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Animal Communication Retreat

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“All species are born with an innate ability to perceive energy on a more subtle level through feelings, images, sensations, thoughts, ideas and pure knowing. I am committed to awakening that ability and facilitating remembrance of your true connection to the animal kingdom, and all of Life.” ~~Kumari

Join Kumari for a very special, one-of-a-kind wild animal communication retreat with the dearly loved exotic Big Cats of Panther Ridge Conservation Center —Amos the Black Panther, Charlie the Cheetah, Cody the ocelot, Ming & Suki and other rare clouded leopards, jaguars, a serval, several cougars, including a Master Teacher CJ, as well as several small domestic cats who really rule the place.

All who wish to deepen their connection with Nature, and are interested in communicating with wild animals, are welcome.

This retreat is appropriate for all levels, to begin your journey to connecting telepathically to animals, through to the more advanced student looking to refining their skills and deepening their awareness.  All can expect a deeply transformative and life altering experience as we open the portal to the perfection of the Divine light flowing through Big Catness.

Panther Ridge is a home for animals that are not capable of living in the wild, and a safe place for humans to interact with them. As we have been holding animal communication seminars here for several years, the cats have opened up tremendously. These encounters create a deep transformative sense of the connection between us and the larger community of life.

This event is also a fundraiser to support the care and feeding of the animals.

Why do I need animal communication skills?

Outstanding Benefits of Telepathic Animal Communication are:

  • Improved Health and comfort
  • Better Relationships among your animals
  • Increase positive behaviors/lessen annoying and dangerous behaviors
  • Greater understanding of animal’s viewpoints
  • Peace of mind about animal transitions
  • Enhanced spiritual connection and awareness… and so much more!

Listen to Kumari’s interview about Animal Communication on Voice America Radio with Host, Holly Berkley

This retreat is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to deepen your relationships with animals and find out who they really are, what they think and feel, and how you can share your desires with them
  • Want to understand why your animals are behaving the way they are
  • Wish to journey beyond accepted notions of physical reality through energetic pathways forged by our present and future evolutionary leaps into embodying the Great Love.
  • Long to travel to the heart of your essence through portals of Divine recognition with soul travelers of all species to the New Reality unfolding in this age.

What Retreat Participants Can Expect

The Retreat will help you fine tune your telepathic connection and strengthen your intuitive abilities, not just with animals but in every aspect of your life.

We may dance, chant, drum, sing, laugh, sigh, cry, and feel profound states together. Prepare for mighty energetic states and gateways, monumental spiritual transformations, phenomenal awareness, and lots of fun!

Kumari will share guidance and channel energies from the Master Cats, Planetary Guides, and all species on how to recognize and facilitate the energetic shift and navigate the new unified reality on Earth.

We may enhance body and soul communion through telepathy, drumming, toning, singing, movement, breath, and energy awareness, shamanic, inter-dimensional journeying, story telling, healing circles, meditative exercises, quiet time in Nature, and rare 5th Dimensional Alchemy crystal bowls.

Those who attend will expand their ability to feel and express the unity of life and ability to tap into the source of life and live the love that you are.

Kumari combines her talents in interspecies and multi-dimensional communication with over 23 years of spiritual practice and energy healing, creating the perfect environment to facilitate quantum leaps in spiritual growth.  Learn more about Kumari’s experience here.

She will bring to light and help you to:

  • Release the blocks that inhibit true telepathic heart communion.
  • Understand the core principles and experience the essence of telepathic communion with all life.
  • Practice opening the channel to get across to animals and to receive what they communicate telepathically in thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, messages.
  • Discover how you have already communicated telepathically with animals, and how to expand on that.
  • Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication.
  • Recognize sources of guidance within yourself and in life forms all around you.
  • Explore spiritual union with the kingdoms of Nature and the Earth.
  • Harmonize 3rd dimensional reality and soul essence.
  • Cultivate staying centered and grounded in your being.
  • Dissolve feelings of separation through deepening awareness of our place and oneness in the family of life.
  • Receive personal guidance and direction to deepen your experience.
  • Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when being with animals.
  • Learn from the master teachers on communication with animals: the animals themselves. We are especially privileged to have access to an incredibly evolved soul in animal clothing – CJ the cougar.
  • Explore your spiritual communion with all the kingdoms of nature, the essence of communication with domestic and wild animals, plants, minerals, the elements, and the Earth.
  • Intensify your awareness of the intelligence, beauty, and wisdom of all species.
  • Journey for your power animal guidance
  • Amplify your root connection and kinship with the whole web of life.

Animal Reiki Level I Certification – Monday, March 25

Utilizing four attunements or initiations of universal life energy, Reiki facilitates the balancing of mind, body and spirit. You will practice on humans, and also in this Animal Reiki class you will also learn how to apply this technique to animals. You will understand the best ways to treat different species and what to look for as signals of acceptance, and signs of a healing response or “release”. While not necessary to give a Reiki treatment, you will be given charts on animal energy centers or chakras so you can begin to understand the energy flow of animals.

Certificates from the Reiki Alliance will be awarded upon completion of the workshop.

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Lunch: Healthy Gourmet lunch is provided

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Are you still wondering…

… if Animal Communication really works… and if YOU can do it?


“Kumari is the best teacher I’ve met in preparing a person for animal communication. Her workshop opened me wide to the reality of my strong and unresolved (until now!) connection to my deceased best friend who happened to be a golden retriever. Whether you believe that you can communicate with animals or not, this course will open you up to seeing that you can, even if just a little. ” Dr. Gerald Buchoff, Holistic Veterinarian, NJ

“A journey to, through and with the heart in LOVE. We connected with the animals but we connected to ourselves on a journey of love that left no room for fear. It helped me trust what I already felt. I felt very safe exploring and was surrounded by love whenever I felt fear creeping back in. I was surprised at how much I already ‘knew’.” Jeanne Semon, NJ

“This workshop can improve meditation as well as open an entry into animal communication. It opens channels of energy in surprising ways.” Gloria McCartney, NJ

“If you want to be fully present and centered for a weekend – if you wish to be united with nature and your own animal companions – come to this!!” Sandra Segal, NJ

“Deep connection with animals, spirit, form and communication at the highest level. I’m still feeling the wonderful energy flowing through me.” Dr. Meg M, equine sports veterinarian, NJ