coming up in June/July that will affect our energies. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on June 5th –6th, followed by a Solstice and New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 20th, and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 4th.

Metaphysically, eclipses are highly significant markers of transformation and we are in a trifecta. I have been saying for a while now, it is really time to step up on multiple levels, and into your energy mastery so you can be a bringer of more peace and compassion.

This quote popped up as I was reviewing my notes; Peggy Black and her “team” are just as apropos today:

You are here at this time, on a personal mission to be a part of transforming the dense, mis-qualified energy and vibrations that continue to empower the chaos and atrocities. Pushing against, resisting or even ignoring these events is not the action of an awakened, empowered multidimensional being.”

Eclipses act like energetic gateways, allowing a heightened frequency to reach us and impact us in many ways. This makes eclipse cycles a powerful time to focus on what you really want to consciously manifest!

Things often feel accelerated around Eclipses, and whatever needs to be dealt with will surely arise, so keep in mind that Eclipses are also known to trigger necessary life shifts.⠀


Here are three of my go-to energy alchemy tools for riding the high waves of transformational energies without collapsing into the chaos.

How a Mantra Diffused a Physical Attack

Many moon ago, I was living in an ashram when my guru gathered us for an impromptu teaching. We didn’t have tv or radio, so she always informed us of world events, and the US was entering yet another war, and bombing had just begun.

She asked us pointedly “What can we do now?” to support the world crisis.

Many people had raised hands, but she chose me out of hundreds of seekers, way in the back of the room, to come up to the microphone. My mind froze in fear, as I couldn’t think of anything to say and I hated to speak in public.

Trembling, the only thing I could think of was what had just happened to me, that I had not shared with anyone.

My (now ex) husband had freaked out during an argument and attacked me. While he was holding me down by the throat, he broke a bottle and held the sharp glass piece to his own throat, threatening to kill himself while blood started dripping.

I was terrified and couldn’t speak.

But out of my lips came the mantra I had been diligently repeating for some time, Om Namah Shivaya.

At first it literally squeaked out of me. But the second and third time I spoke it, a wave of courage and calm came over me, and my voice got stronger. By the third repetition, he released me, dropped the glass shard, and his anger deflated measurably.

I truly did not feel that I had the wherewithal to consciously come up with invoking the mantra as I was in panic; rather, it felt like the mantra had come to my aid when I needed it, and brought an end to the violence playing out in our living room.

My guru nodded encouragingly the entire time as I stared into her eyes and shared this experience, without giving away who was involved, as my ex was in the hall, and summed up finally: “I guess I will be repeating the mantra to support peaceful resolution to this war.”

Energy Alchemy Tool #1: Mantra Repetition

Adding a mantra to your meditation practice is truly powerful. You can use any word or words that bring you into more serenity, however there is added potency to some that have been used by sages for centuries.

If you don’t have one of your own, here is a well-know mantra that I was given by my teacher.

Om Namah Shivaya mantra is sung by devotees in prayers and recited by yogis in meditation. It is associated with qualities of prayer, divine-love, grace, truth and blissfulness.

The nature of the mantra is the calling upon the higher self. Traditionally, it is said to be a powerful healing mantra beneficial for all physical and mental ailments. Soulful recitation of this mantra acts as sound therapy and brings peace to the heart and joy to the Soul.

Rather than just do this in meditation, I invoke the mantra whenever I have time, waiting in lines, walking, doing energy healing.

Repeat aloud or internally, often with feeling and focus as often as you like till your mind calms and you feel more balanced and serene.

Om Namah Shivaya (I honor the inner Self)

Healing with Hoʻoponopono Prayer

As soon as I heard about the protests and riots this week, I began saying this powerful healing prayer.

Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, a psychologist at a mental hospital used only this Hawaiian shamanic practice, and eventually many patients became lucid, and they closed the hospital. He never met with patients, but instead, he read each file and found the place in himself that was similar (anger, hurt, etc) and took responsibility for the energy or emotion, then cleared it in this very simple yet profound practice.

Clearing with Ho’oponopono

With a higher consciousness awareness, everything out there is your responsibilityit is not your fault.  So instead of trying to fix someone else in front of you – fix yourself by clearing your energy around the situation.

From Dr. Len’s perspective, any problem would not be with our external reality, it would be with ourselves. To change our reality, we would have to change ourselves. You are taking responsibility and cleaning up your own stuff (your own energy or vibration) which then clears up the problem in the other person.

Note: You do not have to know what is “wrong” with you or someone else! Nor are you condoning bad behavior; you are just clearing up any energetic residue on your side that is operating and therefore co-creating similarly.

Important Understandings to apply with this practice:  

  • I Love you – You are recognizing the divinity within you or others
  • I am sorry – not taking blame, but you recognize you are responsible (able to respond) to whatever you are experiencing eg “I am sorry that I am not operating at the highest level of my Self”
  • Please forgive me – request forgiveness and healing please heal me of this experience ( that you know you created on some level and are not able to possibly heal it alone; asking for divine intervention here)
  • Thank you – for answering my prayer; for clearing unconscious thoughts, bias, judgment, anger

You are a powerful creator. You are experiencing your focus in this physical reality. Know, however, and understand that the divine energy that animates your physical body is powerful beyond measure.

Energy Alchemy Tool #2: Hoʻoponopono Prayer

You just take this conscious awareness and repeat often (in any order):

I love you,

I am sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank you 

Energy Alchemy Tool #3: Ask how can you serve?

If I feel stuck and want to manifest more prosperity or patience for myself, or more peace in the world, one of the best and simplest ways to break through is to ask sincerely: “How can I be of service today?”

Invariably I get clarity and can move forward once again, as I get my pettiness and small minded limitations out of the way, and I am able to refocus on why I am here, and who I came to assist.

It is a great antidote for the guilt of “privilege” or feeling like you are not doing enough. Opportunities to be helpful and creative appear magically when I ask from my heart and am open to taking aligned action.

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