Sunday, October 22, 2017

Conquering Collective Fear

Tweet As one of the most destructive hurricanes in FL history came barreling towards our home a few days ago, even though I was in Bali leading a Bliss Retreat, I felt like I was literally in 2 places at once. Miraculously I was able to hold my space in equanimity, and take students into […]

This Time Let It Go!

Tweet With a total eclipse of the sun fast approaching, and super hot and wet August in Florida, the heat is really on!  Eclipses are especially potent times for spiritual practices, and there is a heightened level of energy both for the environment and our internal ecology. The time of eclipses can be used to […]

It boils down to this…

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Tweet Just over 30 years ago, I attended my first Abundance retreat on Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity. The Swami teacher opened with this question: “What is it you want in life?” As each person answered with the full gamut of desires– a bigger home in a better neighborhood, enough savings to retire comfortably, a fulfilling job where I share my unique […]

[AUDIO Blog] Can Bliss Make You Lose 20 lbs…Instantly?

Tweet In recent Bliss retreat, many extraordinary moments of bliss, deep peace, love and spiritual connection occurred, but one woman’s story really captured the possibilities of major transformation on all levels, from serious doubt to a major heart opening, including a dramatic instantaneous weight loss! And it confirms something I have suspected for two decades…but […]

Making LOVELIGHT = Bliss-ilicious!!!

Tweet I didn’t think I could be any higher (eg completely fulfilled, totally spiritually connected, playful and joyous, celebratory for everyone’s incredible shifts) than this weekend’s Bliss Retreat… until this happened on Monday… It was reminiscent of the stunning pool scene In the 1980s movie Cocoon (sans the alien pods)! I had to come up […]

The Fire of Creation

Tweet A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep …at first I thought something was off, so I did some self-inquiry. Instead of being unsettled, I realized I was so productive that I couldn’t rest. So creative that I couldn’t sleep and so pen landed on paper…and gave birth to this poem about the Fire of […]

How Animal Communication Helps a Lame Horse Trying to Prevent a Triple Suicide

Tweet Animal consciousness continues to surprise and delight me, and has prepared me to share our profound inter-connectedness, and given me the courage to trust the messages I received no matter how crazy they sounded. Years ago, I had no clue of the depth of the Soul level awareness that animals demonstrated, or even that […]

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