1 Year Private Illumination Program



1 Year Private Intuitive Mentoring

(Limited to 10 participants)

Al·che·my: transmuting one state into another. 

Be emPOWERed with transformative intuitive guidance and energy alchemy techniques that re-align your daily actions with your authentic mission. Techniques that create momentum and clarity in your business & your relationships. Clear away energetic debris, so you can live, work & play in a state of creative seniority, with more joy, freedom and accomplishment than you thought possible!  Break through age old patterns so you can shine your light with your personal gifts and unique talents. Reach new levels of mastery to manage your energy, your mind and body to quickly create massive transformations with ease and graceful integration.  Allow the fullness of your true Self and your Soul essence to illumine your world. 


2We’ll Customize your Intensive and Private Healing/Mentoring Sessions from the following modules:

  • Clarify Your Soul Purpose to Consciously Manifest your Highest Potential!
  • Advanced Energy Tools for Clearing the Mind Chatter
  • Intuitive Energy Healing/Guided Meditations
  • Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal bowls
  • Initiatory Energy Healing Attunements
  • Divine Wisdom Channeling just for you!
  • Clear Obstacles and Manifest Your Dreams with potent Rays of Creation
  • Sacred Geometry Activation so you can Manage your Personal Energy Field and avoid the chaos around you
  • Release Limiting Beliefs that Block Prosperity
  • Create customized Intentions for Optimal Results
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies
  • Blast Open Your Intuitive Channels and Identify your current intuitive “strong suits”!
  • Relationship Resonance Techniques for greater Harmony

3Additional Coaching Expertise in:

    • Money Breakthrough Method™
    • Niche Breakthrough Secrets™
    • How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It™
    • Sacred Money Archetypes™
    • Master Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach 

What You’ll Receive

2 – Energy Alchemy Personal Intensive Half-Days 

4This very special private soul-to-soul virtual intensive half-day with Kumari will kick start your personal, career and spiritual goals and get you accelerating now.  Come prepared to get in-depth training, Soul level healing, breakthrough mentoring, and practical tools to accomplish your mastery as a healer, teacher, and leader. Be prepared to be challenged and richly supported as Kumari masterfully supports you to have a breakthrough transformation that will benefit you for a lifetime.  (Value: $2,994)

20  Private Breakthrough Intuitive Healing Mentoring Sessions

Need Personal, Spiritual or Career Mentoring? Intuitive Coaching? Accelerated Energy Healing?  Enjoy 20 Private 45-minute Virtual Mentoring sessions with Kumari.  Plus, you will receive an MP3 audio link of these potent sessions.  (Value: $7,500)

Free Ticket to 2 day Exclusive Retreat 

5As an Energy Alchemy Year long Mastery participant you are eligible for a FREE ticket to a two day live retreat in Florida. You will rejuvenate with the latest energetic attunements, powerful meditations and cutting edge transformational tools and plenty of personal mentoring to glide you through this time of great Shift. (Value: $2,000)

Free Ticket to all new 3 day Bliss Retreat

You receive tried and true Building Blocks to Bliss including cutting edge energy alchemy techniques, attunements of the sacred sound of 5th dimensional alchemy bowls, Soul and Archangelic Activations, and an energetic initiation into euphoria through the embodiment on earth, the Dolphin tribe. Kumari will initiate each participant individually with the gift of the “Full Anointing™” with Ascended Master Yeshua and the Magdalenes, gifting you with a sense of  deep peace, overflowing gratitude, an unmatched sense of connectedness …in short, Bliss! (Value: $497)

12 Monthly “Calling You to Consciousness” Contemplations

Kumari will guide you with monthly contemplative exercises divinely designed to help you access the “interior castle” of your Soul so you can mine the depths of understanding and awareness and stay focused on your journey and your goals.   (Value: $600)

10 Laser Intuitive Mentoring Sessions

Need help in a hurry? Receive 10 laser sessions (10-15 minutes).  Receive preferential access to Kumari for quick decisions, energy infusions and crystal clarity. (Value: $1,660) 

Unlimited Email Access (priceless)

Get access to my private email and go to the front of the line anytime you have questions or need support and guidance.  Additionally Kumari will review and comment on marketing ideas, website copy, proposals and flyers that you need feedback on. Every effort will be made to answer same day within business hours.  (Value: $2,000) 

Super Extra Bonuses

BONUS #1:Weekly Healing for the Whole Family + Pets!

One Year of Weekly Energy Healing “Insurance” for the whole Family (Value: $1.164)

BONUS #2: Divine Human Course – 3 Levels (12 weeks each)

Three 12-week Courses to Redesign Your Physicality to House More of Your Divinity. Each Level includes weekly audio/video trainings, workbook, private online community and monthly Live Integration calls containing unique advanced energy healing transmissions to Re-Claim Your Soul Power, Ignite your Creative Passion, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. (Value: $1,191)

BONUS #3: Intuitive Healing Café – One year membership

Includes Monthly audio trainings, live Q&A calls and special discounts (Value: $197)

BONUS #4: Audio download recordings of all sessions (Value: $533)

6BONUS #5: How to Heal Video Trainings – 12 videos

Each 90 minute training video contains advanced energy healing techniques on 18 targeted topics such as Healing Money, Relationships, Guilt, Procrastination etc. (Value: $1,194)

BONUS #6: Awaken Your Soul Energy Management Program –3 CD set

Daily Energy Techniques to access your Inner Strength, Clarity and Purpose. Foundational tools for enlightened living. (Value: $97) 

Ease, Freedom and Accomplishment Await you…

7Kumari your Energy Alchemy Intensive really opened me up, and everything in my life began lining up! Shortly afterward I had the clarity and courage to let go of two business relationships that were really draining me, and then everything shifted. All the things I told you I wanted to manifest are happening: I finished my book, got published and am now enjoying being a sought after keynote speaker! I feel I am in a whole new dimension. I looked in the mirror during our intensive and was shocked to see that I looked 10 years younger! “PS I have trained with many prominent personal growth teachers and world class empowerment coaches, and I must say you are not only doing it all, but your teachings are at a Ph.D level in comparison!”  — Emile Allen, MD, Author/ Speaker

8“Wow Kumari! What an amazing session today. I am totally blown away by the deep level of work done in such a graceful and easy way. The fabulous tools you’ve given me are just awesome. I feel as if there had been a dam holding the flow of my Soul at bay and our session just took the dam down and now I am absolutely flooded! I have felt SO connected this last couple of days since our work. I am not impacted by other people’s energy so much. Also, my migraine and congestion in my head is fine! Though I’m sure that is not a surprise to you… PS  I took stock of all the goals I set with you (business, personal, spiritual, relationship), and realized I accomplished 6 out of 7!  Absolutely brilliant work – thank you again dear, dear Kumari.” — Sitara Keppie, Landscape Architect, Scotland

Become your Illuminated Self and Create Your Magical Life now!

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