On Sunday 10.10.10 many people around the globe were gathering as it is thought that the alignment of dates marks an opportunity to a greater alignment in both the human and planetary evolution into higher realms of consciousness. After much consideration of many fine options, I chose to “act as if” Heaven on Earth was already here and I planned my “perfect day” spending time gardening, relaxing over good food, and going to the beach for a swim.

And I noticed things. Like how my fingers felt in the damp fresh compost as I pressed down the new plant roots into the pot. At the beach I became mesmerized with the endless variations of blue as sky met sea as I entered the surf. I experienced many moments of great simplicity and expanded awareness, and so much gratitude for all the special little gems surrounding my life. We had my mom for dinner the night before and I felt so happy that we could now cook for her – actually Kumara cooked-even better!

Interspersed with these blissful moments, I felt very agitated at times, like maybe I was missing out on something important. Or maybe I should be teaching or channeling on that day. So I met with a student and asked for guidance from my arch-angelic Board of Directors for the scoop on 10.10.10 and this feeling that maybe I didn’t “get it”. I thought I would share the message I received from Archangel Metatron: “You got it!! This is the experience of becoming so focused and so aware and present that each moment expands and becomes “momentous” and magical. Gratitude expands, love expands, and harmony exists with all of creation; not just in a 10.10.10 time period. It is not always about fireworks, or a big “aha” or new lesson. You chose to become more fully present in your life and expand that. You chose to dive in to the simplicity of the moments in your life; for it is in this type of ‘Conscious Choice’ that we all ascend.”

Now I had a definite “aha” feeling and I asked for greater clarification of this concept.

Metatron: Your choice was to become indrawn within yourself while still moving through simple activities, instead of what your mind may say are more elevated activities such as meditation, channeling, teaching or being led in a spiritual gathering. This is exactly the opportunity that is presented as you all ascend. The opportunity of that level of Awareness and precision of Choice that you can drink in each moment –what else is there? Isn’t that the whole point?—to extract from this playground (earth) all of that magic and gratitude and expand the physical experience to a point of complete pleasure and joy? In any moment to dive into any activity and have it be so Profound! This is what we incarnate for!

It is no less of an experience or teaching of a magical activation of 10.10.10 which is worth nothing if it is not practiced and experienced. It is not about words or concepts alone; you must step into it and live from the Higher Awareness and Conscious Choice. Everyone’s version of heaven or nirvana is a bit different at any given moment.

Even though you felt a bit guilty, you made a choice from the depths of your heart, and therefore you extracted the depth of the teachings. The purpose of these times (10.10.10 etc) are to bring greater alignment, resonance, and harmony. So instead of sitting you joined Nature and played—who is to say that is not a profound way to experience and activate the Alignment?!”

Agitation comes when the mind says ‘this is not enough’ or ‘perhaps I should be doing something else more important.’ Agitation comes from the mind saying ‘I am not experiencing something to the fullest.’ The truth is that you chose thoughtfully, listened inside and played out your ‘perfect day’. In this way it was a grand teaching.

We could have spoken to you about the many waves of light and energetics that are supporting your Planet’s evolution into Higher Dimensionality. More important than that—How are YOU experiencing it? How are you using it? How are you finding your unique place in it? It is not a higher or lower level discussion. It is a Choice where you focus. It is a choice—and when you choose, we celebrate!!!

My student commented: “I had an experience of choosing differently this weekend when our band’s gig was canceled at the last minute. I became aware of all the feelings of ‘what’s the point of trying’ and ‘I am not going to make it’. And I chose instead to be grateful that I had time off and could rest my sick body. And I cleaned out my closets and clarified my business contracts!”

Metatron: Yes! With each conscious choice you can participate fully in your Ascension! Exercising free will, inspiration, clarity or letting go—there is no higher or lower. The Truth is you can ascend watching TV, playing cards, cooking for your mom, choosing gratitude over grief, and getting clarity in business.

The energies this summer through 10.10.10 are intensely clearing away old patterns that do not serve, and allowing you to experience Choice very clearly rather than “reaction”. This is HUGE! Kumari experienced how to receive her alignment that day –perfectly for her. The agitation cropped up in the mind as she questioned herself: are you sure you are living your highest potential today? Blah, blah blah goes the mind, critiquing and criticizing. The simplicity of just being was so compelling and divinely inspired. As you honor and act from your Conscious Choices—you are receiving the alignments and attunements. What is left to do? Isn’t this the Play of Consciousness, using all of your experience for your evolvement? Isn’t this creating Heaven on Earth?

At this point in the channeling my experience was overwhelmingly full; I felt all the energies gathering into my heart. I again felt complete.

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