Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Making LOVELIGHT = Bliss-ilicious!!!

Tweet I didn’t think I could be any higher (eg completely fulfilled, totally spiritually connected, playful and joyous, celebratory for everyone’s incredible shifts) than this weekend’s Bliss Retreat… until this happened on Monday… It was reminiscent of the stunning pool scene In the 1980s movie Cocoon (sans the alien pods)! I had to come up […]

The Fire of Creation

Tweet A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep …at first I thought something was off, so I did some self-inquiry. Instead of being unsettled, I realized I was so productive that I couldn’t rest. So creative that I couldn’t sleep and so pen landed on paper…and gave birth to this poem about the Fire of […]

How Animal Communication Helps a Lame Horse Trying to Prevent a Triple Suicide

Tweet Animal consciousness continues to surprise and delight me, and has prepared me to share our profound inter-connectedness, and given me the courage to trust the messages I received no matter how crazy they sounded. Years ago, I had no clue of the depth of the Soul level awareness that animals demonstrated, or even that […]

How Animal Communication Helped a Homesick Jumper — an interview with Anne Kursinski, 5-time Olympic Equestrian

Tweet I was waiting for the right moment to share a very special interview I did with my long-time client, 5 time Olympian Anne Kursinski about how animal communication solved a serious issue with her new jumper., who was suddenly and inexplicably acting out — rearing and spinning and refusing to go out of the […]

[Audio Blog/ Meditation] Divine Purpose Part II – Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power

Tweet “Power is a soul quality, one we’re all born with. Power is first and foremost the capacity to make things happen… It is the active form of love…” ~Hiro Boga Last month I spoke of your divine nature as love, and your divine purpose of becoming a conscious co-creator. In order to do this […]

How Animal Communication Saved a Suicidal Cougar

Tweet (excerpt from my book) Last month I had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life…I got to visit a very healthy and happy cougar that I had to extreme privilege to help when she was at death’s door a few years ago. While it may seem a stretch for some that animals […]

Manifesting Your Dreams with the Rays of Creation

Tweet Whether you are longing for more vibrant health, a truly fulfilling career, deeply satisfying relationships, financial flow and a tremendous sense of alignment with freedom, accomplishment and ease — I have one answer: The Rays of Creation. The Rays of Creation are much more than just beams of light; they are enormous structures of […]

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